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The Slice: It depends on whether they dodge the wrench

Do you believe that you can tell from just a glance whether someone was a predator or prey back in junior high dodgeball?

Let’s move on.

Just wondering: If you devoted the time you spend paying attention to sports to some other pursuit, how many hours would that involve in a typical week?

Best advice of yours that someone heeded: “I told my sister to quit complaining, live with it and stop talking about it … OR, divorce the jerk!” wrote Barbara Nyberg.

The No. 1 drawback to a commitment to listen to all points of view: “A sore tongue … from biting it,” wrote my friend Pinki.

Re: Typing and Vietnam: “I learned to type in high school,” wrote longtime journalist Mike Vlahovich, who recalled that it was his mom’s idea. “Drafted, I was sent to electronics school. What I know about electronics is putting a plug in a socket.

“Got to Vietnam. They say in the Army, never volunteer. Sergeant asked if anyone could type. I raised my hand. Spent the year as a clerk in a battalion headquarters relatively free of danger. Of course, keyboarding became my life’s work.

“As for electronics, I still basically only know how to put a plug in a socket.”

Slice answers: A few readers suggested that the recent question about placing light objects on cats encouraged cruelty to animals.

Good grief. They apparently are unaware that felines have several techniques available to them for making it abundantly clear that they want you to cease and desist.

Something many Inland Northwest kids learn growing up that might not be a given in many parts of the country: “Fish come from water and not the grocery store,” said Gary Polser.

“The beauty of nature,” said Larry Pollock.

In case you wondered: The fall-back time change is still four weekends away.

Warm-up question: Ever been able to hear a mouse scampering in your air ducts?

Today’s Slice question: If you had to guess, how many times have you changed a tire after getting a flat?

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