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State wrestling: Day one results from Mat Classic XXXI

The Spokesman-Review

State 4A

TEAM SCORING–1, Chiawana 82. 2, Lake Stevens 66. 3, Mead 65. 4, Kentwood 58.5. 5, Sunnyside 57.5. 6, Pasco 53. 7, Curtis 51.5. 8, Davis 50. 9, Union 46. 10, Auburn Riverside 44. Also: 19, Central Valley 30. 20, University 28.5. 28, Ferris 19.5. 51, Gonzaga Prep 6.0. 51, Lewis and Clark 6.0.

106: First Round-Nguyen (Heritage) d. Mark (Mead) 7-1; Tovar (Pasco) d. Beard (CV) 8-2; Esperto (Union) d. Franklin (UHi) 5-2. Consolations-Mark (Mead) p. Finnestad (Kentwood) 2:24; Franklin (UHI) p. Shakhzaday (Kent Meridian) 1:59.

113: First Round-Montelongo (Chiawana) d. Walker (UHi) 7-5; Mason (Mead) d. Cassidy (Uni) 6-0; Correa (Pas) p. C.Anastasi (Fer) 1:02. Second Round-Villanueva (Sunnyside) d. Mason (Mead) 6-2. Consolations-Walker (UHi) p. Miller (Eastlake) 0:38; C.Anastasi (Fer) d. Smith (Bothell) 5-0.

120: First Round-Grisafi (CV) md. Smith (CV) 12-0; Johnson (Chi) md. Irvin (Fer) 11-0; Clark (Mead) p. Jimenez (Pas) 4:58. Second Round-Nelson (Auburn Riverside) md. Grisafi (Mead) 15-7; Clark (Mead) p. Carter (Enumclaw) 1:05. Consolations-Martin (Tahoma) md. Smith (CV) 13-5; Irvin (Fer) md. Jennings (Todd Beamer) 14-2.

126: First Round-J.Anastasi (Fer) d. Joner (Battle Ground) 5-2; Roberts (UHi) tf. Brown (Issaquah) 4:15; Mason (Mead) d. Nahaku (Auburn Mountainview) 7-6. Second Round-Yacapin (Curtis) d. J.Anastasi (Fer) 8-3; Roberts (UHi) md. Janson (Cur) 11-0; Macias (Sun) md. Mason (Mead) 10-1.

132: First Round-Tebbets (Mead) p. Ramos (Pas) 0:51; Nicacio (Uni) p. Ramey (CV) 4:16; Domke (UHi) d. Martinez (Chi) 4-0; Latimer (Camas) p. Mitchell (Mead) 1:40. Second Round-Tebbets (Mead) p. Villanueva (Sun) 3:24; Campos (Sun) p. Domke (UHi) 1:55. Consolations-Mitchell (Mead) p. Medvinsky (Redmond) 1:58.

138: First Round-Bunsngeam (Cascade) md. Granly (UHi) 15-7; Swan (Woodinville) p. Grosse (Mead) 5:40; Cauley (Lake Stevens) d. Urbancic (Fer) 13-8. Consolations-Tretyak (North Creek) d. Granly (UHi) 8-1; Grosse (Mead) d. Guadarrama (TB) 9-2; Urbancic (Fer) p. Hom (Eas) 3:49.

145: First Round-Tobias (Pas) p. Connors (Mead) 4:51. Consolations-Connors (Mead) p. Apollon (KM) 4:22.

152: First Round-McFee (Chi) d. Anstrom (Uni) 6-2; Buck (Uni) p. Martin (UHi) 1:51. Consolations-Anstrom (UHi) md. Holland (Kamiak) 13-4; Marin (UHi) p. Janson (Cur) 2:23.

160: First Round-Homen (Fer) d. Grogan (Chi) 6-0; Crawford (Mead) p. Easley (Walla Walla) 1:04. Second Round-Christense (Woo) d. Homen (Fer) 4-0; Crawford (Mead) p. Saper (Iss) 1:03.

