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Spokane Valley conservatives call Trump showing a win for workers, the common man

Conservatives gathered in Spokane Valley were ecstatic at Donald Trump’s presidential showing, calling it a win for workers, God and the “common man.”

“It’s just a dream come true,” said MaryAnn Hitt. “He has energized the United States for hope.”

Spokane Valley Rep. Matt Shea spent much of the night in front of the crowd reading off local and national election results. Some of the biggest cheers came when he announced that the Dow futures market had plummeted in response to Trump’s election night success.

“Why?” he asked the crowd. “Because we are going to have manufacturing back in America.”

Some of those in attendance said Trump appealed to a wide swath of Americans because of his focus on bringing jobs back to the USA and his unpolished approach to politics.

“He’s not the establishment candidate. He’s the grassroots candidate,” Spokane County Treasurer Rob Chase said of Trump. “It’s been growing for a long time.”

Men and women both dismissed allegations of sexual assault, sexism and racism as overblown, or false.

“That is all the junk the other campaign has thrown at him,” Hitt said. “Those allegations need to be tried and taken to court.”

Other women said that Trump’s comments and alleged behavior was just “locker room talk” or part of the culture.

“I worked my way through corporate America and I heard a lot worse from most men,” Cecily Wright said.

Mike Volz, a candidate for the 6th legislative district, said Trump’s unexpected success was due to his anti-establishment views and outsider reputation.

“There are a lot of cranky people out there on both sides,” Volz said.

Volz added that he hoped both Democrats and Republicans could come together after the election and “get over this.”

Spokane Valley Rep. Matt Shea called Trump’s strong showing Tuesday a “resurgence in the American worker.” He cited the record voter turnout in Washington state as evidence of that resurgence.

“To be frank, I think people saw him as a breath of fresh air,” said Charlotte Mangan. “The everyman could identify with him.”

Mangan characterized Trump’s victory as a strong message to the political establishment.

“I think the silent majority is no longer silent,” she said. “We’ve had it. We are not going down this road anymore.”

Gloria Clark was sitting with her husband Dan. She said she hid her support for Trump from her husband at first, only to find out he was supporting Trump as well.

She said Clinton’s support of abortion helped push her toward Trump as well as Trump’s views on property rights.

“I am very pro-life,” she said, adding “I think he said things a lot of people thought but didn’t have the nerve to say.”

Her husband, Dan Clark, said it was all about the Supreme Court nominees for him.

“People are tired. They aren’t mad, they are tired,” he said. “They are tired of the lies.”

For Stephen Hitt, Trump’s appeal is his skill at hiring competent people. He points to Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence.

“Michael Pence is a mighty man of God,” Hitt said. “This is showing God’s will to turn the country back. To take the country back.”

When asked about Trump’s alleged harassment and crude comments about women Hitt said, “we’re not electing a pastor, we’re electing a president.”

“The fact that God has paired him up with Michael Pence, we see there is a plan,” he said. “This is a miracle election.”