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The Slice: Who rises when the snow falls?

Blizzards can heat up your imagination.

For instance, you know a snowy bus ride isn’t just another routine trip up the South Hill when you start looking around at the other passengers and wondering, “Who will emerge as the leader?” and “If it comes to cannibalism, which of us will be the first entree?”

•Near buried: Sandy Tarbox thinks our recent weather was Mother Nature’s reaction to a certain civic slogan.

In fact, she can hear her speaking to the city of Spokane: “You want nature? I’ll give you nature – by the ton!”

•Speaking up for the voiceless: About 10 or 12 years ago, there was a photo in the S-R of singer Sarah McLachlan. In town for a concert, she was standing outside a radio station on 57th Avenue.

There was a puppy in the picture, looking up at her. I think it was a German shepherd. For all I know, it could have been McLachlan’s dog. In any case, this little canine seemed to think the singer was the bee’s knees.

Well, as it turns out, pets have an excellent reason to feel that way.

A TV commercial for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals featuring McLachlan has raised something like $30 million in donations.

You might know this ad. It shows dogs and cats with expressive eyes in shelter cages, and McLachlan singing in the background:

In the arms of an angel

Fly away from here

If you have seen that and it doesn’t get to you, please consider therapy.

But I wonder. Are there some creative people around here who could put together a public service spot for Spokane area shelters that might, on a modest scale, replicate the success of the McLachlan ad?

•Speaking of pets: We’ve all heard of dogs jumping over backyard fences. But Reanna Thompson’s Newfoundland puppy just finds the spot where the snow is about the same height as the top of the fence and then walks over into the neighbor’s yard.

•Starting it up, continued: “I owned for many years a ’40s GMC pickup which had a manual choke and the starter pedal next to the gas pedal,” wrote artist Ken Yuhasz. “I never managed to get the emergency brake to work, so starting the thing up on a hill required a delicate jitterbug between the clutch, brake, gas and starter pedals.”

•One reader wonders: “Why do people who have been born in Spokane hate it?” wrote Kyle Sanguinet. “I’m not originally from Spokane and I love it here.”

•Today’s Slice question: When road conditions are at their wintry worst, do drivers reduce their cell phone use?

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