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The Slice: ‘Nutball’ is one thing, but Rich Landers?

Last Friday I asked for beard management advice.

Here is a small sampling of what readers shared:

“A good dose of gray whiskers in your beard is desirable.” – Charles Tappa

“Be careful when you’re at a BBQ.” – Milt Nelson

“A good electric beard-trimmer is a must.” – Jerry Hilton

“You will look like a nutball.” – Linda Fabrizius

“Stroking your chin whiskers makes them greasy and contributes to the ‘I live in a school bus’ look.” – Sandra Lamson

“A well-tended beard is urbane and sophisticated while a ‘bush’ just screams Montana militiaman.” – Mike Rush

“One should always endeavor to get all the food into the mouth.” – John Harbuck

“It will start to look ragged and my mother will call you lazy and unkempt.” – Merilyn Hardy

“Jack Elam comes to mind.” – Dave Meloche

“When blowing your nose, to avoid uncomfortable looks of disgust by other humans, always, always, always retreat to the bathroom.” – Ray Lancaster

“I find that using shampoo for my beard is a good idea.” – Rick Howie

“A beard provides more shade and warmth.” – Mike Storms

“Every other day I shave under the neck line and about once a week I trim the whole thing.” – Dave Noggles

“You’ll shave it off when the weather warms.” – Joel Shank

“Growing it at this time of year communicates that you are going to make like Rich Landers and go kill something.” – Curt Olsen

“The trapped food crumbs are inevitable but edible.” – Brian Sullivan

“Lather, rinse, repeat.” – Jeffrey McDowell

“People meeting you for the first time will ask if you’re a university professor.” – Bill Tracy

“Your dog will bite you, thinking you are a stranger.” – Gene Moore

Today’s Slice question: Are double weddings a good idea in real life?

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