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The Slice: News biz changes faster than news

So cable TV has been running and rerunning “The Changing Media Landscape in the Inland Empire,” a discussion recorded in April.

It’s hard to argue with the accuracy of that title.

One of the panelists worked for a Spokane publication that no longer exists.

Slice answer: Bill Reuter suspects he might be Spokane’s loudest snorer.

“In 1995, my wife and I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on the 4th of July and spent two nights at Phantom Ranch,” he wrote.

At that historic Arizona campsite, the men sleep in one rustic structure and the women stay in another.

Well, Reuter’s wife was having a hard time resting. “She heard this sound coming from the men’s dorm next door. She then realized she was hearing my snoring.”

That’s loud.

Getting dressed the next morning, Reuter noticed several of his still-tired bunkmates giving him the stink eye.

“Moby-Dick” in a hurry: Lots of readers remembered Classics Illustrated comic books. But Pullman’s Dave Hutton still has about 15, dating to the late ’50s and early ’60s.

He recalled saving time on school assignments by reading those slim volumes instead of the actual books. “Much less time away from girls, cars and sports was required,” he wrote.

Readers were sharply divided about sparing spiders: But North Idaho’s Lauren Hopkins recently had to decide the fate of another bug.

Her teenage stepson unintentionally vacuumed up a huge moth. He could see that it was still alive inside the vacuum cleaner.

“I immediately asked him to please take it outside, pop the canister and set it free, which he did,” said Hopkins. “All three of us were happy.”

Today’s Slice question: What did you learn this summer?

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