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Achievements: University of Idaho graduates

University of Idaho has announced its graduates for the spring 2017 semester. Graduates are listed by their hometowns.



George S. Moreno, J.D., and Chad Schluter, B.S., civil engineering.


Alyssa Lloyd, B.S., elementary education.


Jakob B. Straughan, B.S., psychology.


Aubrey L. Milatz, B.S., psychology; and Clayton R. Vining, B.S., forest resources.

Deer Park

Tatiana Rodriguez, B.S., public relations.

Liberty Lake

Justine A. Groome, J.D.


Madison M. Meyer, B.S., broadcasting and digital media.

Moses Lake

James E. Daschel, B.S., chemical engineering; Courtney L. Softich, J.D.; and Casey Tupen, B.S., wildlife resources.


Eduardo A. Reyes, B.A.,Spanish and Latin-American studies and Aaron B. Simmons, Ph.D., microbiology, molecular biology/biochemistry.


Wyatt S. Mitchell, B.S., marketing and Amber C. Morales, B.S., environmental science.


Mundhir M. Alghailani, B.S., operations management; Aaren R. Carnline, J.D.; Joseph M. Dallas, J.D.; Meagan M. Foote, Master of Education, curriculum and instruction; Jordan N. Harshfield, J.D.; Robert J. King, Master of Arts, history; Janell M. Middleton, J.D.; Bowen J. Wolcott, Bachelor of Music, music education; Lisa A. Young, Master of Education, curriculum and instruction; and Dominic R. Zaccardi, B.S., civil engineering.


Alexander J. Omlin, B.S., mathematics.


Amanda J. Yockey, B.S., agribusiness.


Kailyn L. Gady, B.S., agribusiness.

Royal City

Jacob A. Janett, B.S., agricultural systems management.


Emily L. Botterbusch, B.S., psychology; Michael R. Botterbusch, B.S., mechanical engineering; Andrew D. Davies, B.S., electrical engineering; Genna E. Fisher, B.S., elementary education; Paul G. Hawkins, Master of Accounting; Melinda Howard, Ph.D., education; Erin L. Johnson, B.S., chemical engineering; Erin L. Johnson, B.S., mathematics; Avery A. McKee, B.S., advertising; Joseph M. Morris, B.S., mechanical engineering; Jacob M. Newbold, B.S., early childhood development and education; Hannah M. Palmer, Master of Business Administration, general management; Jillian M. Reynolds, B.S., elementary education; Madison L. Roberts, B.S., psychology; Garrett Roth, B.S., agricultural systems management; Jason Schlafmann, B.S., forest resources; Brynna K. Soth, Bachelor of Fine Arts, theatre arts; and Carl T. Wall, Bachelor of Music, music performance.

Spokane Valley

Kendall L. Bancroft, B.A.,international studies and Spanish; and Austin D. Rehkow, B.S., exercise science and health.


Joseph A. Bisset, Master of Architecture, architecture.


Ricardo Buenrostro, Master of Science, adult/organization learning and leadership.


Ike R. Martinez, B.S., animal and veterinary science.



Tiffany K. Aarestad, Master of Education, special education; Kayla L. Blum, B.S., animal and veterinary science; Stephan D. Jutila, B.S., finance operations management; Hannah M. Kohl, B.S., animal and veterinary science; Blaine A. Marceau, Bachelor of General Studies; and Michael J. Moreno, B.S., physics.


Cody A. Magee, Bachelor of Fine Arts, studio art and design.

Bonners Ferry

Brianna M. Carlson, B.S., early childhood development and education; Janette M. Cartwright, Specialist in Education, educational leadership; Kody M. Rice, B.S., philosophy; William I. Ryckeghem, B.S., psychology; Zachary J. Williamson, Master of Arts, teaching English as a second language; Cody J. Witko, J.D.; and Allison F. Worley, B.S., exercise science & health.


James M. Tupper, B.S., forestry.


Christina P. Gibbs, B.S., biological engineering and Nicole D. Goodsen, Master of Education, educational leadership.

Clark Fork

Zachary D. Beaman, B.S., chemical engineering; and Tessa J. Vogel, B.S., geography.


Sarah E. Roop, Master of Landscape Architecture.