170: First Round-Malychewski (Cam) p. Munir (LC) 0:37; Stratton (CV) md. Tellinghusen (UHi) 15-7; Sinera-Salda (Mead) d. Tovar (Pas) 8-5. Second Round-Stratton (CV) p. Nguyen (Ken) 0:25; Sinera-Salda (Mead) d. Dion (Enumclaw) 8-6 (OT). Consolations-Chase (Enu) d. Tellinghus (UHi) 5-2.

182: First Round-Hubbard (Cam) d. Sanders (UHi) 5-2; Henry (Hanford) md. Davis (Fer) 12-0. Consolations-Sanders (UHi) p. Hill (Kla) 1:38; Davis (Fer) md. Davis (Decatur) 14-3.

195: First Round-Stoller (Cam) d. Engles (Mead) 3-2; Duncan (LC) d. Burrows (Pas) 12-7; Byus (CV) d. Joo (Uni) 5-0; Anderson (Chi) p. Walker (Mead) 0:47. Second Round-Duncan (LC) p. Knutsen (Eas) 4:32; Byus (CV) d. Lopez (Sun) 10-7. Consolations-Witecki (Iss) d. Walker (Mead) 11-5.

220: First Round-Burt (Han) p. McCann (Fer) 4:34; Voightlaende (Mead) p. Kincaid (BG) 0:57; Franks (Mead) p. Bishop (Han) 3:14. Second Round-Franks (Mead) p. Hardan (Bot) 1:08; Voightlaende (Mead) d. Folta (Red) 7-0. Consolations-McCann (Fer) tf. Pickering (Newport) 4:38.

285: First Round-Johnson (GP) p. Rodriquez (Chi) 4:54; Pruitt (Pas) p. Cook (Mead) 0:34; Karunaratne (Fer) d. Blasdel (Chi) 5-1; Mikesell (CV) p. Corona (Walla Walla) 0:15. Second Round-Johnson (GP) d. Kylany (LS) 2-1; Hill (Glacier Peak) inj. Karunaratne (Fer) 5:56; Mikesell (CV) p. Mains (ER) 1:26. Consolations-Garza (Kam) d. Cook (Mead) 4-1.

State 3A

TEAM SCORING—1, Mt. Spokane 84. 2, Yelm 82. 3, Edmonds-Woodway 75. 4, Bethel 67. 5, Kelso 64. 6, Mountain View 51. 7, Prairie 50.5. 8, Kamiakin 44. T9, Marysville-Pillchuck 43. T9, Peninsula 43. Also: 23, Rogers 29. 26, North Central 27.

106: First Round- Zwiesler (Mt. Spokane) p. Bellon (Central Kitsap) 0:35; Mobley (North Central) p. Noorlander (Peninsula) 1:12; Zaragoza (NC) md. Chitta 18-8. Second Round- Heiss (Arlington) d. Zwiesler (MtS) 12-11; Mobley (NC) tf. Anderson (Stadium) 5:37; Krissak (Bethel) d. Zaragoza (NC) 5-2. Consolations- Zaragoza (NC) md. Santos (MV) 14-6; Zwiesler (MtS) p. Nguyen (Rainier Beach) 1:36.

113: First Round- Diego (CK) p. Carr (MtS) 1:12; Hallman (Yelm) md. Phan (Rogers) 12-2; Sharp p. Pate (Pen) 1:54. Second Round- Sharp (MtS) p. Flores (Lincoln) 5-2. Consolations- Tollenaar (Arlington) tf. Phan (Rog) 4:32; Carr (MtS) d. Manchester (Interlake) 4-0.

126: First Round- 1, Gilliam (NC) p. Harris (Yel) 1:04; Bonser (MtS) p. Lee (Shelton) 3:41; Buth (MtS) p. Back (CK) 2:34. Second Round- Gilliam tf. Lee (Meadowdale) 4:18; Kotalas (Juanita) d. Bonser (MtS) 9-2; LeCompte (Edmonds-Woodway) d. Buth (MtS) 4-2 (OT). Consolations- Buth (MtS) d. Davis (MP) 12-5; Fitzgerald (Oak Harbor) d. Bonser (MtS) 4-1.

