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Washington State football chat transcript - 10/24

Oct 24, 10:03 AM srchat (Admin): Welcome back to the live chat. I’ll be taking your questions for the next hour, so feel free to start submitting ‘em. Let’s get going! Oct 24, 10:03 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): Anything happen in regards to the text that Leach sent to Dixon? Oct 24, 10:04 AM srchat (Admin): No, and Leach hasn’t commented on the exchanges in his media availabilities. But I found this Leach quote from yesterday’s John Canzano show interesting: “Those that have a voice have to speak for those of us who are silenced.” Oct 24, 10:04 AM Sammy Schroed (Guest): What do you think are the chances that Sean Harper plays this weekend? Oct 24, 10:05 AM srchat (Admin): I *think* there’s a decent chance. Could be wrong there, but it doesn’t seem like a long-term deal. Oct 24, 10:06 AM Harvey__Road: What about Ndami? Oct 24, 10:06 AM Guest1852 (Guest): Any sign of Nnamdi? Oct 24, 10:08 AM srchat (Admin): My gut tells me he’ll be out at least another week, but I’d expect to see him back out there soonish. Oct 24, 10:08 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): Do you think the plan was to run the ball more and control the clock to keep Oregon’s offense off the field? Doesn’t seem like Leach. Oct 24, 10:09 AM srchat (Admin): No, I don’t think it was the game plan necessarily. We all know how Leach feels about time of possession. But … it certainly helped in that first half. Oct 24, 10:10 AM Brian Stultz: Any beat writer you miss from earlier this season? Also, when will Gardner Minshew start to get the Heisman talk he deserves? Oct 24, 10:11 AM srchat (Admin): There was some guy who’d always holler about Auburn and the Chicago Cubs, but can’t remember his name. Brett McMurphy has Minshew in his top four now. Think it’ll only be a matter of time before he’s getting more national recognition — if he can sustain this, that is. Oct 24, 10:14 AM Guest6979 (Guest): Think this group comes in without focus due to the big emotional win last weekend and the huge jump up the polls? Also, is Love not at 100%? Oct 24, 10:17 AM srchat (Admin): You always wonder. We saw what happened to Oregon post-UW, but that was also a relatively young team that hadn’t experienced a high-profile win like that. I’d say the Cougars are better equipped to put a game like that in the rearview mirror and look ahead. They did it twice last year, after BSU and USC. Sure doesn’t seem like he’s 100%, though I’ve not seen anything official from Stanford yet. Oct 24, 10:17 AM Guest1852 (Guest): How has Drue Jackson, Brandon Gray, and Kassidy Woods progressed? I have a feeling it’s hard for them to be patient and wait their turn.. but it’s worked out well for Travell Harris Easop Winston and Dez Patmon. A lot of kids seem to transfer when don’t get early playing time tho. Oct 24, 10:19 AM srchat (Admin): Dave Nichol praised all three of those guys when we met with him after TNF last week. All three will be in the mix at some point, I’d imagine, but not sure when that it. It isn’t like the guys above them are seniors… Oct 24, 10:19 AM srchat (Admin): when that is* Oct 24, 10:19 AM Sammy Schroed (Guest): How well do you think we match up with Stanford? Oct 24, 10:21 AM srchat (Admin): Fairly well. I envisioned Stanford being much better in the secondary this year, but they’re 11th in the Pac-12 in pass yds per game allowed and haven’t seen a passing offense nearly as good as WSU’s yet. And, Bryce Love or no Bryce Love, just doesn’t seem like they have enough to outscore a team like WSU, which still puts up 25-30 on a bad day. Oct 24, 10:21 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): The thing that surprised you most about the whole Gameday experience? Oct 24, 10:24 AM srchat (Admin): Good question. Probably how good Herbstreit, Corso, Davis, etc. are at what they do. Seeing it happen live is a completely different experience and it’s remarkable they’re able to do this week in, week out for the entire season. Oct 24, 10:24 AM Kirk (Guest): Love the chat! Why do you think Stanford is a 3 or 4 point favorite this weekend? feels like we have a better team and match up really well but still no love from Vegas Oct 24, 10:26 AM srchat (Admin): Not sure. They still consider Stanford a solid team and while Palo Alto isn’t the most intimidating place to play a Pac-12 road game, that’s obviously taken into account. We’ll see where that line is on gameday. Oct 24, 10:26 AM Sammy Schroed (Guest): Do you think we should have red-shirted Calvin Jackson? He hasn’t really played/contributed much so far. Oct 24, 10:27 AM srchat (Admin): I don’t. You need two “X” receivers, Rodrick Fisher’s done for the year and Calvin’s much more polished than some of the other redshirting freshmen. Think it’s only a matter of time before he makes some plays — he did it plenty during camp. Oct 24, 10:27 AM Mark (Guest): Noticed from the stands Leach tear into Tay Martin after he gave up on the long ball that was intercepted. Martin got up and looked like he was ready to storm back to the locker room before some teammates got him under control. Seems like Leach is constanatly on Martin about his effort? Oct 24, 10:31 AM srchat (Admin): I hadn’t noticed that, but you’re right — Leach has been critical of Martin at times this year. Anyone with eyes can tell he’s the most talented WR on this roster. I don’t think he has attitude problems, per se, but his numbers fluctuate so much it’s fair to wonder where the effort goes sometimes. Oct 24, 10:32 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): Did you see Dale’s comments after the game. “The biggest thing we had to do was be more physical and run the ball……” Oct 24, 10:33 AM srchat (Admin): And it worked, right? Oct 24, 10:33 AM Sammy Schroed (Guest): Were you able to find out any of