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Shawn Vestal: Thank God the godly know God’s stand on gays

Shawn Vestal (Jesse Tinsley / The Spokesman-Review)
Shawn Vestal (Jesse Tinsley / The Spokesman-Review)

God does not hate gay people.

This must be awfully refreshing for gay people to hear – again and again and again – from those who have taken up the call to defend marriage from gay people. This refrain was repeated Monday night in the most extraordinary City Council meeting in memory, in which hundreds of people testified, some in tears, many trembling with emotion, on a proposed nonbinding resolution in support of Washington’s gay-marriage law.

The opponents of this measure repeatedly assured everyone that God does not hate gay people. It is nice, when wondering whether God hates you or not, to have people who know and are willing to tell you.

And just as God does not hate gay people, neither do those who assure us that God does not hate gay people hate gay people. They and God are in agreement about this, as in all things – as they are in agreement in their opposition to the resolution, and as they are in agreement that the City Council has no businesses expressing a nonbinding opinion on the matter.

In the end, faced with hours and hours of passionate testimony, a four-member majority voted not to take any position whatsoever.

To recap the opposition: God does not hate gay people, but he would certainly curse the city of Spokane if the City Council passed a nonbinding resolution in support of gay marriage. It is absolutely, unequivocally clear how God feels about homosexuals. There can be no doubt. He does not hate them, but he does consider them perverts. This might be why the people who speak for God feel a constant need to remind us that God doesn’t hate gay people, who are mired in sin – sin not unlike molesting a child or being a Russian communist – for which they must repent and seek forgiveness.

Seemingly every single defender of marriage who came to the council chambers to testify insisted this is true: Neither they nor God, for whom they speak, hates anyone.

Several of them turned from the microphone and spoke directly to actual gay people in the audience. God does not hate you, they were told.

Now, medical science proves that perverted gay sex acts – and here, the defenders of marriage found themselves unable to refrain from valiantly detailing the various body parts in interaction with each other – are bad not just for the gay people themselves, but for all of us. Sexual perversion – such as “sex in the mouth” – is everyone’s business.

God does not hate gay people, but there is a simple, pure logic to the refusal to allow them to marry, a deep historic wisdom, and if you doubt it, just consider all the bounty we have been bequeathed by hundreds of years of society created solely by men and women being married and raising children. And if we start opening the door to just anyone to get married, how in the world will we ever get men and women to procreate and raise children? We are dangling on the precipice here, all of us at extreme risk of being forced to homosexually mouth-sex each other.

God does not hate gay people, and only 2 or 3 percent of people support gay rights. Schools can no longer use the word “husband” and “wives” because they’re discriminatory. Parents are having children removed from their home by the pro-gay state police for teaching them homosexuality is wrong. Churches will be forced to marry perverts against their will.

Perhaps these statements seem incorrect to you. Wildly, hysterically inaccurate. Rest assured: God doesn’t hate you for that.

Many people testified in favor of the resolution, too. They argued that this is about civil rights, equality, protection for all citizens. Some actual gay people testified of their desire to have an equal union under the law with the person they have chosen to spend their lives with. Some of them wept.

Opponents of gay marriage said they understood how people could get emotional about these things. They could fully understand the fact that people can become swept up in these types of infatuations.

God does not hate gay people, and this is not a local issue. The fact that 300 people packed the council chambers and nearly 100 testified, an unprecedented turnout, clearly shows that this is an issue the City Council has no business dealing with. The City Council exists for one reason and one reason only – to fill potholes. Every Monday, they are to take up the shovels and tamp down the asphalt.

Because God does not hate gay people. But he cannot stand a pothole.

Shawn Vestal can be reached at (509) 459-5431 or Follow him on Twitter at @vestal13.