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Feedback: Thoughts about the Chinese Lantern Festival

The U.S. Pavilion looms over the Chinese Lantern Festival in Riverfront Park. (Dan Pelle The Spokesman-Review)

Numerous posts regarding Spokane’s Chinese Lantern Festival elicited comments from our Facebook friends. Here is a sampling of the comments:

Tony Dellwo

Still in a public park, should be free.

Scott Blackerby

I disagree. It took a lot of time and money to set it up.

Michael Olson

I agree. If they want to make money off this event, it should not be held in a park we all have funded through taxes.

Joe Daniels

Don’t you think the people putting it on had to pay the park? That is like saying we shouldn’t have to pay for a concert at the Arena because the Arena was funded by the taxpayers.

AnnMarie Russo

It is a beautiful cultural event!

Michael Bradford

I wanted to go, but the admission and food are too expensive for two people.

Jolene Cihak-Taylor

I’m sure it cost a lot to plan and execute. It’s huge and took a year to plan

Christina Amdal

The cost wasn’t terrible and nothing in life is free.

Christa Paolucci

You know that you won’t die if you miss it, right? No need to rant at others who do pay the admission. A lot of effort was put into it and they use the profits appropriately.

Kristen Riley

I think it’s actually pretty decently priced. I’m on a tight budget with just myself and my son but thankfully I’m able to make it with him. I can imagine it would be hard for a family of 6.

Michala Mowery

Dropping the price would make it accessible to more Spokane families. I went last night and saw many people walking (the) perimeter just to let their kids get a peek over the blacked out fence. Riverfront Park is meant to be open to the public. Now if this were a weekend event or even a week, that would be another story. Half of Spokane has lost access to the best areas of the park for the last month of decent weather.

Sam Weber

It’s only $17 to get in. Concerts are usually $70. It’s pretty reasonable. To suggest there is some ulterior motive of class division is absurd. There are plenty of things I would love to do but choose not to because of price. It’s called life.

Liz Hamer

Spokane needs more events like this. It cultivates diversity and culture. It’s just like everything else in the world if you want to do something you have to budget and plan. The price is more than reasonable. It’s only $17 to get in and on the weekdays I think it’s only $9. I bet most people’s coffee drinks they get for the week cost more than that. Priorities.

Tori Chamberlain-Bailey

It cost a million dollars to have that here. The artists have been staying here building the lanterns for 2 months. They also have different cultural performances that you get to see also.