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Eastern Washington football chat from Oct. 12, the full replay

Jim: Hello, let’s talk Eastern Washington sports!

Jim: Tough game last weekend in Davis, but somehow Eastern pulled it out.

KHB_GoEags: What a game! I feel like I am owed blowouts from here on out, though. HA HA HA HA

Jim: The Eagles have a habit of winning games they probably shouldn’t, and I thought this was a good example.

PSW (Guest): Great article on that, Jim. There have been a lot of those games over the years.

Jim: Here is that story:


Eastern Washington University Football

Jim: The bottom line: Davis was 1-for-4 on FGs and Gage Gubrud has ice water in his veins.

KHB_GoEags: Wayyyyyy different Davis team, compared to years past.

Jim: They will keep getting better.

PSW (Guest): Down two scores it looked a little bleak. Their WR Doss is a beast!

Ryan Coller Sr: My son got signed to the scout team any news on his progress?

Jim: What’s your son’s name and position?

Ryan Coller Sr: Ryan Coller Jr oline

Jim: Was he one of the players at the campus tryout two weeks ago?

Ryan Coller Sr: Yes

Jim: Awesome for him. I wrote a story ahead of that tryout, but hadn’t heard if anyone made the team. I promise to follow up on this.Thanks for the tip!

Ryan Coller Sr: No prob hope he can stick

Jim: Back to Keelan Doss of UC Davis. He will have Kupp-like numbers by season’s end. But note how Eastern is spreading the wealth among the receivers: seven guys with at least 10 catches, and Terence Grady will back after the bye week.

Jim: I can hear the crowd now for the final home game: “Ryan,Ryan …”

KHB_GoEags: I am so happy to hear that! Although, our receivers are doing great, right now.

PSW (Guest): There are a lot of guys making plays now every week. 10 guys with a catch again. The TE Jones seems to be breaking out.

Jim: Grady was their best deep threat, but you’re right, KHB.Limu-Jones and Williams had breakout games last week, and no one is speaking about drops.

Steven Christopher: speaking of Cooper Kupp, did anyone see that last minute catch that he did not make against the Seahawks Sunday? Was it just a really tough one, or was it a drop?

PSW (Guest): Bittersweet.

Jim: Good question, Steven. EWU fans were so accustomed to Cooper making that catch. We’re surprised when he doesn’t. That was no drop - unless you’re Kupp himself.

Ryan Coller Sr: I think he’s a little better than that everyone came to gk to see foster sarrell once he got hurt wasn’t a lot of scouts

PSW (Guest): Handled the question with a very Coop response too.

Jim: He took the blame - class act!

Steven Christopher: Jim, were you at the UC Davis game?

Jim: Yes, I wrote several stories from there. “Wake up and read it”

Jim: Typical Eastern game of late, slow start and strong finish. When Davis took the 38-34 lead with 1:52 left, I somehow that knew Eastern would score,

Steven Christopher: Reading the stories, I concluded you were there. But I know normally the paper doesn’t send you on the road except to Missoula.Glad they did!

Jim: Actually, I’ve been to Texas Tech, Missoula and Davis so far. Didn’t go to Fordham and won’t go to Southern Utah. Not sure about North Dakota.

scottywashere11: I’m late!

Steven Christopher: Story about Beau Baldwin Keeping in touch with eagles was excellent.

Jim: Thanks!

Jim: Everyone please welcome Scotty, who was our chat MVP last week.

scottywashere11: Haha, I’m excited for the game this weekend! This will be my first of the year. I’m looking forward to see how the tailgate

Jim: Question: Given the close games, does this season feel more like last year or 2015?

scene and “Swoop Zone” looks. MSU is one heck of a team this year too.

Guest6766 (Guest): More like 2011 when we had major injuries but pulled out some close ones

Jim: That team went 6-5 - half the O-line was out.

KHB_GoEags: 2015, no. That was a year I would like to never remember.

Jim: That was a case of struggling QBs and the defense unable to get off the field on third down. They were 6-2 but finished 6-5.

Guest6766 (Guest): 6-5 but without the gunslinger they would have been 1-10 or 2-9

Jim: That was the 2011 team. Bo Levi deservedly won the Payton that year.

scottywashere11: I’m worried about the 2015 scenario reoccurring… We have pulled out wins from games that were very close a few times this year,just like in 2015.

Steven Christopher: Hate to say this, at the moment it feels like 2015. Sure hope that’s wrong.

