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Washington State football chat transcript for Sept. 6

Sep 6, 10:00 AM srchat (Admin): Welcome back, everyone. I’ll be here for about the next hour. Feel free to submit your questions and I’ll try my best to get to them. Sep 6, 10:01 AM Guest4704 (Guest): What are the chances that Dillard starts at left tackle this week? srchat (Admin): I’d think they’re good. Sep 6, 10:01 AM Ray Lancaster: what are your thoughts on how the wide receivers played? srchat (Admin): They weren’t needed a whole lot in this game, so it’s tough to grade them. The checkdowns, dump-offs, shovels to RBs worked well enough that Falk didn’t have to go downfield much. Sep 6, 10:03 AM Jesse Coug (Guest): I didn’t see Travell Harris on the 2 deeps and I also noticed he didn’t play, can I assume that he is red-shirting? srchat (Admin): That wouldn’t surprise me. Will try to get some clarification. I’m sure they’ll use him if needed though and seemed to be a good asset on special teams through camp. Sep 6, 10:04 AM Go Cougs (Guest): What’s up with Patmon? srchat (Admin): Wasn’t much of a factor in game one. Think it was just a product of how the offense chose to operate/him being buried behind Johnson-Mack on the depth chart. I’d guess he gets a few more opportunities vs. BSU. Sep 6, 10:06 AM DaCoug (Guest): Do you think I we will see Keith Harrington on offense this year? srchat (Admin): In some capacity, we will. Sep 6, 10:06 AM CougSchroed (Guest): What are some weaknesses that Boise State has? What are some strengths that Boise State has? Where do you think we have the biggest advantage? Where do you think Boise State has the biggest advantage? Love the job you’re doing thus far, keep up the good work! srchat (Admin): 1. Offensive line is frail (allowed four sacks versus Troy). 2. Brett Rypien is an all-conference QB. 3. WSU D-line vs. BSU O-line seems like a big advantage for Cougs. 4. Broncos always seem to get up for games vs. the Pac-12. Sep 6, 10:09 AM Its Me (Guest): What’s the smoke forecast for Saturday? srchat (Admin): I’ve heard that winds are supposed to blow most of the smoke out of the area by then. Sep 6, 10:11 AM Jesse Coug (Guest): I think I noticed Zaire Webb play but I didn’t see him in the 2 deeps or hear about him much in camp, he is someone that has cracked the depth chart and at what position, corner-back? srchat (Admin): He’s one of the reserves at safety. Sep 6, 10:11 AM CougSchroed (Guest): I would assume Hercules will be double teamed pretty much all night on Saturday. Who is the next best guy(DL or Rush) to win a 1 on 1 battle to get to the QB on passing plays? srchat (Admin): Nnamdi Oguayo seems to be a matchup nightmare with his speed and length. I think he’s poised for a real good season. Sep 6, 10:12 AM Guest8529 (Guest): What is different about BSU from last year to this year? Both offense and defense. srchat (Admin): No Jeremy McNichols on offense and doesn’t seem like they’ve been able to replace his production on the ground so far. Defensively, they’re probably stronger. They held a good Troy team under 20 points… Sep 6, 10:13 AM Guest3533 (Guest): What on your general feelings RE: air quality and game cancellation? Do you think the game will be played? The feeling on the BSU sites seem to be that it will be cancelled. srchat (Admin): I’d be VERY surprised if the game was not played at this point. Sep 6, 10:15 AM Gabe Storment: Were your parents just big fans of the Cosby Show, or…? srchat (Admin): Have you heard of Leave it to Beaver? Sep 6, 10:15 AM Jesse Coug (Guest): Why isn’t Robert Valencia being mentioned as one of the first o-lineman to come in? Leach didn’t mention him as a guy that would come in if needed. srchat (Admin): He’d been limited in practice up to the point where we could no longer watch. Sep 6, 10:16 AM CougSchroed (Guest): Where is BSU’s weakness/strength on defense? Do you think they will play similar to MSU or do you think Falk will have more opportunities downfield this week? Sep 6, 10:18 AM srchat (Admin): The pass-rush seems to be a strength for them. David Moa is a handful