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The Slice: Is Spokane a place to par-tay?

I’ve been thinking about a certain phrase that gets used at the end of the year: “New Year’s Eve revelers.”

I have to tell you: It just doesn’t sound like Spokane to me.

OK, I know what you’re thinking. That seems exactly like something a crotchety old newspaper columnist would say.

You know, someone who hasn’t been a vigorous reveler in many years deciding nobody revels anymore. I’m sure I have been guilty of that sort of faulty reasoning before. But that’s not it this time. Trust me.

I honestly have a difficult time conjuring images of Spokane when I read the words “New Year’s Eve revelers.”

That’s not meant as a dig. I’m OK with living in a largely revel-free city. I’m fine with Spokane not being New Orleans or Las Vegas.

But before going any further, let me acknowledge that not reveling isn’t the same as not having any fun.

For instance, there’s First Night Spokane. And the Spokane Symphony has a year-end bash. There are a number of options.

Perhaps it’s really a matter of defining my terms.

When thinking of New Year’s Eve revelers, I picture a certain amount of woo-hooing and hard partying. That sort of thing takes place in Spokane, of course. I mean, we do have young people after all.

But can you really say reveling is something for which we are known?

I mean, you don’t hear people on flights leaving here say, “Hoo boy, I need a rest. I’ve been reveling my glutes off. That Spokane is one crazy reveling city.”

I suppose it is not fair to picture all New Year’s Eve revelers deliriously shouting as they pursue full-throttle merrymaking of one sort or another.

The phrase could quite legitimately be employed to describe people simply out having a good time.

It just doesn’t sound like Spokane to me.

Now it’s not my thought that almost everyone here spends New Year’s Eve at home in quiet contemplation, studying the classics or doing a little straightening up and getting a tax return file started.

A lot of people here gather with friends and family to play games, watch a movie, listen to music and pop Champagne corks.

I guess you could call those good people New Year’s Eve revelers.

But I wouldn’t.

Today’s Slice question: Are you one of those who makes a resolution but keeps it a secret?

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