the basketball/football recruits who were in town? I heard there were some pretty big ones. Oct 24, 10:36 AM srchat (Admin): For football, it looks like Bryce Beekman (safety from Arizona Western College) visited. For basketball: Jarred Hyder (SG from San Bernardino). I’m sure there were lots more.. Oct 24, 10:37 AM Kirk (Guest): Where did Brock come from? I figured that when I looked his name up he was going to be an underclassman. Who’s snaps is he getting? Oct 24, 10:39 AM srchat (Admin): Was a walk-on who got his scholarship in the spring. He was a former linebacker who switched to DL then to Rush LB in the spring. I don’t see him being an every-down player, but they seem to bring him in for various blitz packages. Oct 24, 10:40 AM Harvey__Road: I’ve see a LOT of commentary after the game and I don’t think @SeaStorm24 gets enough credit for the hype video he made and its impact on the final score. Oct 24, 10:40 AM srchat (Admin): Have a link for us? Oct 24, 10:40 AM gowazzu02 (Guest): Was this last weekend the craziest environment you’ve been a part of? I was afraid the fans energy wouldn’t last till game time. Oct 24, 10:42 AM srchat (Admin): Easily. And bet there won’t a weekend that tops it a long, long time. I snuck in a two-hour nap between the show and the game. Seems like there were enough fans who did the same. Oct 24, 10:42 AM gowazzu02 (Guest): My unsung hero, Crane on the kickoff. Never gave Oregon a chance. Why can’t he do that every time? Oct 24, 10:44 AM srchat (Admin): Agreed. Think that’s key, especially as shaky as the kick return team has been at times. Know Crane has the power — he showed it enough times on his field goals in the spring. Oct 24, 10:44 AM gowazzu02 (Guest): Whoa second kicker question of the day…. Whats wrong with our FG/PAT game? 2 blocks, 2 missed PAT’s. That bit us vs SC and may again. Oct 24, 10:45 AM srchat (Admin): Perhaps the combo of a new kicker and new schemes with a new special teams coach. And some awful, awful luck. Oct 24, 10:45 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): So is Stanford’s game plan to just run go routes with their 6’ plus WR and move the ball down the field via 15 yard penalties? Oct 24, 10:50 AM srchat (Admin): Don’t know what their plan is, but they’ve scored 58 points in three games, so I think they need a new one. Arcega-Whiteside should be a matchup problem for the Cougars, especially if Harper Jr. can’t go. I see Stanford going to him a ton. Oct 24, 10:51 AM bdubs (Guest): Having been here for two years now, what do you think makes Pullman such a tough place to play? Is it how difficult it is to travel? How does the crowd matchup with other crowds around the league? I feel like this crazy home winning streak hasn’t been talked enough about. There has to be something to it. Oct 24, 10:54 AM srchat (Admin): It seems like there’s a few things factoring in. It’s the most isolated Pac-12 town, so it’s probably the hardest to travel to. And it does feel intimate — more so than most of the others I’ve been to. USC and UW have longer home win streaks right now, but I believe WSU’s still ranks top-five in the country. Oct 24, 10:54 AM Guest5165 (Guest): Who does Stanford have out this week? Oct 24, 10:55 AM srchat (Admin): From a SF Chronicle report, Bryce Love is “day to day.” Offensive guard Nate Herbig is questionable. Outside linebacker Joey Alfieri is out. Herbig is a preseason All-American, Alfieri is former All-Pac-12 hon. mention. Oct 24, 10:56 AM gowazzu02 (Guest): How much of a god send has Clayes been? Amazing hire. Does Leach has an eye for DC talent or what. Oct 24, 10:57 AM srchat (Admin): I’ve said this before. I’m sure Claeys was at the top of Leach’s shortlist for awhile, knowing Grinch would probably have some opportunities elsewhere. Oct 24, 10:57 AM Sammy Schroed (Guest): We have 3 pac12 victories so far. Do you think the football team ends up with more pac12 wins than the basketball team this year? Oct 24, 10:58 AM srchat (Admin): I’ll give the football team 6-7 Pac-12 wins. I’ll say this: I think it’ll be the close. Oct 24, 10:59 AM srchat (Admin): it’ll be close* Oct 24, 10:59 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): What is Stanford’s biggest strength on defense? Oct 24, 11:01 AM srchat (Admin): Coming into the year, I thought it’d be their secondary. But probably their defensive front at this point. Oct 24, 11:01 AM GoCougs (Guest): Mike Leach is the most underrated coach in the country. That’s not a question, it’s a fact. Oct 24, 11:02 AM srchat (Admin): IF the Cougars can somehow win their last five - and understanding how big of an “if” that is - it would be hard to keep him out of the National Coach of the Year conversation. Oct 24, 11:03 AM Guest5165 (Guest): Stanford will try and control the ball and time of possession giving the Cougs fewer opportunities on offense. Anything that the Cougs can do to counter this? Oct 24, 11:05 AM srchat (Admin): Well, they’ll have to run the ball effectively to do that. If the Cougars can force third-and-longs, they’ll make Stanford throw more often than they’re comfortable with. Then of course WSU can’t afford to waste too many possessions on offense. Oct 24, 11:05 AM bdubs (Guest): How about a midseason prediction on the rest of the year? What’s our record from here on out? Oct 24, 11:07 AM srchat (Admin): 3-2. A loss to either Stanford or Colorado (haven’t decided which one yet) and still sticking to my preseason Apple Cup prediction. Not the score necessarily, but the result. Of course, the Cougars could change my mind before then. Oct 24, 11:07 AM Uncle Larry (Guest): Gardner reminds me of the QB from the Waterboy. Oct 24, 11:07 AM srchat (Admin): Plus a stache. Oct 24, 11:08 AM srchat (Admin): Thanks everyone for joining this week. We’ll be back next Wednesday at 10. I’ll be on my way to the Bay Area tomorrow, so make sure to follow all of our coverage at