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The Slice: These kids definitely know Jack

Paul Turner, Spokesman-Review columnist. (The Spokesman-Review)
Paul Turner, Spokesman-Review columnist. (The Spokesman-Review)

Here’s how to turn a pumpkin into a jack-o’-lantern, according to local kindergarteners, first-graders and third-graders.

(Some of these quoted excerpts were written by the kids themselves and some were told to their teachers.)

“You make a throwing-up pumpkin, all the seeds come out of the mouth. Then it rots on your porch.” – Amelie

So, sort of a Halloween action figure? Lovely.

“When it’s green it’s too young.” – Carter

That almost goes without saying.

“First you draw a scary face on your pumpkin, then you carve it and put a light inside. You want an old pumpkin.” – Claire

You know, one that’s not still wet behind the ears.

“First cut off the stem, then take out the seeds and the goop. Carve it and put in a candle.” – Violet

“Goop” is an excellent word.

“My pumpkin is too small to carve so I am going to color on it.” – Caroline

Might be the safest bet.

“Cut circle eyes like a bear, and a semi-circle mouth. A mouse might like to live in it after you carve it.” – Sneha

A bear-o’-lantern doubling as a studio apartment for a small rodent.

“First, you get a pumpkin that is round and bigish. Then you cut around on the top.” – Kira

Sounds like a good start.

“Get out all of the mushy stuff and the seeds.” – Eden

And make an eeewwwww face while doing so.

“Cut out the top of your pupcon and get out the insids.” – Megan

I plan to say “pupcon” several times this month.

“First you cut a top on a pumkin. Next you clean up in side. Then you cut a face in the pumkin. Finally you put a light in the pumkin.” – Kailyn

Peter Peter Pumkin Eater.

“To make a pumpkin pie you smash it and bake it.” – Micah

Not really the question, but a handy homemaking tip nonetheless.

Have a happy Halloween, kids.

My thanks to Betty Burley-Wolf, Tina Davis and Darla Eaton at the Pioneer School and Tiffiny Santos at Westview Elementary.

Today’s Slice question (prompted by Slice reader Howard Bisbee’s tale of running over his own phone): What did you place on the roof of your car and then forget?

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