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The Slice: March to upgrade starts now

There’s still time to cook up a self-improvement regimen you can launch by changing your ways for the entire month of March.

Good luck.

Perhaps you have a moat or heli-pad: If you were trying to sell your house and decided to market it as an ideal property for those wanting to survive a zombie apocalypse, what attributes of the home and surrounding grounds would you play up in your listing?

Go bulldogs: “We had an English bulldog for 14 years,” wrote Dave Gunderson. “She would begin the evening at the foot of the bed and invariably I would awaken in the morning nose to nose with her, head on pillow looking very contented. A great way to start the day – smiling.”

Then there was this from Diane Perham. “Guy and I cuddle up to our two bulldogs and one dachshund nightly,” she wrote. “We only wish they would learn what end goes on the pillow.”

Incoming: Several readers said naming the state of Washington “Jefferson” would have made sense.

Julie Ohlund said the S-R could adorn its front page with “Still Spokane. Still Police News.”

Terry Kolemaine speculated that, had Bing Crosby never left Spokane, he might have written letters to the editor about potholes.

And, for Tawnia Penick, being able to declare that it was a good weekend has a lot to do with whether she was able to take her 1956 Chevy out.

Uncorked: Maryann Preston of Moses Lake sent a picture of a stylish bulletin board her son and his wife made from 800 wine corks.

I have an idea for the first note they can post: “Buy more wine.”

Slice answers: “I had so much on my back burner, I had to get another stove,” wrote Lawrence Killingsworth.

“There is so much stuff piled on my back burners that the fire marshal came by yesterday to deliver a final warning,” wrote Jerry Sciarrio.

Recommendation: If you know Steve Heaps, ask him to share his poems inspired by destabilizingly attractive women in Italy.

Today’s Slice question: They called Johnny Cash “The Man in Black.” What should they call you?

Write The Slice at P. O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email pault@spokesman .com. Do you make a point of stepping outside and trying to spot the full moon every month?

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