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The Slice: Yawning of the age of Aquarius

Time again for a Slice Horoscope.

This is the only zodiac column written by someone who might have praised your dog when riding by on his bike this summer.

As always, I guarantee this astrological forecast to be as accurate as any other.

Aries: Be the leader you were born to be. Step up and take charge. Yours can be the voice of a new day. Don’t be distracted by petty squabbles. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Taurus: You have been mulling a few possible New Year’s resolutions. But why wait? Why not start those self-improvement changes today? Because it would be hard? OK, later for you.

Gemini: If people knew the real you, they would like you a whole lot more. So instead of relying on your various postures and poses, try presenting co-workers and others with your genuine self. No more pretending to be this or acting as if you are that. Revealing a hint of vulnerability doesn’t mean you cannot also project confidence.

Cancer: You know those people who have been unfailingly decent and considerate in your dealings with them? Well, chances are you have thanked them. But maybe today would be the perfect time to thank them again.

Leo: Your sleep deficit is turning you into a zombie. Start getting to bed earlier.

Virgo: Today is the day to stop making up silly stories when turning down social invitations.

Libra: See if you can go the whole day without ripping people behind their backs.

Scorpio: Someone you know is thinking of giving a pet as a present and you suspect it will just end up getting dumped? Speak up.

Sagittarius: Start getting serious about flossing or live to regret it.

Capricorn: You are pretty close to perfect, just the way you are. Congratulations.

Aquarius: Learn to recognize the signs that you are boring your listeners.

Pisces: Getting out of bed is fraught with peril today. But try to be brave.

Today’s Slice question: Would your place of business benefit from the installation of salad bar sneeze shields around work stations?

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