132: First Round- McGuire (Rog) d. Eide (Yel) 5-4; Haney (MtS) md. MacAlevy (Shel) 12-0. Second Round- Cantu (Marysville-Pillchuck) d. McGuire (Rog) 6-1; Haney (MtS) d. Duncombe (Lin) 9-3. Consolations- McGuire (Rog p. Tanaka (Shorewood) 3:33.

138: First Round- Haney (MtS) p. McKee (CK) 1:34; Delgado (Timberline) d. Ahmed (Rog) 8-3; Howerton (MtS) p. Rosalin (Tim) 3:41. Second Round- Haney (MtS) p. Quintero (Mountain View) 1:38; Howerton (MtS) p. Pruchno (Mercer Island) 1:03. Consolations- Quintans (EW) d. Ahmed (Rog) 10-3.

145: First Round- Allred (Shel) d. Paolino (MtS) 7-4; Albers (Shadle Park) tf. Orfao (Tim) 5:18; Johnson (Pen) md. Sweeney (Rog) 1-2. Second Round- Thomas (Spanaway Lake) inj. Albers (SP) 6:00. Consolations- Paolino (MtS) p. Garcia (Wilson) 3:11; Sweeney (Rog) md. Lydy (Wil) 14-6; Myka (RB) d. Paolino (MtS) 5-4; Gonzalez (Meadowdale) dq. Albers (SP); Mayo-Carrillo (Ingraham) md. Sweeney (Rog) 14-4.

152: First Round- Zeitner (Gig Harbor) d. Miethe (MtS) 12-8; Shaw (NC) p. Lewis (North Thurston) 1:47; Miller (Yel) p. Singley (MtS) 1:23. Second Round: Shaw (NC) md. Wells (Lakes) 16-6. Consolations- Miethe (MtS) d. Rush (Arlington) 8-2; Shaffer (Bonney Lake) d. Singley (MtS) 6-5; Miethe (MtS) p. Lopez (Chief Sealth) 2:22.

160: First Round- House (MtS) p. Fox (CK) 2:54. Second Round- Matson (Prairie) d. House (MtS) 1:36. Consolations- House (MtS) md. Weggen (Spanaway Lake) 9-1.

170: First Round: Berluti (SP) d. Platt (Yel) 11-9; Phillips (Rog) md. Golden (Pen) 15-3. Second Round- Walker (Beth) p. Berluti (SP) 1:42; Phillips (Rog) md. Hall (Lakes) 12-3. Consolations- Berluti (SP) p. Hooks (Bishop Blanchet) 1:33.

182: First Round- Miethe (MtS) p. Waltermeyer (Tim) 0:49; Bolwes (MtS) bye. Second Round- Miethe (MtS) p. Curry (MV) 3:03; Langer (Pra) d. Bolwes (MtS) 5-3. Consolations- Bolwes (MtS) p. Crudup (SL) 2:56.

195: First Round-Anderson (Shel) p. Dallas (MtS) 1:43. Consolations- Dallas (MtS) d. Pickett (Bainbridge) 6-0; Dallas (MtS) d. Baebler (MI) 10-4.

220: First Round- Bobrouniko (Rog) p. Gettle (GH) 0:30; Lamb (CK) d. Dallas (MtS) 7-3. Second Round- Bobrouniko (Rog) p. Leiter (Beth) 0:38. Consolations- Dalals (MtS) p. Crump (BL) 1:36; Dallas (MtS) p. Nguyen (BB) 0:57.

285: First Round: Burgman (North Thurston) p. Gray (MtS) 0:44; Guzik (Rog) p. Oliver (NT) 0:40. Second Round- Guzik (Rog) p. Duenes (MG) 1:30. Consolations- Brateng (BL) d. Gray (MtS) 15-9.

State 2A

TEAM SCORING—1, Toppenish 103. 2, Orting 101. 3, White River 95. 4, W.F. West 61. 5, Othello 57. 6, Burlington-Edison 49.5. 7, Steilacoom 47.5. T8, Blaine 43. T8, Washington 43. 10, Selah 37.5. Also: T15, Cheney 33. 39, Pullman 17.5. 40, West Valley 17. 41, East Valley 16. 45, Clarkston 10.

