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The Slice: Back then, his dad was apparently dating for two

About 20 years ago, when she was a music teacher in Cheney, Patricia Sexton asked a second grade boy if he had any brothers or sisters.

He replied, “No, but I will as soon as my dad finds a lady who’s pregnant!”

Let’s move on.

Mammas don’t let your babies grow up to be …

“Cougars.” — Ron Bart (U. of Idaho, 1976)

“Washington Huskies.” — Barb Beck

“Aryans.” — Doug Perry

“X-rated baristas.” — Judy Wick

“Realtors.” — Forrest Schuck

“Spokane truck drivers.” — Ken Stout

“EPA employees.” — Harry Lenhard

“A one-term mayor.” — Alex Smith

“A Slice contributor.” — George Stanton

Today’s lake etiquette observation: One of my longtime readers said he could do without looking out a window at his lake cabin and seeing boaters urinating into the water.

On the day you took possession of your house: Christy Himmelright’s family moved into a home over on the West Side on the same day a work crew prepared to put on a new roof. The materials were already on site.

“The doorbell rang. When we opened the door, there stood someone who did not bother to introduce himself, but instead held up his copy of the neighborhood covenants, pointed to a particular page and paragraph, and informed us in no uncertain terms that we did not have the correct roofing — it being ‘only’ 30-year while the covenant ‘clearly stated’ that we must have 50-year. He then left.”

Slice answers: Two of the readers responding to the question about being on a boat that started to sink told of serving aboard submarines.

OK, very funny.

But Chris Bishop’s answer was different. “My husband has managed to sink the same boat twice. Obviously, his repair/sealing job was less than adequate. He wound up getting a new, bigger, nicer boat and the old boat is now (happily!) a planter in our garden. But I have to admit it felt wrong when I was drilling drainage holes in the bottom.”

Today’s Slice question: Ever assumed no one else here had a T-shirt just like the one you were wearing and then run into someone who proved you wrong?

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