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Stacie Kearney is the “lucky lady” behind Lucky Lady Bread Co.

Stacie Kearney is the “lucky lady” behind Lucky Lady Bread Co.

She bakes all day Saturday. Pick-up is from 3 to 5 p.m.

Friday, she posts her loaf lists on social media. Customers message her on Instagram and Facebook to order.

All of her breads are naturally leavened, organic and made in small batches. Her sourdough has just three ingredients: water, Himalyan salt and flour – “and that’s it. It’s magic. It’s life. You can create life out of air. It’s such a throwback to tradition.”

Kearney uses a starter that comes from the Oregon Trail and dates to 1847. She bought it online and swears by it.

“It’s such a beautiful way to connect to our roots,” she said. “It makes me feel super connected. “

Kearney, 34, started baking bread about six years ago when her family was living in Southern California and her husband got hurt at work. He was unable to work for about three months, and her family had to cut their expenses. She aimed to feed their family of three on $50 per week. Part of her plan for stretching a dollar was to bake her own bread.

After taking a class from Scott Ervin, founder of the Speakeasy Bakery in Santa Clarita, “it just became kind of an obsession. I’d bake once a week. And every loaf I baked, I wanted to do better. It was exciting. It was so much fun.”

And she wanted to share it. “I just wanted to bake bread for people,” she said.

Kearney started to offer bread to friends and folks who work with her husband, now a manager at the Trader Joe’s store on Spokane’s North Side, who encouraged her to start posting photos of her loaves on Instagram. Interest in her loaves picked up. Now, she’s hoping to get her bread into local farmers markets for the 2019 season.

She uses Central Milling Organic Flour and a long, cold ferment.

“It’s about the slow process and the ferment,” said Kearney, who also bakes in small batches.

She has four Lodge Dutch ovens and bakes four loaves at a time, usually baking 12 loaves in all.

Her signature loaf is a 2-pound rustic country loaf. Sometimes, she’ll add fresh, seasonal herbs. She also makes a sunflower seed and flax seed loaf as well as a toasted sesame loaf.

She’s looking forward to organically growing her business while staying true to the slow and natural process.

“Simple,” she said, “is beautiful.”