106: First Round-Gonzales (Selah) md. Warren (WV) 8-0; Barrera (Oth) d. Seeberger (Che) 12-6. Consolations-Robbins (W.F.W) md. Warren (WV) 10-1; Seeberger (Che) p. Nonis (Liberty Issaquah) 1:40.

113: First Round-Smith (Pul) md. Johnson (Top) 10-2; Cruz (Top) for. Atkins (WV). Second Round-Smith (Pul) p. Nickels (Bremerton) 3:45. Consolations-Atkins (WV) inj. Chapman (River Ridge); Gray (W.F.W) for. Atkins (WV).

120: First Round-McDermott (EV) d. Contreras (Prosser) 9-5; Aleman (Top) p. Acosta (Pul) 0:46. Second Round-McDermott (EV) d. Davis (W.F.W) 6-3. Consolations-Acosta (Pul) md. Blick (Ridgefield) 9-1; Perry (Bellingham) d. Acosta (Pul) 8-5.

126: First Round-Sundheim (EV) p. Gomez (Oth) 3:36; Salinas (Sel) p. Brown (Cla) 1:32. Second Round- Sundheim (EV) md. Fuerst (Woodland) 10-0. Consolations-Evans (W.F.W) md. Brown (Clar) 12-1.

132: First Round-Casillas (Quincy) md. Bozeman (Che) 15-3; Lange (Cla) p. Escamilla Jr. (Top) 0:40. Second Round-Marquez (Bel) p. Lange (Cla) 4:16. Consolations-Bozeman (Che) d. Le (Renton) 6-4. Cohron (Rochester) md. Bozeman (Che) 13-5. Burke (Black Hills) md. Lange (Cla) 14-5.

138: First Round-Straley (Che) p. Salas (Wapato) 3:25; Dahmen (Pul) tf. Morales (Grandview) 3:45. Second Round-Straley (Che) p. Clemen (Bremerton) 2:51; Dahmen (Pul) d. Francisco-Ju (North Mason) 5-3.

145: First Round-Seubert (Che) p. Uribe (Pro) 5:12; Kessinger (EV) d. Steadman (Sel) 4-2 (OT). Second Round-Seubert (Che) d. Oostra (Lynden) 7-4; Cox (BE) d. Kessinger (EV) 9-6. Consolations-Kessinger (EV) p. Diehl (North Kitsap) 1:54.

152: First Round-Showalter (Che) p. Sager (Ephrata) p. 1:39; Olivas (Wap) p. Hutchison (Pul) 5:53. Second Round-Showalter (Che) md. Rosmaryn (Steilacoom) 8-0. Consolations-Varick (North Mason) d. Hutchison (Pul) 4-0.

160: First Round-Caro (WV) def. Realme (Qui) 12-6; Aguilera (Che) p. Yates (Sel) 1:37. Second Round-Caro (WV) p. Gallegos (Lindbergh) 2:14; Aguilera (Che) d. Waters (Sehome) 5-0.

170: First Round-Schmidt (Sel) d. Carrillo (EV) 8-5; Mellergaard (Ellensburg) p. LaVielle (Pul) 3:57. Consolations-Delibero (Fife) d. Carrillo (EV) 6-3; LaVielle (Pul) md. Schroyer (Seh) 9-1; LaVielle (Pul) d. Greenwell (Tumwater) 4-2 (OT).

182: First Round-Rojas (Top) d. Whiteley (Che) 8-3; Maceda (Eph) p. Hautala (EV) 1:25. Consolations-Kilmer (Roc) d. Whiteley (Che) 8-1; Jones (Washougal) p. Hautala (EV) 3:55.

195: First Round-Galles (Cla) p. Purdy (Oth) 0:50; Avila (Qui) p. Smith (Cla) 3:14. Second Round-Galles (Cla) d. Moore (Archbishop Murphy) 6-4. Consolations-Modoc (Washo) d. Smith (Cla) 9-4.

