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Weekly Washington State football chat transcript: Recapping Colorado and previewing Arizona

Nov 14, 10:01 AM srchat (Admin): Morning everybody. Thanks for joining me for an 11th (?) time this year. I’ll start taking questions now. Nov 14, 10:01 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): Do you think any player that Leach has ever had has pranked him like Menshew did? “Anyway” Nov 14, 10:03 AM srchat (Admin): Doubt it. Better question might be, has any player ever felt comfortable enough to prank Leach? Nov 14, 10:03 AM GoCougs (Guest): AZ’s offense ran all over us last year. Do you feel we’re better equipped to deal with them this time? Nov 14, 10:05 AM srchat (Admin): I think so. The first thing: Tate’s legs aren’t as much of a weapon this year if you take a glance at the stats. Secondly, I’m sure the Cougars are making adjustments. Leach said last year they left themselves in too many positions where if one player didn’t do his job it would lead to a chunk play. I’m sure that’s something they’re considering this week. Nov 14, 10:06 AM Guest7061 (Guest): Our D has had trouble with mobile QB’s in recent years. Do you think that problem has been fixed this year? And is Tate 100% now? Nov 14, 10:08 AM srchat (Admin): I think it varies. The Cougars had problems containing Tyler Huntley earlier this year, but they were much better against Gage Gubrud. I don’t know exactly where Tate stands, but I think the Cougars will see him as close to 100% as he’s been all season. Nov 14, 10:08 AM Guest4412 (Guest): Defensive line rotation 2019. Yes: Oguayo, McDougle and Will Rogers III with Moore and Misi rotating in. But I would also add (according to Phelps) Dallas Hobbs, Ahmir Crowder and as my own long shot, Zeus Echevarria (he has been injured). Nov 14, 10:10 AM srchat (Admin): I’m intrigued to see what Crowder can do after a redshirt year. He looks like an exceptional athlete. And you’re right, Echevarria was in the mix early until the injury, so that line will have tons of depth I’d imagine. Nov 14, 10:11 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): Why does it take Leach so long to get the call in? Is he listening/taking advice from someone up in the box? Or just can’t make up his mind? Nov 14, 10:11 AM srchat (Admin): Any particular play or set of plays you’re referring to? Nov 14, 10:12 AM Guest5765 (Guest): With so much success on Saturdays this year, there hasn’t been much talk about our young guys. Have there been any standouts from Thursday night lights? How has Cooper looked? Nov 14, 10:13 AM srchat (Admin): I’ve heard good things about the receivers: Kassidy Woods, Brandon Gray and Kainoa Wilson. I think Cooper is still a work in progress — perhaps still slightly behind where most expected he’d be at this point. Nov 14, 10:14 AM Guest4412 (Guest): Kevin Sumlin said this week none of his teams had ever had to play so deeply into the season without a bye week. This year, the Wildcats played 10 straight weeks without a bye. This past week was Arizona’s bye week coming into Pullman. Question is, what is Kevin Sumlin’s record coming off bye-weeks? Before taking the AZ job, Sumlin was 9-5 coming off bye weeks, including losses to #18 LSU in 2014 in and #1 ranked Alabama in 2016. Nov 14, 10:16 AM srchat (Admin): Thanks for looking that up. I’m never quite sure how bye weeks affect teams. In Arizona’s case, it probably came at the right time. More rest for Khalil Tate’s ankle. Then again, the Wildcats had loads of momentum and sometimes you wonder if the bye week breaks that up at all. Nov 14, 10:18 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): No, sometimes Leach stands there as the clock is ticking down, Gardner is looking at him like come on, and then they have to burn a time out. Nov 14, 10:19 AM srchat (Admin): I know before that first play against CU, Leach said coaches spent too much time deliberating on the sideline, which then resulted in the timeout. I wonder if that’s the issue more often than not. A lot of uncharacteristic timeouts, though, you’re right. Nov 14, 10:19 AM Guest3239 (Guest): Who were some of the young dbs that played Saturday in Colorado when Strong sat out for a bit? Any idea on how they held up? Nov 14, 10:21 AM srchat (Admin): George Hicks is the third man in the rotation without Harper in the mix, so usually it’s him spelling Strong. There were a lot of errant throw from Steven Montez in that game so it was hard to really grade the DBs. I think the defense played pretty well at every level, though. Nov 14, 10:21 AM Guest1718 (Guest): Is