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The Slice: Make sure you carve out your niche

Before long, it will be difficult to get their attention.

They will be daydreaming and gazing into the future with a far-away look.

So I’ll just go ahead and say this now. The Slice hopes all you skiers have a blast this winter and stay safe.

Just wondering: How do you answer “How will I recognize you?”

Worst habit when it comes to eating: “Don’t use my name, it will embarrass my husband,” wrote a reader who has been in The Slice quite a few times. “If we have something I REALLY like, I lick my dish. But only at home, never in public.

“The practice used to drive my mom crazy. She is probably looking down on me and thinking ‘Why have you not grown out of that?’ ”

Slice answer: Russell Mau saw the question about showing off our area for visitors from far away by forcing them to endure perhaps too many long drives. His answer, though, had an unexpected spin.

“I opt to simply take visitors on a ‘death scene tour’ (analogous to the famed celebrity homes tours in L.A.) in Spokane County. Kind of interesting (or sad) that we don’t have to travel very far from my home to view a great number of such locations (at last count, nine locations within 10 miles and that only counts the ones about which I know based on living here for the past 15 years). Of these, only two were traffic accidents, the rest were murders or involved violence – Yeah Spokane!

“The best part, as if anything else could be better, is that my family has requested that I could enhance my tours by acting out the various incidents. OK, so my family has problems.”

Today’s Slice question: If your name is Luke, how often do people tell you to use the force? If your name is Jake, how often do people tell you to forget about it? If you are called The Dude, how often do people ask you about bowling? If your driver’s license says your name is “McLovin,” how often do people look at you skeptically? If your name is Dorothy, how often do people suggest that you surrender?

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