220: First Round-Roylance p. Cassell (WV) 4:28. Second Round-Hick (Tum) md. Vargas (EV) 8-0. Consolations-Boyd (W.F.W) d. Cassell (WV) 5-3; Ostos (Seh) d. Vargas (EV) 4-1.

285: First Round-Simpson (WV) p. Castillo (East Valley Yakima) 3:20; Guevara (Eph) p. Halvorsen (EV) 1:30. Second Round-Simpson (WV) p. Miller (NM) 0:35. Consolations-Conaway (W.F.W) d. Halvorsen (EV) 3-0.

State 1A

TEAM SCORING–1, Colville 96. 2, Forks 87. 3, Lakeside 72.5. 4, Zillah 70. 5, Granger 69. 5, Montesano 69. 7, Deer Park 68.5. 8, Mount Baker 58. 9, Warden 52. 10, Vashon Island 50. Also: 12, Medical Lake 42. 21, Newport 30. 32, Freeman 17. 34, Riverside 16.5.

106: First Round-Hydorn (Col) p. Mendez (ML) 1:44; Richter (Col) d. Cate (Omak) 12-9; Friedman (Lak) p. Rodriquez (Cashmere) 5:14; McCoullough (DP) d. Cascade (Leavenworth) 15-8. Second Round-Mendoza (Zil) d. Hydorn (Col) 7-0; Cox (War) md. Richter (Col) 14-6; Alvarez (Gra) d. Friedman (Lak) 6-0; Garcia (Zil) md. McCoulloug (DP) 15-3. Consolations-Mendez (ML) p. Riedinger (Kiona Benton) 0:44; Calmo (Nooksack Valley) p. Mendez (ML) 1:28; McCoulloug (DP) p. Johnson (La Center) 2:32; Friedman (Lak) p. Flores-Contreras (Forks) 2:16; Johnson (MB) d. Richter (Col) 8-4; Hydorn (Col) p. Nelson (Castle Rock) 2:40.

113: First Round-Carl (ML) p. Chapman (Cashmere) 0:53; Gregory (DP) p. Henry (ML) 1:29; Martinez (Cas) p. Ward (New) 3:02; Stinebaugh (Lak) p. Kleckner (Okanogan) 1:04. Second Round-Carl (ML) d. Hoffberger (Stevenson) 4-1; Gregory (DP) tf. Johansson (Montesano) 4:17; Santos-Delacruz (For) d. Stinebaugh (Lak) 3-1. Consolations-Henry (ML) d. Kennedy (CR) 2-0; Ward (New) p. Foster (Mon) 4:09; Martinez (War) p. Stinebaugh (Lak) 5:00; Mitzel (NV) p. Henry (ML) 2:10; Ward (New) p. Hemmings (Cascade Christian) 2:25.

120: First Round-Minnier (Col) p. Sandoval (Cas) 1:41; Friedman (Lak) p. Werner (Fre) 1:26; Butkus (Lak) p. Camarena (Cas) 3:02; Thomas (ML) p. Meyers (Oka) 0:58. Second Round-Minnier (Col) p. Webster (Columbia) 5:19; Friedman p. Lano (Mon) 3:51; Butkus (Lak) d. LaCombe (Stevenson) 9-6; Thomas (ML) p. Weakley (For) 1:53. Consolations-Werner (Fre) d. France (LC) 7-2; Anderson (MB) p. Werner (Fre) 2:42.

126: First Round-DesRoches (Riv) p. Morris (Col) 1:17; Jorgensen (DP) p. Guerrero (Cas) 5:20; Pierce (DP) p. Austin (Chelan) 3:52; Sahota (Col) p. Sandoval (Cas) 4:25. Second Round-DesRoches (Riv) d. Castro (Gra) 7-2; Jorgensen (DP) d. Morales (Connell) 13-9; Pierce (DP) d. Jimenez (Gra) 7-2; Patrick (Naches Valley) p. Sahota (Col) 1:03. Consolations-Morris (Col) p. Trupp (War) 2:43; Morales (For) p. Morris (Col) 4:15; Sahota (Col) p. Crocker (LC) 1:35.

