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Gonzaga Basketball

Press Box Podcast: Dan Dickau discusses Gonzaga’s recruiting

Former Gonzaga first-team All-America guard Dan Dickau. (Colin Mulvany / The Spokesman-Review)
From staff reports

Dan Dickau loves talking basketball, from his beloved Gonzaga Bulldogs, to the squad he’s putting together for The Basketball Tournament, to the NBA – where the former Zags All-American played for seven teams.

On Tuesday, Dickau was a guest on The Spokesman-Review’s Press Box Podcast, hosted by Larry Weir, and looked ahead to next season for the Zags, Few Good Men at the TBT and whether LeBron James has finally passed Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time.

You can listen to the entire interview at the end of the post or here.

Among the highlights:

On Gonzaga’s recent recruiting misses: “Gonzaga’s had some successes in recent years in that transfer market, and in particular that grad-transfer market. Unfortunately, it looks like they’re coming up dry this year with their main targets. … But when you’re losing out, and you’re in the final three to five schools for McDonald’s All-American type players like Brandon Williams, and then losing (Joe Cremo) to a defending national title champion in Villanova, you’re starting to get inside the door of those true type of recruits that are going to keep you at the level that you’ve gotten to in the last couple of years. And honestly, I think they’re about to break through and get a couple of these guys in the very near future.”

Dickau on Zags reloading

The Spokesman-Review

On Gonzaga’s outlook for 2018-19: “The depth that they have, the versatility that they’re going to have, is very impressive. … I think the question mark this year is going to be how quickly does Josh Perkins’ shoulder heal up after surgery. If he isn’t ready to go right off the bat – which I imagine he will be, but maybe he’s limited early in the season in minutes, so they’re trying to limit the wear and tear down early in the season – who is your secondary ball handler? Who is your next guy? Gonzaga’s best teams have always had two ball handlers: The Final Four team with Nigel Williams-Goss and Perkins, you look at some of the other good groups they’ve had, they’ve always had two ball-handlers.”

Dickau on Cremo picking Villanova

The Spokesman-Review

Dickau on Zags chasing great players

The Spokesman-Review