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Generosity pushes Christmas Bureau above fundraising goal

Alycia Moreang, age 2, squeezes a giant stuffed monkey, offered by Christmas Bureau volunteer Joan Haynes Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017 at the annual charity run by Catholic Charities and the Volunteers of America. Generous donors in the Spokane area gave $544,332.63 this year to fund the Spokane-based charity. (Jesse Tinsley / The Spokesman-Review)
By Nina Culver The Spokesman-Review

Spokane’s generosity has come through again, just in time to boost the 2017 Christmas Bureau collection well over its fundraising goal. A total of $544,332.63 was raised, topping both the goal of $525,000 and last year’s collection of $540,073.

While the amount raised is more than the goal, it is not the highest ever recorded. That honor goes to 2013, when generous residents raised $578,404. Toys and books are purchased year-round, and the extra money will give a head start toward next year’s Christmas Bureau.

The donations came from all over and in many different sizes. Large checks from individuals and businesses were joined by dozens of checks of $50, $25 and $10. Truly no amount is too small, and everything added up.

This year 26,103 people in 7,532 households were assisted by the Christmas Bureau. Each household received a food voucher and a toy and a book for each child living in the home. Because of your giving, 14,044 children were able to unwrap a new toy on Christmas Day.

Single adults who stopped by the Bureau were given gifts of candy, hats and gloves.

Until next year, Spokane: Thank you.


Acme Concrete Paving of Spokane donated $5,000, and several employees contributed an additional $1,050. The named employees who donated are David Kappers, Michelle White, Steve White and Robert Seghetti.

An anonymous Spokane donor sent $5,000, as did Ibex Flooring LLC of Spokane.

The Klaue Family Foundation of Spokane donated $5,000.

“The Foundation is once again blessed to be able to contribute to the Christmas Fund,” wrote David Klaue. “We are very thankful we are able to continue to contribute and be a part of a program that brings joy, brightness and many blessings to the families and organizations in need.

“The spirit and generosity of the Spokane community has helped many families experience the true meaning of Christmas. The benevolent providence and gift of giving to assist those less fortunate is rewarding, especially in these unprecedented economic times.”

Walker Construction of Spokane donated $3,000. Demetri Koston of Spokane sent $2,000. An anonymous donor gave $1,500. Jennifer Wengeler of Spokane donated $1,000. An anonymous Spokane Valley donor gave $1,000 “in memory of my husband and daughter.”

Connie Dunphy donated $1,000. “The gilded-age street urchins of Christmas past visited me in my dreams last night and begged me to give to the needy children of Christmas present and Christmas future,” she wrote.

Kevin Stevens of the Airway Heights Corrections Center gave $970. “Even though I’m incarcerated, I can give back to my community and hopefully inspire others to do the same,” he wrote in an enclosed note.

Michael Gadd of Spokane donated $660.

The Coldwell Banker Tomlinson North Spirit Committee donated $500, as did the Sisters of Providence in Spokane. Two anonymous Spokane donors each contributed $500. Mike and Sydney Perrizo of Spokane gave $500 “in memory of Lee and Diane Bergstrom, who shared their Christmas spirit throughout the year.”

The Kaith and Kathleen Mackenzie Donor Advised Fund donated $500, as did Shelley O’Rourke. George Sullivan donated $500 via PayPal, as did Christine Weaver and an anonymous donor. State Protection Services Private Security donated $500 via PayPal, as did GOJOE Patrol Security.

Bob and Judy Lee of Sun City West, Arizona, donated $400 in memory of their grandson, Austin McKenzie, parents Ken and Alice Smith and mother Catherine Lee.

Todd Caldwell of Veradale contributed $350. Joan and Larry Reuthinger donated $350 “in memory of our parents, Joe and Mary Reuthinger, and Larry’s loving wife, Linnea Reuthinger. Merry Christmas and thanks for great work at the Christmas Bureau.” An anonymous donor gave $327.97. An anonymous donor gave $310 via PayPal.

An anonymous Spokane Valley donor gave $300. John Miller donated $250 in memory of Margaret Swanson. Rock and Marty Ray of Veradale donated $250 in memory of the late priest the Rev. Frank Bach, “who was a tireless advocate for the poor.” Craig Guenig of Spokane contributed $250.

Delbert Mattix of Veradale donated $250. “Growing up during the Great Depression I know the feeling of not having a gift or present under our Xmas tree from 1935 to 1937,” he wrote. “I have donated to the Xmas Fund for the past several years.” An anonymous donor sent $250 via PayPal.

Beverly Massie sent $250. “I’m getting older and this year has just flown by – put this to (a) good cause,” she wrote. Micah Dunlap donated $250 via PayPal. “Thank you to the Spokesman for continuing to help our families in need,” he wrote. “Merry Christmas!”

Kelly and Paul Mooreman of Spokane Valley gave $200. “A huge thank you to all of those who give their time to make this program a success – you are a blessing!” they wrote. Prairie Pantry LLC of Spokane donated $200.

An anonymous Spokane donor gave $200. “We realize there is still a great need,” the donor wrote. “Thank you to all the volunteers and donors. This is in honor of the Rev. Frank Bach and kudos to our grandchildren Thomas, Brian, Jenna, Meghan, Matthew and Kathleen.” An anonymous donor gave $200 via PayPal in honor of Claudette Merryman.

Dick and Lola Lile of Spokane gave $200 in memory of Robert and Ellen Houx and Dorothy Powers, a longtime writer for The Spokesman-Review. “Thank you for all the effort that goes into making the Christmas Fund such a huge success,” they wrote. Amy Flowers gave $200 via PayPal in memory of her grandmothers, Belva Flowers and Loraine Bahr.