132: First Round-Christen (Lak) p. Mercado (Che) 3:41; Baun (Col) p. Ward (New) 0:40; Morrison p. Seely (Cas) 5:08; Miller (DP) p. Brown (Cash) 1:55. Second Round-Christen (Lak) d. Volk (Seton Catholic) 10-8 (OT); Baun (Col) p. Garcia (Ste) 1:15; Morrison (Col) p. Mallicoat (LC) 4:56; Miller (DP) d. Ekerson (Mon) 7-0. Consolations-Ward (New) p. Salstrom (Mon) 4:38; Gomez (Con) d. Ward (New) 6-2.

138: First Round-Smith (Lak) p. Gleave (Col) 5:08; Warnick (ML) p. Venegas (Che) 3:23; Allen (New) p. Curry (Cas) 2:59; Seemann (Col) d. Arceo (Cas) 8-3. Second Round-Smith (Lak) d. Arteaga (Gra) 7-3; Hernandez (Zil) p. Warnick (ML) 5:35; Coronel (Zil) d. Allen (New) 4-1; Seemann (Col) p. Moen (Cle Elum-Roslyn) 4:31. Consolations-Gleave (Col) md. Mendez (War) 11-2; Cronk (MB) p. Gleave (Col) 3:32; Allen (New) p. Palmgren (Hoquiam) 1:29; Warnick (ML) p. Chambers (Tenino) 4:18.

145: First Round-Gillikin (Cash) md. Hendershott (Lak) 11-2; Doloughan (Fre) p. Cardona (Oma) 1:48; Hodgson (DP) p. Tenney (Lak) 3:20; Mackowiak (Col) d. Vasquez (Cas) 10-6. Consolations-Tenney (Lak) md. Becker (Klahowya) 13-0; Hendershot (Lak) inj. Berntson (VI) 0:00; Westergard (Highland) p. Tenney (Lak) 2:44; Ledesma (Ste) d. Hendershot (Lak) 5-4.

152: First Round-Hamblen (New) p. Malone (Che) 4:45; Long (ML) p. Lloyd (Cash) 3:11; Adams (Lak) tf. Pavlin (Lak) 3:29; Leonard (DP) p. Odenrider (Cash) 4:00. Second Round-Isaacson (MB) p. Hamblen (New) 0:52; Long (ML) p. Rutschow (VI) 6:00; Adams (Lak) p. Dennis (Sultan) 2:45; Long (Granite Falls) p. Leonard (DP) 2:30. Consolations-Pavlin (Lak) tf. Bowden (VI) 5:00; Pavlin (Lak) p. Washington (SC) 0:20; Leonard (DP) md. Garcia (Hig) 8-0.

160: First Round-Morrison (Col) p. Mitcham (New) 3:05; Collins (DP) p. Warman (Cas) 3:50; Roibal (Fre) p. Guerrero (Cas) 2:19; Alcala (Che) d. Keith (ML) 18-11. Second Round-Morrison (Col) p. Madrigales (War) 1:29; Myrick (Royal) d. Collins (DP) 9-4; Dodge (Goldendale) p. Roibal (Fre) 5:04. Consolations-Sanchez (Zil) p. Mitcham (New) 2:32; Keith (ML) p. Crawford (NV) 1:17; Roibal (Fre) p. Macca (SC) 0:30; Collins (DP) md. McQuilliam (CR) 8-0; Keith (ML) p. Nolasco 2:38.

170: First Round-Nanpuya (Oma) p. Pendell (ML) 3:19; Hill (DP) d. Valdez (Cas) 5-1; DesRoches (Riv) p. Rippy (Lak) 0:24; Tenny (Lak) md. Ritch (Oka) 10-1. Second Round-Wallis (Kla) d. Hill (DP) 13-6; DesRoches (Riv) tf. Bauman (NV) 4:14; Tenny (Lak) d. Turner (Coupeville) 7-4. Consolations-Pendell (ML) md. Farrell (Kla) 8-0; Thompson (CC) p. Rippy (Lak) 2:34; Hill (DP) md. Waddell (Gol) 11-3; Pendell (ML) d. Gottschalk (CR) 4-1.

