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The Slice: Don’t let winter ruin the moment

November’s arrival seems like my cue to remind everyone.

We’re lucky to live in a region that experiences stout winters.

If the Spokane area didn’t get its share of cold and snow, we couldn’t count on seeing tiny kids bundled up for the outdoors like wee polar explorers. Really, that’s tough to beat.

I suppose it is possible to resist the urge to smile when seeing a preschooler in a puffy parka and boots that come up to the knees. But why would you?

And if the kid is in an actual snowsuit? Maine coon kittens might be cuter, but not by much.

The super-serious looks on the faces of these cocooned youths are a perfect counterpoint to an adult’s “awwww” reaction to them. These ready-for-Siberia children aren’t thinking they’re adorable. They are just trying against all odds to move their limbs.

To the extent that it’s possible to make out their determined expressions — sometimes the hoods and scarves don’t leave much of an opening — it’s fun to imagine what they’re thinking.

“Let’s go back inside.”

“Is that your car? Are you by any chance headed for Tucson?”

“You could roast a Thanksgiving turkey in here.”

“If I fall down, just come collect my remains in the spring.”

“Open the pod bay doors, Hal.”

“We might as well shoot a Michelin commercial while I’m out here.”

“To my baby sister, Madison, I leave my comic books and stuffed bear.”

“I’m never going to be able to outrun wolves in this get-up.”

“Donner party? Your table is ready.”

“Now is the winter of our discontent.”

“I think I’m missing one of my shows.”

“Why are those grown-ups smiling at me? I guess they can’t tell what gesture I’m making inside my mitten.”

Today’s Slice question: Who was your first friend here?

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