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The Slice: You know, if the shirt fits …

Today is the holiest day on the Spokane T-shirt calendar.

But of course, doing Bloomsday isn’t the only way you can snag a shirt around here. As we all know, lots of events and programs hand them out now.

There are people who can practically wear a different commemorative T-shirt every day. One day it’s a shirt for contributing to the fight against juvenile diabetes or writing a check to support public broadcasting. The next, it’s a shirt awarded for being a blood donor. The next, it’s one for completing a bike ride. And so on.

All this is fine. Certainly these shirts beat ones that say “These are real” or “I’ve fallen and can’t reach my beer.”

In fact, I think there should be even more special-recognition shirts.

Personally, I would like to hand out “thank you” tees to random drivers at stop lights who aren’t talking on cell phones.

Or maybe to parents in stores or waiting rooms who don’t allow their children to behave in a feral or free-range manner.

Or to little kids who don’t have to be told twice to use their indoor voices.

Or to people seen picking up after their dogs.

Or to smokers using trash cans.

Or to clerks who are patient with the elderly.

How about you? Who deserves a T-shirt?

•Spread it around: “The Spokesman had a picture of a Spokane street crew fixing the road for Bloomsday,” wrote Art Froese. “This gave me the idea that the Bloomsday course should be changed every year to cover the worst streets in Spokane. This way the streets would be fixed seven miles at a time instead of fixing the same streets over and over each year.”

•Slice answers: In what sort of store is it most crucial that clerks actually know something?

“Auto parts,” said both Gary W. Smith and Bob Beare.

“Electronics,” wrote Carol Goss and Jeffrey Guilford.

“Hardware,” said Kirsten Fehlig.

“Bookstores,” said Nicole Bower.

•For those keeping score at home: Spokane is mentioned in passing on page 96 of “The Gamble,” by Pulitzer winner Thomas E. Ricks.

•Today’s Slice questions: It could be argued that every day is casual day in Spokane and that people here simply don’t dress up. But perhaps that creates an opportunity. Can a person here easily stand out and project an image of confidence and competence by making just a little bit of an effort to dress in a stylish manner? Or would such an attempt simply be lost on fashion-challenged customers, co-workers and friends?

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