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The Slice: There’s a lot of this going around

I am not saying I deserve a medal.

Really, I’m not.

But if there are those who wish to present me as a role model for Spokane spouses who find themselves in similar circumstances, well, so be it.

Here’s the story.

The other night, my wife and I were watching a recording of one of our favorite shows, public TV’s “American Experience.”

It was a fascinating installment titled “The Gilded Age.” There was just one problem.

I could not hear a lot of it because of my wife’s persistent coughing.

You see, she has been sick. She has had a nasty version of the crud currently laying waste to the Spokane area. Her throat-shredding coughing has been uncontrollable. I feel for her, really I do. Poor kid.

But here’s the thing. You couldn’t really hear the program with all that racket in the background.

She was apologetic but simply could not help it.

So I had a choice to make. Should I pointedly stop the recording each time there was a coughing jag and replay the portion of the show that got drowned out by the phlegmy hacking? (She would have understood.) Should I crank the TV volume up so loud that it could compete with the coughing?

I did neither.

You learn a few things after almost 30 years of marriage. One of them is you can always watch recorded shows again on another night.

This date in Slice history (2003): All in the family: When Marilyn Luebke’s son was just starting school, his teacher informed her that the lad had said he had a brother named Sylvester. Apparently the teacher had accepted this until another child snorted, “He’s not your brother. He’s a cat!”

Today’s quote from a Slice reader: “Let’s try to keep Spokane Spokane.” – Tana Dugan

Warm-up questions: If you moved here from a distant state, did you leave behind someone who, decades later, persists in thinking Spokane is a suburb of Seattle? Have you ever had a workday routine that included going home for lunch each day? Are you old enough to remember watching the Beatles on “Ed Sullivan”? (The actual anniversary of that first appearance on a Sunday night in 1964 was a couple of days ago.)

Today’s Slice question: Would you be willing to show me photographic evidence that, in your family, sharing beds with pets is simply a way of life?

Write The Slice at P.O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email The S-R’s Dorothy Dean was not related to Dizzy Dean, Howard Dean, Jimmy Dean, John Dean, James Dean or Jan and Dean.

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