Coeur d’Alene

Jesse J. Adams, B.S., natural resource conservation; Stephen M. Arbic, B.S., elementary education; Richard E. Boss, B.S., computer science; Jansen M. Butler, B.S., elementary education; Scott T. Cardwell, Master of Arts, history; Clara E. Carr, B.S., history; Eric D. Cliff, B.S., biology; Grant M. Curtis, B.S., recreation; Emma C. Daugharty, B.S., public relations; Charlotte A. Davis, B.S., child, family and consumer studies; Spencer M. Dean, B.S., microbiology; Vince DiFatta, B.S., finance; Whitney L. Dudley, B.S., psychology and organizational sciences; Elizabeth J. Ehrsam, Master of Science, statistical science; Ian C. Ehrsam, B.S., materials science & engineering; Brianna M. Espeland, J.D. and master of accounting; Alan R. Frisk, B.S., finance operations management; Michael L. Foushee, Master of Science, environmental science; Adam M. Garman, B.S., chemistry; Lillian Gaines, B.S., ecology and conservation biology; James L. Gardner, B.S., accounting information systems; Anna Goldthorpe, B.S., interdisciplinary studies; Kara L. Guthrie-West, B.A.,English; Scott W. Hadley, Master of Business Administration, general management; Brandon D. Hicks, B.S., psychology; Amy M. Hofer, Master of Education, educational leadership; Mathew T. Howard, Master of Business Administration, general management; Siera M. Hoza, B.S., organizational sciences; Brandi Hutzler, Master of Science, adult organizational learning and leadership; Haley J. John, B.S., organizational sciences; Jennifer L. Keane, Master of Business Administration, general management; Gwen L. Kelley, Master of Science, interdisciplinary studies; Rachel E. Kelley, B.S., organizational sciences psychology; Cortney M. King, B.S., psychology; Lauren E. Leitzke, B.S., child, family and consumer studies; Emma E. Linsteadt B.S., secondary education; Cody D. Lish, B.S., fishery resources; Angela Mason, B.S., child, family and consumer studies; Kyle W. Mason, B.A.,political science and English; Jessica A. Mather, B.S., secondary education; Anna R. McGuire, B.S., psychology; Esther E. McLean, B.S., secondary education; Cassandra Miller, B.S., marketing; Jacob D. Miller, B.S., marketing; Clyde J. Mooney, B.S., clothing, textiles and design; Andrew A. Moreno, B.A.,English-creative writing; Alyssa Murren, B.S., food/nutrition; Kayoko Nadamoto, B.S., food/nutrition; Joshua M. Newcomb, B.S., architecture; Loren Oden, Master of Science, family and consumer sciences; Connor J. O’Rourke, B.S., broadcasting & digital media; Marissa K. Owen, Specialist in Education, educational leadership; Evan A. Paris, Bachelor of Music, music: business; Walter S. Pierowski, Master of Business Administration, general management; Brittany K. Pope, B.S., exercise science & health; Nicholas M. Pratt, Bachelor of Fine Arts, theatre arts; Brett J. Pitcher, B.S., environmental science; Brooke T. Rushton, B.S., psychology; Rebekah A. Sandford, B.S., child, family and consumer sciences; Scott T. Siebert, B.S., physical education; Jacob R. Smith, B.S., public relations; Jacob R. Smith, B.S., clothing, textiles and design; Owen J. Strobel, B.S., marketing; Megan A. Theobald, B.A.,international studies and French; Jessica M. Thomas, Bachelor of Fine Arts, theatre arts; Elli T. Tindall, B.S., chemical engineering; Jordan T. Trapp, B.S., civil engineering; Lexi M. Turkenburg, B.S., electrical engineering; Peter J. Wilson, B.S., information systems; Sara M. Winzer, B.S., biology; Andrew P. Wisniewski, B.S., chemical engineering; Andrew P. Wisniewski, B.S., chemistry; Rosalie C. Wold, Bachelor of Fine Arts, studio art and design; Rosalie C. Wold, B.S., art education; Deborah E. York, B.S., elementary education; and Claire Zasadny, B.S., organizational sciences.

Dalton Gardens

Annette M. Anderson, B.S., food/nutrition-dietetics; and Katrina E. Ely, B.S., food/nutrition-dietetics.


Kaia D. Cannon, B.S., apparel, textiles, and design; and Shane M. Keen, Master of Science, adult organizational learning and leadership.


Michael S. Thomas, B.S., fishery resources; and Stephen T. Westbrook, B.S., wildlife resources.


Jarae D. Marienau, Bachelor of General Studies.


Payton A. Parkins, B.S., environmental science; and Dallan C. Pickard, B.S., virtual technology and design.


Ellison E. Schultz, B.S., food/nutrition-dietetics.


Wesley D. Bremer, B.S., operations management; and Jessica E. Mathews, B.S., marketing.

