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The pick: Why Washington State will beat Colorado

BOULDER, Colo. – At the outset of the 2018 football season, betting on Washington State to beat Colorado in a week 11 game at Folsom Field would’ve been a risky gamble at best. And probably even a little misinformed. The Buffaloes were an experienced offensive unit with a steady hand at quarterback, junior Steven Montez, and a few explosive receivers – one of which had yet to break onto the scene as a Heisman Trophy candidate. Even after five games, while the Buffaloes were unbeaten at 5-0 and the Cougars were overachieving at 4-1– not in their minds, but in everybody else’s – CU over WSU would’ve felt like a safe pick at the sportsbook. But right after the Game Five checkpoint is when the Buffs started to spiral, while the Cougars continued to climb. CU’s defense has been unsuccessful against offenses much less potent than WSU’s. The Cougars have proven to be a resilient team in tight games, while the Buffaloes have mostly backed away from those types of moments. It would’ve been easy to go with the Buffs in Week One. It’s almost impossible now.

The pick: Washington State 44, Colorado 31.