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Trump is juvenile

American passion for change, the result of too many “do nothing” Congresses, is the greatest contributor to the popularity of Donald Trump. Trump, disregarding our Constitution and chasing many odd thoughts while in a state of permanent confusion, thinks American Christians have a monopoly on God. Not so. God plainly stated through Jeremiah “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind.” The Donald should learn: All mankind includes Muslims whose Qur’an strongly confirms belief in Jesus.

Our nation is truly suffering when a major political party candidate is a man who hasn’t outgrown a juvenile mentality. The Donald Trump running for presidential office is a spoiled brat in an adult body. He is politically out of control and totally inept at diplomacy. I fear for the world if he becomes commander in chief and has control of our nuclear arsenal; especially if Congress continues on a do-nothing legislative slide.

Relative to Muslims, news media show Trump and many other Americans often start their tongues wagging before engaging their brains. To minimize future rantings and ravings, such people need to read the Quran and also what Jesus’ brother James wrote regarding a loose tongue.

James Isabell


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