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The Slice: OK, he’ll concede the spelling part

An older gentleman wrote to The Slice to complain about grade inflation and the overabundance of modern-era graduating seniors being tapped for top honors.

“I was not a Validitorian but I didn’t loose any sleep over it,” he wrote.

Let’s move on.

•Rescuing animals that have used poor judgment: North Idaho’s Jay Dudley told of helping ducklings get out of his hot tub. Apart from the dangerously high water temperature, a suction/filter apparatus posed a scary threat. “I received some harsh squawking from the mother, but they all made it.”

Closer to home, my neighbor’s cat occasionally gets up on our roof via a backyard apple tree. Then she acts like she’s stranded there by cruel fate for the rest of her nine lives. So she calls for assistance, loudly.

I’ll send a coveted reporter’s notebook to the first reader who can identify the line from “It’s a Wonderful Life” that this scenario invites me to say each time.

•Just wondering: If the little boy in “Calvin & Hobbes” had started to age when the comic strip ceased publication, he would be old enough to buy a drink now. What do you suppose he would order? How about Hobbes? Maybe a flaming rum punch.

•Re: An item in Thursday’s Slice: “I was a paperboy for the Schenectady Gazette in New York from 1971 until 1974,” wrote Spokane’s Drew Herrmann. “As soon as I read the question about folding a tomahawk, I grabbed today’s Spokesman and with a single try, folded a good one.”

He then went outside to see if he could throw it the way he used to, back in the day. He discovered that his aim now leaves something to be desired. But at least there’s a chance he gave his neighbors something to talk about.

•Slice answer: Anita Volz saw the question about being involved in demolishing structures to which one has a personal link.

Well, her husband works for a demolition company. And Volz said he has had a hand in tearing down a hospital wing where she was born, the high school she attended and an apartment building where she lived.

It’s like he’s on a mission to erase her past, she said.

•Random observation here on Mount St. Helens Day Eve: Putting the image of a geoduck on Washington’s license plates might prompt interesting comments in other parts of the country when Evergreen State motorists went on car-trip summer vacations.

•Warm-up question: How old is the youngest Judy you know?

•Today’s Slice question: What do you wish people wouldn’t go on about?

Write The Slice at P.O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; fax (509) 459-5098; e-mail For previous Slice columns, see The movie version of “The Natural” came out 25 years ago this month and some who saw it are still scratching their heads.

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