up front. I think they’ll have to go deep more than they did, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing with the outside weapons they have. Guest8529 (Guest): Do you think we will see two QB’s from BSU in this game? If so should our defense be worried about the different looks? Sep 6, 10:20 AM srchat (Admin): Bryan Harsin said Rypien will start. I’d think they’ll roll with him until things start to go bad. Jesse Coug (Guest): I noticed that Leach kept the starting o-lineman in even when we were up 31-0 in the 4th quarter, why do you think that was? I would have liked to see some younger guys get some playing time. Sep 6, 10:22 AM srchat (Admin): The Cougars still don’t feel they have a true backup O-line. So if they’re up big, you’ll see a few of the starters mixed in with the backups. Even in blowouts, they still want to be able to move the ball. It seems some of the backups just aren’t ready yet. CougSchroed (Guest): Last year I thought Mele made a great move by staggering 2 punt returners to offset the opposing team’s rugby punt. 1. Does BSU rugby punt? 2. Have you seen the staggered punt return strategy in practice? Sep 6, 10:26 AM srchat (Admin): I haven’t noticed it in practice. And regarding BSU’s punting, I can’t tell you one way or the other. I’ve done my HW on the Broncos, but not THAT much. Guest5365 (Guest): I wonder if they left the O-line started in for Hilinsky to get some good reps Sep 6, 10:27 AM srchat (Admin): Again, there’s just a few of them they don’t feel comfortable throwing out there. You’ll see a lot of Noah Osur-Myers, Josh Watson and Liam Ryan in blowouts, but the others need time to develop. Guest2549 (Guest): Why doesn’t Luke throw the ball away Sep 6, 10:29 AM srchat (Admin): I’ve noticed that too. That’s probably a Luke question. Jesse Coug (Guest): I know its hard to determine after just one game and considering the opponent we played but do you think that our defense has gotten better from a year ago and if so in what areas? Sep 6, 10:31 AM srchat (Admin): Let’s wait another few games to determine that. I think the front seven is probably better. The secondary didn’t get tested much vs. MSU, so they’re still a question mark. Guest8529 (Guest): Home field advantage play a factor in this one? I never been to the smurf turf but im sure it takes some adjusting to. Sep 6, 10:34 AM srchat (Admin): I covered the Potato Bowl down there last year. I’m not so sure the color itself is as big an issue as the quality of the turf. It’s rough and slippery and not a lot of fun to play on when the temp is 15 degrees. And BSU fans show up in droves to games down there, so that doesn’t help. Yes, I think the Cougars have an advantage playing at home. Guest8529 (Guest): How do you feel about the “Woo Woo Brothers” as a name for this RB group? James Williams brought up in his interview that every time they call out “Woo Woo” to Falk he always hits ‘em with a pass Sep 6, 10:37 AM srchat (Admin): That isn’t bad, but I’m not sure where it ranks next to the “Boobie Brothers,” “Mount Rushmore” or “The Four Horsemen.” Seattle Guest (Guest): Who are some of the more interesting players for you to talk to? Any stories you can share? Sep 6, 10:43 AM srchat (Admin): I had a good, long chat with Keith Harrington before I wrote my RBs story. He’s both insightful and talkative and told me about his switch to tailback from WR and the lengths that Jim Mastro went to bring him back to the RB room. I had some good interviews with Erik Powell and Tyler Hilinski during camp. Jamal Morrow is always entertaining, too. I missed Gabe Marks by a year, which is a true travesty. Guest8529 (Guest): You mentioned of BSU’s D-line being talented. Do you think our run game will be involved in this one or are we going to have to use the shovel pass/short pass to our RB’s. Sep 6, 10:49 AM srchat (Admin): With that offensive line, I think the Cougs will and should try to run against anybody they play. The shovel passes are designed and I know they don’t want to overuse that. It’s very situational. If BSU gives Falk the checkdowns/short passes to RBs, I’m sure