there a sense as to why Tay Martin’s production has declined in recent weeks? Is he still seeing ~ 90% of the snaps at the X position? And what are your expectations for him the rest of the season? Nov 14, 10:27 AM srchat (Admin): I’d be curious to know that as well. I think Minshew goes to the “Z” receivers a little more in general. I do think Martin’s regresses a little, too. And Calvin Jackson is playing well, too, so the “X” receivers are rotating more now than they were at the start of the year. Nov 14, 10:28 AM srchat (Admin): regressed* Nov 14, 10:28 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): Gardner seemed hesitant and confused against CU. Was CU secondary that good? Or he just had an off night? He seemed to pass up the shallow crossing routes when they were open. Maybe trying to press it downfield? Nov 14, 10:29 AM srchat (Admin): He did go deep a lot and it was hard to blame him because the receivers were getting good separation. I think the wind played a big factor - more than Gardner let on afterward. Was a hard game to get in rhythm, but I thought he improved in the second half. Nov 14, 10:29 AM garlandcoug (Guest): You are the defacto beat writer for the Seattle times. Does this mean you get two paychecks? Congrats and great job Nov 14, 10:32 AM srchat (Admin): Yes, they’ve been using our WSU content this year. And no, I don’t. We also use their Seahawks/M’s/UW/etc. content. But it takes me down memory lane seeing my byline on their website. I was a sports intern for the Times the summer between my junior and senior year in college. Nov 14, 10:32 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): And he seemed to avoid the left side of the field…where Tay is. Nov 14, 10:33 AM srchat (Admin): Still thinking we’ll get a big game from him before this is all over. Nov 14, 10:33 AM Sammy-Schroeder (Guest): Do you think Macintyre and Helton lose their jobs after this seaon? Nov 14, 10:35 AM srchat (Admin): I thin Helton is more likely than MacIntyre. Any coach in the Pac-12 would be hard-pressed to win with CU’s injuries. Nov 14, 10:35 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): I know Leach doesn’t care about time of possession and QB’s tickling their centers behinds but it sure felt like they slowed it down in that game to keep CU’s offense off the field. 2 can’t score sitting on the sidelines. Nov 14, 10:37 AM srchat (Admin): Controlling the ball was a big key, indeed. Kind of think it will be again this weekend, knowing how fast this Arizona team can score. Nov 14, 10:40 AM Sammy-Schroeder (Guest): Who do you think wins the South? Nov 14, 10:41 AM srchat (Admin): I’m taking Utah. Utes just have to beat Colorado this weekend. Arizona State controls its own destiny, but I think the Sun Devils are too inconsistent to win two in a row and could see them slipping up at Oregon this weekend. Nov 14, 10:41 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): How do the Zona WR match up? Are they tall, fast, etc. Are they a concern? Nov 14, 10:45 AM srchat (Admin): Shawn Poindexter, a 6-5 senior, has been their main guy this year. And this is pretty incredible: he’s had just 10 catches in the last three games, but SIX touchdowns. I remember Shun Brown being pretty explosive, too. But I’m sure the Cougars are more concerned about Poindexter, especially considering how those big Stanford receivers exploited them. Nov 14, 10:45 AM Guest3385 (Guest): Are teams paying extra attention to Tay Martin? Or is he maybe not as dangerous as we thought? Seems teams would do better focusing on the other side of the field. Nov 14, 10:48 AM srchat (Admin): I answered a similar question earlier. I almost wonder if there’s a mental block he can’t get over right now. And you have a point: if opponents are spending more time on Martin than Patmon, they’re probably doing it wrong. Nov 14, 10:49 AM Sammy-Schroeder (Guest): Do you think we see Sean Harper play against Arizona? Nov 14, 10:49 AM srchat (Admin): The beat writer hunch is that there’s a much better chance of it this week than last week. Nov 14, 10:50 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): So do the Cougs blitz Tate to keep him from connecting to Poindexter? Or sit back and keep Tate in front of them so he doesn’t break off long runs and hope the DB’s hold up? Nov 14, 10:52 AM srchat (Admin): I think they’ll bring the same pressure they normally do. Tate isn’t terribly accurate and while you still have to account for his feet, he’s only rushed for 153 yards this season. I don’t see him doing that in a single game this weekend. Nov 14, 10:53 AM Sammy-Schroeder (Guest): I’ve noticed Dion Singleton playing more lately, good to see considering he was a big time recruit. Nov 14, 10:54 AM srchat (Admin): He was especially good in the Utah game, replacing Skyler Thomas. Nov 14, 10:54 AM Guest4377 (Guest): Tay Martin is a great athlete but is not a polished receiver. he has a long way to go in releases, handling physical DBs, understand separation. Glad he is on outr team but like Pattmon has done he needs to learn how to be better at his craft. Nov 14, 10:58 AM srchat (Admin): It took Patmon three years. There’s still plenty of time for Tay to get there. He had some of the best moments in fall camp, but there’s ebbs and flows with being a WR in this system and maybe Tay’s still coming to terms with that. Nov 14, 10:59 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): I’m holding you to the under on 153 yards on the ground by Tate! Nov 14, 10:59 AM srchat (Admin): I’ll go with under 100. Nov 14, 10:59 AM Guest1644 (Guest): Do you think this team an slip into the playoff or will we see the Rose bowl? I’d rather win the Rose bowl than lose in the playoffs to the perennial power houses but the playoffs are so enticing Nov 14, 11:01 AM srchat (Admin): I’m still under the impression the CFP is a long, long, long shot, but we’ll see what happens. The Rose Bowl would be a nice destination and a matchup with Ohio State would be intriguing for a variety of reasons. Nov 14, 11:01 AM Sammy-Schroeder (Guest): Who do you think is the fastest player on defense for the cougs? Nov 14, 11:02 AM srchat (Admin): Of the starters/rotational guys, Jahad Woods or Jalen Thompson. Nov 14, 11:02 AM Guest4377 (Guest): Dion Singlton was a nice local recruit but I don’t think he was being offered by many big 5 schools. Glad he has made some contributions though. Nov 14, 11:04 AM srchat (Admin): Per 247Sports, he had a number of big offers: Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Miami, North Carolina, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Tennessee… Nov 14, 11:04 AM Guest2116 (Guest): Any word on Leach leaving at the end of the season? Nov 14, 11:06 AM srchat (Admin): I’m sure it’ll be a topic of discussion, as it always is. Nov 14, 11:06 AM Vegas Coug (Guest): How has Cammon Cooper looked in TNF this year? Nov 14, 11:07 AM srchat (Admin): Answered this one above. He’s looked fine, but not stellar from everything I’ve heard. Think he’ll benefit from lots of reps in the spring. Nov 14, 11:07 AM Guest5089 (Guest): Always take the playoff over the Rose Bowl, though Pasadena is a nice consolation, if it comes to that. Nov 14, 11:08 AM srchat (Admin): Was asked that on a radio show last week and went that way as well. Far more exposure for the program by playing in the CFP. Nov 14, 11:08 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): Big Gulp left almost worked! Nov 14, 11:09 AM srchat (Admin): You can never have enough Big Gulp Left… Nov 14, 11:09 AM Guest7061 (Guest): Before we start talking CFP versus Rose Bowl, let the team focus on winning the Apple Cup. Nov 14, 11:09 AM srchat (Admin): Or, you know, Arizona…. Nov 14, 11:10 AM Vegas Coug (Guest): A lot has been mentioned about the closeness of the players this season……..would you say the same as for the coaching staff as well (lots of new faces) Nov 14, 11:13 AM srchat (Admin): It seems like a tight-knit group. Steve Spurrier Jr. and Mason Miller (I believe) were riding their bikes from the LCSC dorms to fall camp practices at Sacajawea. I think that’s played a definite factor in the team’s success, yes. Nov 14, 11:13 AM Guest4377 (Guest): Playoff help Oregon? Has it helped UW? maybe Nov 14, 11:14 AM srchat (Admin): Think it’s helped both. I know the Pac-12 doesn’t mind getting a team in there… Nov 14, 11:15 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): Cougs signing anyone in Basketball today? Nov 14, 11:15 AM srchat (Admin): Not that I’m aware of. Nov 14, 11:16 AM Vegas Coug (Guest): Bruce Feldman hinted last year part of the intrigue with the Tennessee job for Leach last winter was the proximity to the Florida Keys, When is he able to get down there now at WSU? Nov 14, 11:17 AM srchat (Admin): I think WSU generally holds a few football camps throughout the month of June, so I’ve heard he usually heads down there for a few weeks in July, leading right up to Pac-12 Media Day. Nov 14, 11:18 AM srchat (Admin): Lots of questions today and plenty of good ones. Thanks to everyone who chimed in. We’ll do it at least one more time before the bowl game - and perhaps twice… Until next time.
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