Hauser Lake

Jason T. Underdahl, B.S., psychology.


Taylor K. Bieker, B.S., elementary education; Christopher D. Campbell, B.S., computer science; Elizabeth A. Campbell, B.S., management and human resources; Jackson J. Carlson, B.S., finance; Leigh A. Conniff, B.S., environmental science; Camille A. Cox, B.S., elementary education; Tucker L. Forbush, B.S., finance; Benjamin J. Gonser, B.S., forest resources; Benjamin J. Gonser, B.S., fire ecology & management; Joy K. Goodwin, B.S., psychology; Matthew T. Harlow, B.S., mechanical engineering; Karen L. Hutzler, Master of Science, adult organizational learning and leadership; Danyelle C. Keese, B.S., marketing; Augustus A. Koch, B.S., microbiology; Sierra M. Lile, B.S., advertising; Melisa M. McTaggert Sternberg, B.S., psychology organizational sciences; Nicholas G. Peterson, B.A.,English-creative writing; James T. Poirier, B.S., recreation; Brandon Ratcliff, B.S., computer science; Rana M. Reason, Master of Education, special education; Logan H. Rude, B.S., finance; Scott K. Sturges, B.S., biology; Allison C. Travis, B.S., marketing; Shane G. Warmbrodt, B.S., civil engineering; and Christopher E. Weir, B.S., organizational sciences.


Lyndsie K. Kiebert, B.A.,English.


Cory S. Singleton, Master of Education, special education.


Lori Toews, Master of Business Administration, general management.


Wayne C. Heath, B.S., elementary education; Kristen M. Heier, B.A.,international studies; Ava N. Isaacson, Master of Science, natural resources; Trevor M. Memmott, B.S., political science; and Blake T. Warner, B.S., mechanical engineering.


Bekka L. Ashcraft, B.A.,international studies and French and B.A.,economics.


Marissa K. Carlson, B.S., psychology.


Saad Alrashidi, B.S., mathematics; Jordan A. Alves-Foss, B.S., secondary education; Jordan A. Alves-Foss, B.A.,English-creative writing; Rachel E. Anderson, B.S., biology; Brenna A. Ballenger, B.S., child, family and consumer studies; Destani D. Bain, B.S., advertising; Monica M. Baker, B.S., management and human resources; Patricia A. Bellmore, B.S., child, family and consumer studies; Zachary M. Bickford, B.S., biology; Robert D. Blair, Master of Science, materials science and engineering; Clara L. Bowman, B.A.,international studies; Sean W. Bowen, Master of Public Administration, public administration; Anna L. Branigan, Master of Music, music; Rachel Bright, Master of Arts, teaching English as a second language; Dylan Champagne, Bachelor of Music, music: composition; Brock Z. Cherry, Master of Science, bio-regional planning and community design; Glen E. Cole, B.S., virtual technology and design; MacKenzie I. Connelly, B.S., biology; Hayley J. Couture, B.S., secondary education; Hayley J. Couture, B.S., geological science; Jessica M. Darney, B.S., biology; Brittnay J. Davis, B.S., accounting; Scott L. Dennis, B.S., computer science; Keith J. Drew, Master of Science, computer science; Amanda L. Elliott, B.S., psychology; Amanda L. Elliott, B.S., biology; Charles S. Erdman, Master of Science, natural resources; Kyle B. Flack, B.S., mechanical engineering; Savannah L. Garber, B.S., child, family and consumer studies; James B. Gardiner, B.S., psychology; Brad C. Gardner, B.S., sociology; Brendan M. Geidl, B.S., finance; Allison J. Gray, B.S., architecture; Steven M. Greene, B.A.,international studies; Peter J. Handel, B.S., mechanical engineering; Ronald L. Haxton, Master of Engineering, engineering management; Joshua M. Helbling, B.S., chemistry; Joshua M. Helbling, B.S., biochemistry; Crystal A. Hernandez, B.A.,philosophy; Caitlin M. Houser, B.S., child, family and consumer studies; Seneca A. Jensen, B.A.,Spanish and English; Justin C. Jeter, B.S., electrical engineering; Caleb D. Jo, B.S., mechanical engineering; Andrew R. Jones, B.S., computer engineering; Zoe A. Kemeys-McDonald, B.S., food science; Morgan A. Kline, Bachelor of Music, music: instrumental performance; Laura Kolbeck, B.S., apparel, textiles and design; Karter M. Krasselt, B.S., advertising; Charles L. Krueger, B.S., mechanical engineering; Chelsee Kucera, Master of Public Administration, public administration; Chase C. Lanham, B.S., operations management; David E. Lee, B.S., exercise science and health; Connor P. Lindstrom, B.S., geography; Dominique N. Lloyd, Bachelor of Music, music education: vocal; Abigail G. Lundgren, B.S., microbiology; Vetamunisa H. Lupfer, B.S., operations management and business economics and Bachelor of Science management and human resources; Abdullah M. Mansour, B.S., operations management; Scott J. McMurdie, B.S., mechanical engineering; Christopher T. Miller, B.S., microbiology; Jonathan E. Moon, B.S., anthropology; Robin A. Nilsson, Bachelor of General Studies; Allison M. O’Bryan, B.S., recreation; Shawn T. O’Neal, Master of Science, adult organizational learning and leadership; Amy E. Pendegraft, Master of Arts, history; Benjamin L. Perley, B.S., mechanical engineering; Alexandra A. Pfeiffer, B.A.,Latin-American studies; Olukayode A. Popoola, Master of Business Administration, general management; Tristan K. Prather, B.S., secondary education; Autumn G. Pratt, B.S., mechanical engineering; Jennifer Renner, B.S., wildlife resources; Julianne M. Renner, B.S., environmental science; Taylor P. Rhoades, B.S., advertising; Patrick Richardson, B.S., secondary education; Erin J. Salskov, Bachelor of Interior Design, interior design; Savannah N. Scripter, B.S., elementary education; Cody W. Smisek, B.S., mechanical engineering; Kathryn A. Smith, Bachelor of General Studies; John N. Snevily, B.S., computer science; Brian J. Stanton, B.S., biology; Ian R. Thie, B.S., business economics; Alton Utt, B.S., information systems; Jay A. Van Gerpen, B.S., mathematics; Brianna S. Wallen, B.S., elementary education; Zachary Wanvig, B.S., business economics; Cael H. Wear, B.S., psychology; Jedidiah L. Whitling, B.S., elementary education; Bradley Wiest, Master of Science, mathematics; Courtney B. Wood, B.S., elementary education; and Katherine R. Yager, B.S., broadcasting and digital media.


