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The Slice: Are there holes in your theory?

It’s said that rural Wisconsin had good roads because of the need to transport milk in glass bottles and Detroit had lousy mass transit because of the auto industry.

What’s the Inland Northwest equivalent?

Silver lining: Wednesday morning, while walking to work in the dark, I stumbled and fell hard on the sidewalk across the street from St. John’s Cathedral.

I scraped my knee and was momentarily hobbled when I resumed walking. But I was fine.

A few minutes later, as I approached the Park Inn, a dark BMW or Saab pulled into a parking lot and eased over next to me. The driver’s window came down.

“Are you all right?” the driver asked.

It was a guy in a knit cap who reminded me of an older version of a college roommate I’d had. He had seen my spill.

I assured him I was OK and thanked him for his concern.

I hope he realized that my appreciation was sincere.

For all I know, the two of us would agree about nothing when it comes to politics. Maybe he doesn’t like cats. Or perhaps, if he knew who I was, he might say he doesn’t like me.

But there in the dark, he cared enough about a stranger to circle back.

Sometimes I think there’s reason for optimism.

Nice Receptionists Department: Karen Mobley, the city of Spokane’s arts director, praised Catherine Gallaher in Mayor Verner’s office. “She is one of the most positive people I have ever met.”

Family Phrases Department: When Dave and Sylvia Hutton’s daughter Cecily was about 4, the little girl described her dad’s whiskers as “piners,” a term inspired by the porcupine.

Since then, shaving has been known as de-pining.

Today’s Slice question: Did you realize that those born before 1929 were alive during one-time North Idaho resident Wyatt Earp’s lifetime?

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