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Paul Turner: What is the state of your Washington knowledge?

You may know that this coming Saturday is Washington’s statehood day.

Washington was admitted to the union as the 42nd state on Nov. 11 in 1889. Five-foot-6-inch Benjamin Harrison signed the papers.

But how are you on identifying Washington’s official state symbols? Well, here’s your chance to find out. Take this multiple-choice quiz. You will find the answers at the end.

1. What is Washington’s state tree? A) Western hemlock. B) Pear. C) Scrub pine. D) Hangin’ tree. E) Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

2. What is the official state song? A) “Baby’s Got Back.” B) “White Christmas.” C) “Washington, My Home.” D) “Rhythm of the Rain.” E) “Funky Cold Medina.”

3. What is the state bird? A) Raven. B) Seahawk. C) Goldfinch. D) Scablands buzzard. E) Colville crow.

4. What is the state fish? A) Koi. B) Cod. C) Crappie. D) Steelhead trout. E) Puget Piranha.

5. What’s the state dance? A) Square dance. B) Pony. C) Twist. D) Shake your groove thing. E) Walla Walla Waltz.

6. What is Washington’s state folk song? A) “Puff, the Magic Dragon.” B) “Lay Down Your Head, Tom Foley.” C) “Roll On, Columbia, Roll On.” D) “Ballad o’ Bambi MacGill.” E) “I’ve Been Workin’ on the Aircraft Assembly Module.”

7. What is the state gem? A) Bellevue bauble. B) Petrified wood. C) Tacoman taco stone. D) Red delicious rock. E) Shiny happy people stone.

8. What is Washington’s state fruit? A) Prune. B) Coffee bean. C) Apple. D) Quince. E) Cumquat.

9. What is the state grass? A) Hops. B) Marijuana. C) Bluebunch wheatgrass. D) Artificial turf. E) Get off my lawn verde.

10. What is the state insect? A) Green darner dragonfly. B) Palouse eyesucker. C) Yellow jacket. D) Honey bee. E) Tarantula hawk.

11. What is the state fossil? A) Jackalope. B) Spokane Chronicle. C) Columbian mammoth. D) Sabre-tooth marmot. E) B-17.

12. What is the state marine mammal? A) Humpback marmot. B) Blue whale. C) Palouse porpoise. D) Surf Mix-a-Lot. E) Orca.

13. What is the state vegetable? A) Asparagus. B) Walla Walla sweet onion. C) Seattle kale. D) Cabbage. E) Wheat potato.

14. The state’s motto, “Al-ki” or “Alki” means … A) Don’t stop rockin’. B) Whatever. C) Bye and bye. D) Live free or geoduck. E) I’ll give you something to cry about.

15. What is Washington’s state mammal? A) South Hill marmot. B) Riverfront Park marmot. C) Mount Spokane marmot. D) Spokane County marmot. E) Olympic marmot.

16. Why should SR readers in Idaho care about any of this? A) Intermarriage. B) Knowledge is good. C) Why not? D) Idaho residents have a broad range of interests. E) It’s good to keep track of how blue-staters think.

Correct answers: 1 A. 2 C. 3 C. 4 D. 5 A. 6 C. 7 B. 8 C. 9 C. 10 A. 11 C. 12 E. 13 B. 14 C. 15 E. 16 All.

Rate yourself: 16 correct: George Washington would be proud of you.

15-12 correct: Maybe you are new here. Yeah, that’s it.

11-7 correct: Uh, these weren’t really that hard.

6 or less correct: I presented a different version of this quz in 2004 and offered this possible explanation for someone scoring so poorly.

You must have been enjoying a bit too much Washington wine.

Have a happy Statehood Day Saturday.

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