Jim: Good answers. That’s why I brought this up. Ican’t imagine Gubrud struggling down the stretch, but the defense …?

Jim: Talked with DC Jeff Schmedding, whose guys faced 104 plays last week. They’ve been on the field way too much lately.

Jim: Fortunately, three of those long Davis drives ended in missed or blocked field goals.

Guest6766 (Guest): I’m worried about the OL & DL health. We’re going to run out of big bodies to put out there

KHB_GoEags: When you score in 10 seconds, it’s tough for defense to get a break.

Ryan Coller Sr: 104 plays wow

Jim: O-line is patched up OK, but no way do you replace Tiuli and Lino and keep holding up. Davis ran up the middle quite a bit - expect others to do the same.

Jim: That will be less of an issue this week. MSU runs the option, with QB Chris Murray usually taking the ball outside before deciding to keep, pitch or throw.

Jim: He’s much improved from last year, but Eastern is showing great speed on the perimeter these day.s Thoughts?

Guest6766 (Guest): I’ve asked this in the past but does anyone know what matt Meyer’s injury is?

Jim: EWU no longer issues an injury report. The depth chart says only that Meyer is “out/injured.”

Steven Christopher: thinking about teams running the option, is anyone else as impressed as I am with Mitch Fettig and his defense against wide plays?

Jim: This week, MSU coach Jeff Choate praised Fettig for “making a lot of plays.” 12 tackles, I believe.

scottywashere11: I’m excited to see how NAU pans out this year. They are undefeated in conference play and just took down a MVC foe. Might we see another 2016 co-champion scenario playing out? That is, if EWU and NAU can keep up the momentum. May be premature, but worth thinking about.

Jim: Interesting how the Lumberjacks have rallied since that 0-2 start and the announcement that this would be coach Jerome Souers’ final year. The troops have rallied, and EWU is fortunate not to have NAU on the regular-season schedule.

KHB_GoEags: I agree, Scotty. I see us having another 8-0 year in conference.

Jim: Let’s talk about that.

Guest6766 (Guest): Weber may be a tough out. Their defense is one of the tops in FCS

KHB_GoEags: I always bet on red. I think our toughest game will be Weber. It will be a good game, all around.

Jim: Five games left. EWU should beat MSU and SUU (though that’s a tough road game.

scottywashere11: Pretty wild how their 20-ish year head coach decided to retire after the Arizona and leatherneck games… But, hey, NAU has been pretty solid these past several years. I always enjoy watching them in our conference.

Jim: The bye week couldn’t come at a better time, since Weber State comes to Cheney on Nov. 4. I’ll say it again, that one is for the title.

PSW (Guest): I thought NAU was in big trouble when Butler went dow. They have rallied nicely. Agree Jim that by in front of the Weber game could be huge.

scottywashere11: Hopefully the weather conditions are better than the last time Weber came into town. That was miserable… and that poor kid severely injured his back on the WSU team.

Jim: BTW, nice scheduled for Weber, which doesn’t face NAU or North Dakota, and gets Montana at home. I’m not sure who will beat them if Eastern doesn’t.

PSW (Guest): Yep, that was a cold, windy, miserable game. Good to hear that kid is back. That was scary.

Jim: That was the 14-13 EWU win in Cheney. The wheels were coming off the offense by then, and Eastern didn’t win another game. As I recall, Weber missed two short FGs in that one.

Steven Christopher: Thank goodness for the wind during the last Weber game here. It made their ace kicker miss five field goals, as I recall.

Jim: Eastern usually finds a way to win those games.

Steven Christopher: How come we’re talking about everything except this week’s game?

Jim: We usually save the best for last, but let’s go for it!

Jim: MSU’s defense looks great on the stat sheet (in Big Sky games only)

PSW (Guest): I hear they are a little banged up in the secondary and don’t trust the pass rush. Their offense doesn’t seem equipped for a shootout. I like our chances at home.

scottywashere11: That chatter lately, that I’ve noticed, is the appreciation that EWU fans need to start having for the Bobcats. They are a formidable team that we have underappreciated in terms of hype and excitement. Like your article said Jim, they give us some killer games year in and year out.We usually pull away and win, but they are always nail biters.

Jim: I’ve been to a lot of football games, but the 2014 game in Bozeman was the best I’ve ever seen. I was on the field with 2 minutes left, EWU down 7 and 19K fans screaming their guts out.

Jim: Adams took EWU all the way down, then scored the 2-pointer. Incredible experience!

