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Huckleberries: Editorial calls out Idaho House’s nine ‘fools’

In a recent editorial, the Twin Falls Times-News didn’t mince words in describing as “fools” the nine Republicans in the House Judiciary and Rules Committee who jeopardized Idaho’s Child Support Enforcement system. The nine – including Reps. Kathy Sims of Coeur d’Alene, Don Cheatham of Post Falls, Heather Scott of Blanchard and Shannon McMillan of Silverton – voted in the 9-8 majority last month to kill a crucial child support bill, forcing Gov. Butch Otter to call a special session to fix the mess. The session begins Monday. The Times-News: “Fueled by bizarre conspiracy theories about Muslims and seeing the issue as an easy chance to trumpet some anti-federalism rhetoric, the nine essentially voted to dismantle Idaho’s $205 million child support system and put about a quarter of the state’s population in jeopardy of not receiving badly needed child support payments.” Maybe the Notorious Nine have seen the light. But I wouldn’t hold your breath.


Don’t expect Blanchard’s Scott to switch her vote during the special session. On a Facebook posting last week, she said defiantly: “Idaho citizens will be told that legislators didn’t know any better and that the new language in the amendments will protect our state sovereignty. The truth is these same legislators caught a sly attempt to insert international rule into the Idaho law. This legislation creates a global system of child support enforcement under international law. It will effectively transfer sovereignty of a process of government to a special commission appointed by the United Nations Secretary General of the Hague Conference on private international law.” Blah, blah, blah. Cue up “Twilight Zone” music.


The Post Falls PD Facebook page offers fun petty crime reports. Take, for example, a Post Falls man who won the motorcycle and pressure washer as part of a divorce settlement. Seems he was set to enjoy his sweet ride until he turned the key. Nothing. Ditto for the pressure washer. A mechanic found white substance inside the tank and engine of the bike and pressure washer. The man told PFPD that he suspects his ex-wife sabotaged them, causing $2,250 worth of damage. She denies the accusation. There’s a million stories like this in the River City … On a more serious note, a Post Falls PD Blue showed amazing restraint when he confronted a carload of jackals at secluded Black Bay Park early Tuesday. One of them was wanted on a failure-to-appear warrant. So the officer arrested him. That prompted another jerk to laugh in the officer’s face and mock the recent murder of CPD Sgt. Greg Moore. And you wonder why police grow cynical?


Poet’s Corner: “Those Hindu gods, we shut ’em all down,/then we kept sharia out of town,/and now the calls for help grow noisy – /they need us once more down in Boise” – The Bard of Sherman Avenue (“Legislators to the Rescue”) … In the “Thank Heaven There’s A West Virginia” Dept: Idaho ranks 50th of 51 (including D.C.) for “Status of Women” … Do you suppose the thief who climbed 12 feet to steal the Post Falls Hospice Thrift Store camera realizes yet that it’s fake? … Quotable Quote: “Idaho reeks of incompetence. I would not trust our current government to manage a popsicle stand” – a Huckleberries blog wag re: Congressman Raul Labrador’s bill to allow local and state governments to manage federal lands.

Parting Shot

Dustin Hurst of the Idaho Freedom Foundation did the right thing after being called out for misrepresenting that Sorensen School juggling class. He apologized. Remember? Dustin awarded a Waste Wednesday award to the Coeur d’Alene magnet school for spending $4,600 in tax dollars for the juggling class. Only the money was raised by parents and other supporters. Lesson learned?

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