Scott R. French, B.S., accounting.


Kelsee A. Weiler, B.S., mathematics.


Anthony J. Branz, B.S., mechanical engineering, and Rachel L. Estill, B.S., molecular biology and biotechnology and B.S., microbiology.


Sheila J. Briggs, B.S., chemical engineering.


Shaina R. Nomee, B.S., organizational sciences; Kaitlyn M. Rhea, B.S., recreation; and Johanna C. Sletteland, B.S., psychology.

Post Falls

Harrison D. Anthony, B.S., biology; Tiege R. Arman, Master of Education, educational leadership; Madeline J. Baker, B.S., psychology; Lorinda S. Bauer, B.S., child, family and consumer studies; Nicholas G. Bauer, B.S., animal and veterinary science; Rachel J. Benjamin, B.S., psychology; Bernadette A. Berrier, B.S., food/nutrition-dietetics; Margaux R. Birdsall, B.S., chemistry; Jacob R. Bonwell, B.S., chemical engineering; David M. Brands, B.S., civil engineering; Ben A. Bridges, Master of Arts, history; Jerrica S. Corr, B.S., marketing; Donovan J. Delcambre, B.S., psychology; Riley J. Denney, B.S., marketing and operations management; Shane M. Doll, B.S., mechanical engineering; Nicholas S. Flodin, B.S., operations management; Ryan J. Gary, B.S., exercise science and health; Jessica T. Grandstaff, B.S., psychology; Brittany N. Harris, B.S., psychology; Tyler J. Harris, B.S., psychology; Kendyl R. Henderson, B.A.,international studies; Eric L. Holbrook, B.S., psychology organizational sciences; Brooke N. Houseman, B.S., food/nutrition-nutrition; Karen A. Hunt, Bachelor of Music, music: vocal performance; Allison P. Inskeep, B.S., chemistry and B.S., biochemistry; Andrew D. Lake, Master of Science, mechanical engineering; Trevor R. Livingston, B.S., mechanical engineering; Jakob A. Long, Bachelor of General Studies; Haley A. Lundeby, B.S., finance; Joshua J. Mason, Master of Business Administration, general management; Daniel T. Matsche, Master of Science, geography; Tanner Mort, B.S., electrical engineering; Bryan T. Perkins, B.S., electrical engineering; Katherin C. Pope, B.S., food/nutrition-nutrition; Markus W. Powell, B.S., philosophy; Garrett B. Rook, B.S., information systems; Luranda L. Roos, B.S., psychology; Danielle M. Saurette, B.S., microbiology; Brooke A. Sausser, B.S., natural resource conservation; Megan L. Sausser, B.S., public relations; Alexander C. Sauve, B.S., virtual technology and design; Jeffrey Scott, B.S., chemistry; Adam S. Sedgwick, B.S., mechanical engineering; Michelle L. Shelly, B.S., environmental science-physical science; Emily Son, B.S., chemistry; Lauren R. Smith, B.S., exercise science and health and B.S., dance; Manuel A. Soto, B.S., management and human resources; Hailey J. Stewart, B.A.,international studies; Adriene Turner, B.S., organizational sciences; Jessica P. Waller, B.S., civil engineering; Wednesday A. Walton, B.S., broadcasting and digital media; Briana R. Werner, B.S., child, family and consumer studies; and Joel R. Wilson, B.S., biological and agricultural engineering.


