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The Slice: And over here, in our ‘Dave’s Not Here’ exhibit …

Eventually, Idaho will be the perfect place for a Museum of Outlaw Marijuana Memories.

What the future holds in terms of national cannabis regulation is anyone’s guess. But let’s say, for the sake of argument, things remain pretty much the same. And Idaho does not legalize pot until sometime in the 24th century.

It seems inevitable that Idaho’s eventual status as an outnumbered holdout will make it a counterintuitive hotbed of reefer nostalgia. You know, of the illicit variety.

Pot might lose its mystique in Washington, thanks to legalization. But Idaho, where it remains illegal, could be the ideal setting for residents of other states to take a hazy walk down memory lane.

So what would such a marijuana museum include? Docents who remember the 1970s? Recordings of parents recalling dilated pupils?

You tell me, man.

Today’s Ice Palace memory: “It was one of my first few dates with my now wife of 31 years,” wrote Kevin Fletcher. “It was her first time ice skating, and I assured her it would be fine because I had played some hockey and could skate pretty well. I skated around the rink a few times while she worked her way around holding on to the boards. I took her hand and led her around a bit then I lost my balance. My arms flew wildly about and smacked her square on her nose, blood gushing everywhere. That was the last time we ever went skating. She has not let me forget it either.”

Knowing where you rank in household status: “Your question about parents carrying their infant in a backpack in slick conditions prompted an old memory,” wrote Rick Straub.

“In my late teens, coming home late, I’d go to the top of the stairs to collect our Chihuahua and take her to my basement bedroom – a custom that started when I was in grade school. One wintry night, after I scooped the dog in my arms, I lost my footing and thumped my way to the bottom of the stairs. Lying there in a daze, I heard my mom jump out of bed, run to the top of the stairs and yell ‘Is the dog all right?’

“At that moment, I knew where my mom’s priority was. We laughed about that for years.”

The dog was fine.

Today’s Slice question: Will a significant number of people hereabouts ever use “Go Zags!” as an all-purpose greeting the way football fans in parts of Alabama say “Roll Tide!”?

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