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The Slice: Roadway standoff started the wheels turning

So it’s not that I think all of life’s riddles are answered in my little bike-riding adventures.

But things happen. Take this week’s South Hill standoff, for instance.

I had the right-of-way at a quiet residential intersection, but had stopped and clearly indicated for the white car to go ahead.

But the white car wouldn’t budge.

I gestured. It stayed put.

This went on for maybe 20 or 30 seconds. Seemed longer.

Clearly the driver was trying to make a point. So I got off my bike, put down my kick-stand and walked over to inquire. I know there are people who have problems with cyclists and I thought the driver might wish to speak to one.

As I took off my sunglasses and got near the car, I saw in the passenger seat a guy I know and sincerely admire for his volunteer work. He was teaching a teenager to drive and was being a stickler about observing right-of-way.


The lesson here? I’m not sure. Maybe, “That guy wasn’t an armed nut, but the next time …”

Slice answers: Quite a few readers who have spent time in Canada guessed that Tim Hortons franchises might do well in the Inland Northwest.

“Yes!” wrote Julie Roberts.

But Alene Gordon said the chain’s coffee would need to improve.

Generations: So a few years ago, when his beloved grandmother was about to celebrate a milestone birthday, a certain young man in Spokane decided to get her a tattoo as a present.

She went along with this idea and decided she wanted “DNR” (do not resuscitate) tattooed on her chest.

The family vetoed that choice.

And that’s how she wound up with a tattoo on her hip depicting red boots, which she wears when she plays her fiddle.

Today’s Slice question: How much corn-on-the-cob can your family eat?

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