Guest6766 (Guest): My concern with MSU is their OL & DL appear to be very physical and we are really small on the DL

Steven Christopher: Jim, if you mean predictions, I need to point out how right you were about our offense at UCD, but how wrong about our defense! But you did predict an Eagle win, and fortunately that was right, too.

PSW (Guest): Big Sky games include UND in shambles, a grind it out Weber team, and a game against PSU in a hurricane. Incomplete sample. Although a good showing against SDSU.

Jim: Great point, PSW - even at midseason, the sample size often isn’t big enough. However, that windstorm game showed that MSU can run effectively against an opponent that’s expecting it.

Ryan Coller Sr: So the first EWU game that I watch should be a good one

PSW (Guest): I was surprised how lopsided this rivalry is. The games have been great lately minus last year’s. I agree with Scotty on the under appreciated rivalry.

Jim: MSU has a successful program overall, but Eastern seems to have extra mojo for the Bobcats. Obviously, some of those recent games could have gone MSU’s way.

Guest6766 (Guest): If history is any indication, this game will be a good one especially if you have not seen EWU play,,,

KHB_GoEags: Murray is an athlete. He’s veryyyyy mobile. But, I see us handling this game very easy.

Ryan Coller Sr: Looking forward to it

Jim: The only one-sided game lately was last year in Bozeman -new MSU coach, freshman QB. Meanwhile, Gubrud had a school-record for passing yards and Ebukam had a monster game on the edge.

Jim: Folks talk about Kupp, but Ebukam has played in every game for the Rams while moving from DE (where he’d played since high school) to outside linebacker. Great kid!

PSW (Guest): I have seen him play a lot on special teams. What an athlete he was/is. Great to see Eag success at the next level.

Jim: My biggest concern Friday is the interior run defense - will MSU try to option inside? Ledbetter has stepped up lately however, and the LBs (Calhoun and Kupp) are making a lot of plays.

Steven Christopher: Hmm! I watched almost all of the Rams - Seahawks game and didn’t see Samson.

scottywashere11: That’s awesome! I was hoping to find more information on how Ebukam was doing. As for Bourne, it doesn’t look like he has had much of any playing time?

Jim: Correct On Bourne. Here’s the link to Ebukam’s stats (every player has a page):

Los Angeles Rams: Samson Ebukam

Jim: Ten minutes left …let’s hear those predictions!

PSW (Guest): Yea, haven’t seen much of Bourne. The Rams/9ers I thought I saw him in street cloths on the sidelines.

Jim: Weather forecast in Cheney for Saturday is high of 49, partly cloudy with 13 mph winds.

KHB_GoEags: EWU 45, MSU 14.

Jim: KHB is always an optimist - she had Davis scoring 6 last week!

Guest6766 (Guest): MSU will grind it out so I’m guessing EWU 31 MSU 28

Jim: MSU’s QB is completing only 50 percent of his throws.

PSW (Guest): I like EWU 42 MSU 28 here. We make just a few more plays offensively and get enough stops for the win.

KHB_GoEags: I know, I know. Maybe it’s my fault for the nail biter! Ha ha ha

scottywashere11: It’s going to be a cold one… EWU: 42, MSU: 21

Guest3202 (Guest): EWU 35 MSU 21 light wind helps Gage

Steven Christopher: Eags 35 Bobcats 28

Jim: interesting that almost no one predicts a single FG being kicked. I tend to agree.

Jim: I have it Eastern 41, Montana State 27 (both teams miss XPs in the wind)

Guest6766 (Guest): I predicted a FG….31

Jim: You and KHB!

scottywashere11: See y’all in P12 this weekend!

Jim: I wish I knew what some of you guys look like, so I could say hi.

PSW (Guest): Stay warm on Saturday! Thanks Jim for all the great Eags coverage.

KHB_GoEags: Your wife made me an EWU sign, Scotty!

Jim: Thanks, PSW. Stay warm out there, folks!

KHB_GoEags: Thanks Jim, as always I wouldn’t want anyone else as our beat writer. You’re the best!

Steven Christopher: Jim, get a sign so we can find you.

Jim: LOL

scottywashere11: That’s awesome! Hahaha, small EWU world! See you this weekend Kelsey!

KHB_GoEags: Yes, see you guys this weekend, Scotty! GO EAGS!!!!!

KHB_GoEags: No pity for the kitty!

Jim: Great chat - we’ll do it again next week (but not on Oct. 26,owing to the bye)

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