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The Slice: That’d be eight pint-sized elk

Cheney school bus driver Rene Penna’s route takes her through the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge.

She encourages the kids to note animal sightings and to count how many they see.

Well, last week one kindergartener piped up and reported that he had observed “a gallon of elk.”

Rigged: So these two women who didn’t know one another were admiring an exercise machine at Costco.

They seemed to agree that this particular elliptical trainer was superior to a less expensive model also on display.

“But how would you get it home?” wondered Woman No. 1.

To the other shopper, the answer was obvious. “In your truck,” said Woman No. 2.

Apparently it had not occurred to Woman No. 2 that not everyone has a truck.

This was not the first time someone around here seemed to believe that pickup ownership is universal. It happens with some regularity.

I’m not sure what truck assumption says about Spokane. Perhaps it means driving a regular car qualifies as nonconformity here. Or maybe it’s a compliment.

Party planning note: Halloween is on a Saturday.

A crate of Slice answers: North Idaho’s Vicky Kienholz has an apple tree that drops fruit on a metal roof over a deck. “Sounds like a bomb going off,” she said.

North Sider Leonard Riley has been counting the apples his prodigious tree drops in his yard for about 40 years. He figures he has gathered up more than 100,000 apples. He saves a few for the birds in winter.

And Curt Olsen would name a new extra-sweet variety the Cotton Candy apple.

Today’s Slice question: How much of your mortgage paperwork did you actually read?

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