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The Slice: In the beginning, the race was void and without form

It was a case of back to the future.

While going through some of her grandmother’s things last weekend, Jenni Montague came across a 1977 birthday card. It had been sent to her grandmother by Jenni’s mom. It notes that Jenni’s father had been running a lot to get ready for an event people were calling the “First Annual Bloomsday run.”

Her mom added, “They are expecting at least a thousand runners!”

Hmmm. You know, that just might catch on.

•Re: appearing to be flipping off the world: Penn Weaver of Moses Lake called my attention to a decorative arrangement of basalt columns by the highway leading into Ephrata. “As you can guess, the middle pillar of rock is taller than the short ones on each side.”

•Just wondering: You know how Spokane is on the “Take a Ride in a WWII Bomber” circuit. Sure. You pay a few hundred bucks and go on a flight that lasts about half an hour.

No doubt it’s a memorable experience.

But would anyone sign up if there were a chance of encountering flak and ME-109s out over the Palouse?

•Bowling scores: Bill Smith in Pullman has a friend who is blind. Years ago, this fellow joined in a trip to a bowling alley. He rolled a 7.

“For about five years after that game, we teased him that even a blind guy should be able to bowl higher than a 7,” wrote Smith.

This eventually led to The Great Blind Bowl-Off.

On that occasion, those competing against Smith’s sightless friend had to wear blindfolds.

The result? The blind guy won with a score of 14.

And Smith saw the light. “It really was harder than we thought,” he said.

•Red envelopes: Hayley Lockerbie and Bill Shugg were among those who said signing up for Netflix is one way to address the likelihood that you will forget the name of an intriguing new movie by the time it comes out on DVD. They said subscribers can add a film to their personal queues before it’s actually available.

•Considering the international health news: Might this be the year Pig Out in the Park will change its name?

•Today’s Slice question: A reader told me that her daughter, who works at an iconic coffee shop chain, doesn’t really care for lattes and what-have-you. So I’m wondering. How many others around here are personally indifferent to the chief product or service of the business where they work?

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