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The Slice: Familiar list of names are all shook up

January is, of course, Elvis Birthday Month.

So let’s note the occasion with a test of your knowledge.

Which of the following 22 names were female characters in Elvis movies and which are women who once worked in Spokane TV news?

A) Vera Radford. B) Cynthia Foxhugh. C) Cathy Lean. D) Susan Jacks. E) Rusty Martin.

F) Maureen O’Boyle. G) Dianne Carter. H) Diane Warren. I) Azalea Tatum. J) Peggy Van Alden.

K) Marianne Mishima. L) Judy Hudson. M) Noreen Braxton. N) Roslyn Pierce. O) Marguerita Dauphin.

P) Libby Weaver. Q) Jo Symington. R) Sister Michelle. S) Susan Jessup. T) Princess Shamilar. U) Dolly Fletcher. V) Kaitlyn Bolduc.

Find the answers just before today’s question.

Final word on The Slice’s theory that oatmeal eaters tend to be trustworthy: “They serve oatmeal in the county jail,” wrote George Koons. “Just saying.”

Just wondering: Who does the best impression of those “personalized” robo-call reminders from pharmacies, et cetera. You know, the ones where the automated voice says your name in an amusingly flat way.

Possible playground taunt for 2012: So HBO followed the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers for several weeks leading up to today’s annual outdoor National Hockey League game.

There were microphones everywhere and some of the language was garden-variety unprintable. Every kid has heard it all before.

But one thing children might not have heard was uttered during an earlier game between today’s opponents. One Ranger stalwart calmly aimed a devastating put-down at a modestly skilled Flyers tough guy who was trying to goad him into dropping the gloves: “You’re irrelevant out here.”

Answers: F, K, P and V were not characters in Elvis movies.

Today’s Slice question Have you ever been out and about and had so many quick, upbeat encounters with various people you know that it felt like you were in a romantic comedy and that this segment of the movie was intended to establish that you are a good person, well-liked and deserving the love of your good-looking co-star?

Write The Slice at P.O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email There’s something to be said for four-day work weeks.

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