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Huckleberries: Uneasiness between men and women extends to handshakes

A long discussion on Huckleberries social media began with a tweet in the form of a question from KXLY’s Melissa Luck: “Do you shake hands with women?” The answer isn’t as simple as you may think.

Some, like John Austin of Medimont, said that shaking hands is “the professional thing to do, whether men or women. A firm handshake sends a message of confidence, and, I think, helps women to feel included in many professions that previously were dominated by men.”

Councilwoman Kerri Thoreson of Post Falls agreed more or less: “I’m a hand shaker but often in business settings I put out my hand and the man (if we know each other) will ignore my hand and move in for a hug. I guess I’m just huggable. I occasionally feel my credibility diminished when a man in a position of authority chooses to hug me but not a man.

Several, including Kim Cooper of Coeur d’Alene, Joe Butler of Post Falls and Matthew Root of Pullman, said they shake hands with women, if they initiate the handshakes. Florine Dooley of Coeur d’Alene says it may be a generational thing: “I’m old and from the southern mountains. During my training, handshaking was to be initiated by the woman.”

Then, there are the huggers.

Katrina Wright Swaim of Coeur d’Alene: “I love hugs, but I hate making people uncomfortable. So I don’t hug people as often as I’d like to.” And Becky McIntire Boifeuillet of Hayden: “I shake hands or hug with a ‘tap tap tap’ on their back.” And Keith Allen of Coeur d’Alene gets the last word with: “I just risk (upsetting) everybody and hug everyone.”

There’s always one.

Mellow hubby

Derek Hval was suffering a headache the other day when his wife, Front Porch columnist Cindy Hval, told him to look in the cupboard for migraine relief pills.

Later, she asked Derek how he was feeling. “Great!” he said. “That Midol works wonders!”

Shocked, Cindy responded that he was supposed to take migraine tablets. Derek responded that he’d been told to “look for the bottle with an ‘M’ on it.” And he did.

Cindy’s OK with the bottom line here. Derek felt great and he wasn’t as moody.


So Sharon Gwyn of Coeur d’Alene is driving down the Montana interstate at 80 mph (which is the speed limit on that section of Big Sky Country highway) when she sees a monster GMC pickup with nice lettering on the tailgate that reads: “Corvette.”

In smaller lettering underneath: “Alaska edition” … With apologies to “Starship,” WTFashion editor Eric Barro of Coeur d’Alene suggests a theme song for Spokane: “We built this city on POT and HOLES” … For Those Keeping Score at Home: On June 9, the Back-to-the-Future Coeur d’Alene Carousel is scheduled to open as part of a Family Fun Day in the Park and Fancy Flea Market at City Park and the adjoining Memorial Field area … Poll: The 2017 Idaho Legislature is over – and the Huckleberries blog readers have awarded the elected denizens of that hallowed body the usual, well-deserved ‘F’ grade.

Parting Shot

Marianne Love of the Slight Detour blog tells why we North Idahoans love the Zags, too. It goes beyond “their finesse, talent and determination on the court,” she comments. We love the Zags “because of the principles they live by and exemplify. We love the infectious, wholesome atmosphere associated with them and their fine university.” Throw in 37-2 and what’s not to love?

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