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Washington State football chat transcript - 11/17

srchat (Admin): Hey everyone, thanks for joining the late-week live chat. Sorry for the reschedule, but I’m here now and am planning to stick to the Wednesday 10-11 slot for next week. OK, taking questions… Nov 17, 10:02 AM Guest7739 (Guest): Is the LB that UW lost a big deal? Nov 17, 10:04 AM srchat (Admin): Would’ve probably felt like a bigger loss last season. Victor is a great talent, but he lost his job this season and if I’m not mistaken, they’ve had him at D-end most of the year. But still, that’s possibly one less preseason All-American the Huskies have in the Apple Cup. Then again, still a chance he plays… Nov 17, 10:04 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): You think Herc leaves for the NFL or returns for senior season? Seems like kind of a tweener for NFL. Not big enough for DL and maybe not fast enough for LB? Nov 17, 10:07 AM srchat (Admin): My gut feeling says he’ll stay — and for that very reason. I’m thinking he could do well at a Rush LB type of role, where he’s still playing with his hand down every few snaps. Then again, not sure if another year would give NFL teams any clarity as to where they’d play him. I can’t imagine WSU ever uses him at another spot. Nov 17, 10:08 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): Is this the Regressive Quarterback Cup? Nov 17, 10:13 AM srchat (Admin): The QBs certainly aren’t the storyline coming into this one. Though, it’s hard to tell if Browning’s regressed. He’s only eighth in the conference in attempts, but he’s got the highest completion percentage in the conference at 68%. Nov 17, 10:17 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): Can WSU defense keep the UW run game bottled up? How is UW run game different than Stanford or Colorado? Nov 17, 10:21 AM srchat (Admin): The back - Myles Gaskin - is different. He’s more jitterbug than bulldozer. That’s not to say he isn’t physical, but I don’t believe his MO is to run through defenders. Long as the Cougars are assignment sound, I like their chances of plugging up the run game. Nov 17, 10:25 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): Who is UW best pass rusher….they guy that Falk needs to look out for? Nov 17, 10:27 AM srchat (Admin): Gotta be Vita Vea, their preseason All-American. Hasn’t put up Herc’s stats, but I think most expect he’ll be taken in the first few rounds of next year’s draft. Nov 17, 10:27 AM Go Cougs (Guest): Think Carter Skaggs will leave early for the NBA after his recent performance? Nov 17, 10:28 AM srchat (Admin): If he can average seven 3’s a game. Oh yeah… Nov 17, 10:29 AM Go Cougs (Guest): Do you see Keith Harrington having a much bigger role and what have you seen from Caleb Perry? They are going to need a RB with little experience to replace BIG shoes. Nov 17, 10:31 AM srchat (Admin): Sure, I still think there’s a number of things you can do with Harrington on offense. Think he just needs to find his niche. Or maybe he just needs an opportunity he doesn’t have right now with three guys in front of him. Haven’t seen a whole lot of Perry, but he’ll be one to keep an eye on in the spring. Nov 17, 10:32 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): How do you think the women’s soccer team will do at the top of the hour against Tenn? Nov 17, 10:34 AM srchat (Admin): Oh boy, I’m not sure I’m qualified to talk women’s futbol. Feels like they have some momentum, though. I’ll predict 2-1 Cougs. Nov 17, 10:34 AM Go Cougs (Guest): I havent seen recent depth charts, but who do you think replaces Rob Taylor on D. In my opinion, he is the unsung hero a lot. Nov 17, 10:39 AM srchat (Admin): Agree. He’s been real opportunistic at different points of the season. Feels like one of their most improved defensive players. Right now, Skyler Thomas is his listed backup. But … Sean Harper’s been on the field plenty this season - mostly at CB with Molton out - so I almost wonder if he transitions to safety. Just a thought. Nov 17, 10:41 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): What do you enjoy best writing for/following this football team? Nov 17, 10:46 AM srchat (Admin): My favorite part of the job is always the storytelling aspect. Lot of players with fascinating backgrounds, from the starting QB to the Florida guys from Muck City to the inside receivers who went to the same CA high school. I picked a good year to jump in. Also, the folks in the media relations dept. are always accommodating, so that makes the job much easier. Nov 17, 10:46 AM Guest5515 (Guest): When Bill Moos left, are there fees he had to pay WSU to get out of his contract? Similar to what coaches would have…. Nov 17, 10:47 AM srchat (Admin): That’s a good question. I’ll have to look into it. Nov 17, 10:47 AM Go Cougs (Guest): If I place the over/under at 4 - pac 12 wins for the basketball team this year.. what direction would you go? Nov 17, 10:50 AM srchat (Admin): I’m hesitant, but I’ll take the over. I think they can at the very least split with Oregon State, Cal and UW. And generally, they find a way to win one or two they aren’t supposed to. We’ll see if UCLA has all of its guys back for that Pac-12 opener on Dec. 29. Nov 17, 10:51 AM Guest9975 (Guest): Any scuttlebutt regarding Wicks? I saw one comment about his injury not being as bad as it looked. Would sure be nice to have him good to go in the AC. Nov 17, 10:53 AM srchat (Admin): Can’t say it with any certainty, but I think he’ll be back for the Apple Cup. Sure he was glad to see the bye week fall when it did… Nov 17, 10:54 AM Go Cougs (Guest): Has there ever been conversations with Leach about how long he wants to Coach for? I think he is around 56 or so and am just interested in if he has an idea of when he wants to retire/ be done with coaching. I am going UNDER btw.. Nov 17, 10:57 AM srchat (Admin): I’ve never heard him give any sort of timeline. Coaching certainly doesn’t ever seem like a chore for him. Feels like he genuinely enjoys it, so I could see him doing it for another 10-15? Can’t really say one way or the other… Nov 17, 10:57 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): You think either Leach or Grinch leaves after the season? Lots of rumors about Leach going to Arkansas. If Leach leaves Grinch get the head coach job? Nov 17, 11:00 AM srchat (Admin): Would guess there’s more of a chance Grinch leaves. Have seen the Leach rumors, but not sure any of those have much substance. Nov 17, 11:00 AM Guest9975 (Guest): The O-line seems to have figured things out the last two games. I was especially impressed against Utah, which traditionally has had a stellar D-line. Should we start worrying about losing 3 seniors and, so far, the backups have gotten basically zero game time? Nov 17, 11:07 AM srchat (Admin): You’re right, they’re finally hitting their stride. I think they’ve done a fine enough job of developing O-linemen, so maybe don’t worry until you have to? Mauigoa and Dillard will give them a solid foundation and I think Rob Valencia could turn into a nice player. So we’ll see. Nov 17, 11:08 AM Guest5515 (Guest): What’s the latest on the inddor practice field and the baseball project? Nov 17, 11:12 AM srchat (Admin): They’ve sketched out blueprints for the baseball clubhouse, but think they’re still short on funding. Indoor practice field is the next project, but far as I know, there hasn’t been much progress on that front. Nov 17, 11:13 AM srchat (Admin): OK, thanks for your questions. We’ll be back on Wednesday from 10-11 a.m. for an Apple Cup-flavored live chat. See you all then.