he’ll use them. Jesse Coug (Guest): Off topic question but which is more likely to happen in the distant future in your opinion, the Mariners making the playoffs or the Cougs making the NCAA tourney? Sep 6, 10:49 AM srchat (Admin): Zimbabwe winning the World Cup. Harvey__Road: Great to see Robert Lewis working out and running at near full strength again. Right? srchat (Admin): No comment. (Bill and Bobby, I know you’re watching…) Sep 6, 10:53 AM srchat (Admin): I’ve got about 10 more minutes on here if you have any last questions. And just remember, there’s no such thing as a dumb question… Sep 6, 10:55 AM Gabe Storment: Rudy or Remember the Titans? srchat (Admin): My brother’s a Notre Dame grad. Sep 6, 10:56 AM Seattle Guest (Guest): Friday Night Lights (Movie) srchat (Admin): Man, there’s so many good football movies… Sep 6, 10:57 AM Guest3425 (Guest): Was not letting Montana state score part of the game plan? srchat (Admin): You might just be on to something… Sep 6, 10:58 AM Guest2549 (Guest): Turnovers — they want 2 plus — what needs to happen to get more srchat (Admin): Strange that in a 31-0 rout, they only had one. They capitalized on one of the few opportunities to intercept a pass. Maybe they could’ve done a little better to strip Chris Murray, but I think they’re more than OK with the result. Sep 6, 10:59 AM Guest8529 (Guest): Whos going to have a better game? Falk or Rypen srchat (Admin): Luuuuuuuuke. Sep 6, 11:00 AM Guest3425 (Guest): But in seriousness, do you see any extra motivation/focus from the team given last year’s game? srchat (Admin): All of the coaches and players seem to think there is. Leach isn’t likening them to a JC softball team … yet. Sep 6, 11:01 AM Guest8529 (Guest): Cougs have a chance of beating either USC or UW this year? srchat (Admin): Somehow, I think USC is more likely. But yes, I think both are winnable games, though I probably won’t pick the Cougs in either. Sep 6, 11:03 AM Guest3308 (Guest): Is it too late for questions? SOrry I’m late… srchat (Admin): Ask away. Sep 6, 11:05 AM tbrazas (Guest): The punting faired well last week (on a small sample size), do you think that’s more representative of what we should expect for the rest of the season, or to expect closer to what we saw last year? srchat (Admin): I don’t foresee any issues in the punting game as long as Sweet stays healthy. Sep 6, 11:07 AM Guest3308 (Guest): Not sure if this has been asked yet, but what is your opinion regarding the lack of Luke’s deep passes last week? I clearly remember his first start at OSU years ago and he was slinging away. Now a days, he seems to conservative to me and over thinks things a bit. Almost afraid to take a deep shot. Thank you. srchat (Admin): It was a case of taking what the defense was giving him. MSU dropped eight guys a lot of times, so when you can toss those short passes to the running backs who are faster and more elusive, it makes a lot of sense. I think we’ll see him try a few long ones this weekend. Sep 6, 11:10 AM Guest6331 (Guest): Who fills in at LT and/or RT if Cody moves out? srchat (Admin): Josh Watson can play either. Robert Valencia, too, if healthy. Sep 6, 11:11 AM srchat (Admin): Apologize to the person who asked about BSU receivers. Accidentally pressed “skip” instead of “approve.” Cedrick Wilson (1,000-plus yards, 11 TDs last year) is the guy the Cougs will be wary of. Sep 6, 11:11 AM Guest7889 (Guest): Size up BSU compared to last year. Strengths/weaknesses srchat (Admin): Seems like they’ve made some strides defensively. On offense, lost a great receiver (Sperbeck) and a great running back (McNichols) and I don’t think they’ve found ways to replace those two yet. Sep 6, 11:12 AM Go Cougs (Guest): Watching Luke hold the ball rather than making a risky throw really reminds me of Aaron Rodgers. He does the same thing multiple times a game. srchat (Admin): Any comparison to Aaron Rodgers is a good one, I think. Sep 6, 11:13 AM srchat (Admin): Alright, thanks for all of the questions. I’m signing off now, but you can find a transcript of the chat on the S-R’s Cougar page later today. Until next time…