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The Slice: Having two left feet might come in handy

Slice readers addressed driving in countries where motorists travel in the left lane.

“My wife sat in the SCREAMER seat. Over here we would call it riding shotgun.” – Don Thomas

“I navigated my first roundabout in fine fashion until I exited and had no clue which side of the road I should be on.” – Peter Yocom

“Parallel parking was just too weird.” – Gordy Johnson

“You need a nervous spouse in the other seat, continuously bleating ‘Stay left, just stay left.’ ” – Bill Brock

“Just remember as you drive away from the Spokane airport upon your return, to have the passenger chant ‘Right, right, right.’ ” – Wade Griffith

“You could always tell a newcomer to Japan when they tried to signal a turn with their windshield wiper.” – Dee Hunter

“I had to keep telling myself that the driver should be next to the center line.” – Laurie Newell

“Just be sure you get a rental car with an automatic transmission.” – Marilyn Sabella

“As we approached the first roundabout (the others in the car) started singing ‘Nearer My God to Thee.’ ” – Larry Nelson

“The real problems are not with driving, but watching for traffic as a pedestrian.” – Bruce Au

“Let someone else do it.” – Marla DeMars

“Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate!” – Jeffrey Neuberger

“Keep left.” – Jack and Becky Severinghaus

“Having the shotgun calmly utter the words, ‘Other side, please!’ works very well.” – Molly Zammit

“The worst was when I returned home and drove for the first time.” – Ellen Ostheller

“Have a trusted and reliable navigator.” – David Bennett

“I am certain that the ‘secret’ to learning how to stay on the proper side would be the oncoming traffic.” – Kim Cooper

“The secret to getting used to driving on the other side of the road is to rent, or buy, a car for that country. The controls are all on the ‘wrong’ side, too, and it’s like living inside a mirror. Everything feels normal.” – Gardner Bailey

“Close your eyes and hang on.” – Leon Mayer

Today’s Slice question: What’s your game plan for next Friday?

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