An anonymous Cheney donor gave $200 in memory of her parents. Jim and Linda Hunt of Spokane contributed $200, as did Ted and Winnie Allen of Spokane. An anonymous Spokane donor gave $200 in memory of Richard Sprute. Rhonda Krauss of Spokane sent $200. “I started giving to the fund when folks waited in line four hours outside to get a $20 food voucher,” she wrote. “I am thankful.”

Robert and Cleone Schlemeyer of Spokane Valley gave $200 in memory of the Rev. Frank Bach. Lou and Mary Haymond of Nine Mile Falls sent $200. Carolyn Bleeker donated $200 in memory of her parents, Wally and Luella Dow. “God bless the Christmas Bureau and all the volunteers for all you do,” she wrote. “Thank you!”

George and Rebecca Buergel of Tekoa, Washington, gave $150 in memory of Zach Smith, Michael Primmer and Jim Bonner. “It comes by way of Elton John, in a roundabout way,” they wrote. “We were supposed to be enjoying his concert when we found ourselves at the hospital instead, and the friends we gave our tickets to insisted on reimbursing us. So instead of arguing we decided to donate it to the Christmas Fund. It truly is a blessing to miss the concert, as this donation and good health are so much more important.”

Christopher and Karen Sherfey of Spokane donated $150, as did Irma Cleveland of Spokane. A. Sherwood of Spokane donated $150 via PayPal, as did Joseph Henscheid of Newman Lake.

An anonymous Spokane donor who is a “many years volunteer who loves the Bureau” gave $111.11. Lavrne Linder of Spokane donated $101.

Kathy Petersen of Liberty Lake donated $100. Three anonymous Spokane donors each gave $100. Richard Morris of Spokane Valley sent $100, as did Robert and LeeAnn Hanke of Spokane Valley. Pamela Brown of Cheney contributed $100. “Thanks for giving us an opportunity to help others,” she wrote. Rich Cannon of Spokane gave $100.

Patricia Meyers of Spokane donated $100. “I am a retired former newspaper carrier,” she wrote. “I was so grateful for my customers at Christmas every year. I cannot comment enough (on) the hard work all the volunteers and all the donations from many people that make this truly a special community effort.”

Douglas Monson of Spokane Valley gave $100, as did John and Teri-Ann Nystrom of Liberty Lake. Margaret and Donald Smet of Spokane donated $100. Bruce Dentler sent $100. Sherri Robinson and Stephen Ross of Spokane gave $100. “We are blessed to have both our adult daughters in town for a week to celebrate Christmas,” they wrote. “Thank you for allowing other families enjoy a great Christmas too.”

An anonymous Spokane Valley donor contributed $100, as did an anonymous Liberty Lake donor. Wilma Mahoney of Spokane gave $100 “in memory of three good friends – Tom Mahoney, Ken Trent, Jack Bradley.” An anonymous contractor from Coeur d’Alene donated $100. “Thank you to all the wonderful people that make Christmas special for the needy of Spokane,” the donor wrote.

Gary, Krista and Hannah Hartman donated $100 via PayPal. “Our first year contributing; thank you for all that you do for the families in our community,” they wrote.

Jennifer Michaels of Deer Park gave $100, as did C.G. Sweeney of Spokane. The four Kelly brothers – Dan, Mike, Terry and Thom – donated $100 in memory of their father, Bob Kelly. Linda Anderson gave $100.

The following people each donated $100 via PayPal: Marc Ackermann, Judy Madden, John Mares, Michael Henneberry, Everett Bailey of Liberty Lake, Lori Dixon, Katherine West, Jay Overholser, Timothy Devlin and John Sullivan.

Anne Franke of Spokane gave $80. Anna Zieg contributed $75 via PayPal. Kayla and Claire Smith of Spokane sent $60. An anonymous Spokane donor gave $51.23.

Kathy Hill of Spokane contributed $50. An anonymous Spokane donor gave $50 “in memory of loved ones.” Marvin Bohlem of Spokane gave $50. An anonymous Spokane donor contributed $50. “Once again, thanks for all your efforts to help others enjoy this joyous season,” the donor wrote.

An anonymous donor gave $50. “Thank you for your efforts for this wonderful cause,” the donor wrote. Patrick and Laurie Thiel of Spokane Valley gave $50, as did an anonymous Spokane donor. Tony Madunich contributed $50.

The following people each gave $50 via PayPal: Jewel Baccarella, Joi Anderson, Diana Smith of Spokane Valley, Cherie Foss , Bert Donaldson and Duanning Zhou.

Julia Carrell also donated $50 via PayPal. “Thank you to The Spokesman-Review for continuing this worthy cause,” she wrote. “I have always wanted to donate and, moving forward, will make donating to the Christmas Fund an annual tradition.”

Chase Cunningham donated $40 via PayPal. Muriel Cleveland of Mead gave $38.48. John and Rebecca Severinghaus of Spokane donated $25. “Wishing all a prosperous 2018!” they wrote. An anonymous Spokane donor gave $25. Thomas Turnbull and Susanne Tuson each donated $25 via PayPal. Betty Thompson of Spokane sent $25, as did Patsey Garrett. Marilyn and Douglas Lloyd of Spokane donated $25. Rebecca Senescall of Spokane gave $25 via PayPal, as did Ronald Ortiz.

Scott and Carrie Rider of Spokane Valley donated $20. Major and Corinna Bambino sent $20 via PayPal. Carol Huber of Spokane contributed $10, as did Barbara Harder of Spokane Valley. An anonymous donor contributed $3 via PayPal.