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Gonzaga Basketball

Gonzaga coach Mark Few celebrates with team in locker room with traditional handstand

Gonzaga head coach Mark Few calls a play during the second half of an NCAA Final Four basketball game, Sat., April 1, 2017, in Phoenix. (Colin Mulvany / The Spokesman-Review)

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Gonzaga head coach Mark Few struggles to show emotion after wins. It’s something his team has been on his case about all season.

So, after the Bulldogs advanced to the program’s first national championship game with a 77-73 win over South Carolina, Few went to his go-to way of showing emotion: a handstand.

“They’re always on me to show emotion after a win. So that’s my fairly weak effort of showing emotion,” Few said. “I got out of it with healthy rotator cuff and a healthy Achilles’, so I think I’m in a good place.”

Few famously completed a handstand after the Zags’ Sweet 16 win over UCLA in 2015, prompting the #DoTheFew hashtag on social media with accompanying photos and videos of handstands.

Few reiterated the importance of having fun at appropriate times, noting his worry that his team’s business-like attitude could take a toll on morale.

“We’ve been on this team to show some emotion, because there’s always expectations with Gonzaga teams that they should win every game,” Few said.

As more and more wins come the Bulldogs way, the team has become more adept at showing emotion. Few’s handstand technique has improved, too.

“I felt like I stuck it,” Few said.