Rachel L. Schiell, Master of Science, movement and leisure sciences.

Priest River

Mikayla A. Jelinek, Bachelor of General Studies; Kaylea A. Passmore, Master of Accounting, accountancy; and Nickolas D. Schlotthauer, Master of Science, civil engineering.


Adam D. Black, B.S., accounting finance; Jordan E. Campbell, B.S., food/nutrition-dietetics; Molly R. Cowperthwaite, B.S., elementary education; William Davis, Bachelor of General Studies; McKensey R. DiMaio, B.S., management and human resources; Brice A. Frank, B.S., accounting finance; Michael S. Garitone, B.S., biology; Chelsea T. George, B.S., psychology; Daniel T. Gray, Master of Public Administration, public administration; Sara J. Gray, B.S., animal and veterinary science; Leslie S. Guttromson, B.S., psychology; Joe M. Matteis, B.S., virtual technology and design; Douglas O. Roberts, B.S., fishery resources; Samuel H. Ross, B.S., geography; Nara L. Spade, Master of Education, special education; and Colin P. Whitaker, B.S., food/nutrition-nutrition.


Zachary D. Farrell, B.S., finance; Israel J. Gonzales, B.A.,art; Andrew R. Moore, B.S., forest resources; Joshua P. Oppelt, B.A.,history; Monica R. Ott, Master of Science, soil and land resources; Dylan Potter, B.S., natural resource conservation; and Avalon D. Robinson, B.A.,history.

Saint Maries

Christina Aus, Master of Education, educational leadership; William E. Duncan, B.S., mechanical engineering; Shannon Erickson, B.S., psychology; and Julia L. Schatz, B.S., elementary education.


Corrin M. Bond, B.A.,English-creative writing; Jessica C. Bovee, B.S., broadcasting and digital media; Clinton C. Carlson, B.S., exercise science and health; Rebecca Cloud, B.S., accounting finance; Caleb Ehly, B.S., architecture; Anthony M. Fox, B.S., psychology; Becky D. Garrison, B.S., food/nutrition-dietetics; Jennifer S. Greve, Master of Education, educational leadership; Jesse Hart, Master of Architecture, architecture; Alexander W. Hon, B.S., broadcasting and digital media; Xena R. Lunsford, B.A.,English-creative writing; Emily C. Marley-Morris, B.S., apparel, textiles and design; Madison D. Mayo, B.S., elementary education; Justin B. Puryear, B.S., mechanical engineering; Abigail A. Quinn, B.S., political science; Brian C. Remsen, B.S., mechanical engineering; Bailey C. Scrimsher, B.S., psychology; Christian C. Shveyda, B.A.,anthropology; and Ian A. Wheeler, B.S., information systems.


Meranda L. Pfaff, B.S., accounting.

Spirit Lake

Kesia A. Cisse, B.S., food/nutrition-nutrition.


Nicholas G. Acord, B.S., business economics; Ty G. Cannon, B.S., marketing; Taylor M. Minshall, B.S., virtual technology and design; Taylor M. Minshall, B.S., sociology; Sean R. Scoggin, Master of Public Administration, public administration; and Grant C. Yenney, B.S., public relations.


Corey T. Ena, B.S., clothing, textiles and design and B.S., marketing; Anne S. Hightower, B.A.,English; and Brandon F. Mahoney, B.S., broadcasting and digital media.


Jamie L. Dodge, B.S., elementary education.


Joseph C. Bloomsburg, B.S., agricultural systems management; Christine M. Mellick, J.D., law-natural Resource and environmental law and law-Native American law; and Sierra J. Shamburg, B.S., landscape architecture.

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