182: First Round-Allen (Col) p. Rosario (Cas) 3:55; Knight (Col) p. Stehlar (Riv) 0:30; Adesalem (Lak) d. Cates (Oka) 6-5; Cupp (New) p. Mendoza (Che) 2:39. Second Round-Allen (Col) d. Roberts (LC) 12-6; Knight (Col) p. Queen (For) 1:33; Adesalem (Lak) d. Nybo (Ten) 6-4; Demorest p. Cupp (New) 3:12. Consolations-Cupp (New) p. Isaacson (MB) 2:02.

195: First Round-Swayze (Oka) p. Corkrum (New) 1:21; Keller (DP) p. Ellis (Oka) 0:35; Yamada (Lak) p. Orndorff (Fre) 0:38; Gordon (Che) p. Kirkwood (New) 4:55. Second Round-Metzger-Magalei (CC) md. Keller (DP) 17-6; Yamada (Lak) p. Caldwell (Chimacum) 0:44. Consolations-Corkrum (New) p. Herrera (Kla) 1:45; Orndorff (Fre) p. Malave (Mer) 4:35; Connell (Ste) p. Corkrum (New) 2:43; Andrews (NV) p. Orndorff (Fre) 0:44; Keller (DP) p. Evangelist (Cas) 0:49; Kirkwood (New) p. Niel (Con) 4:20.

220: First Round-Smith (Oka) p Joralemon (DP) 1:36; Tharaldson (Col) p. Martinez (Che) 0:35; Goff (Col) md. Bremer (ML) 17-4; Overton (DP) p. Garcia (Oka) 1:48. Second Round-Tharaldson (Col) pl Harlan (NV) 0:58; Saulbury (MB) p. Goff (Col) 0:30; Moa (MB) p. Overton (DP) 1:22. Consolations-Overton (DP) d. Johnson (CR) 9-2; Garcia (Elma) md. Joralemon 11-1; Goff (Col) p. Rydberg (Hig) 0:31.

285: First Round-Newsom (Col) p. Finley (Col) 1:27; Jensen (Oma) p. Thompson (ML) 4:54; Duncan (DP) p. Anderson (Oma) 1:08; Reinhart (Cas) p. Delcour (Fre) 0:42. Second Round-Newsome (Col) p. Crippen (NV) 3:39; Duncan (DP) p. Pruneda (War) 1:05. Consolations-Thompson (MD) p. Barth (GF) 0:48; Davis (South Whidbey) d. p. Delcour (Fre) 4:12.

State 1B/2B

TEAM SCORING–1, Tonasket 102. 2, Lake Roosevelt 84. 3, Colfax 55. 4, Ilwaco 51. 5, Reardan 44. T6, Kalama 43. T6, Oroville 43. 8, Liberty 40.5. 9, Darrington 40. 10, Wilbur-Creston 34.5. Also: 11, Chewelah 34. T14, Almira/Coulee-Hartline 25.

T14, Republic/Curlew 25. T20, Kettle Falls 19. T20, Springdale 19. 23, Northwest Christian 16. 28, Lind-Ritville 12. 30, Davenport 10. 36, Columbia-Burbank 6. 36, Selkirk 6. 42, Inchelium 0.

106: First Round- Sanchez (White Swan) p. Martin (Selkirk) 0:36. Second Round- Ducey (Rainier) p. Strozyk (Wilbur-Creston) 1:00; Jackson (Lake Roosevelt) p. Sick (Colfax) 1:43; Perryman (Reardan) p. White (Liberty Bell) 5:16; Phillips (Republic/Curlew) p. Sanchez (WS) 4:54; Ryan (LR) d. Ambriz (Pateros) 8-7; Thomas (Ton) p. Routh (Rear) 0:36. Consolations- Sick (Col) p. Martin (Sel) 2:59.

113: Second Round-Sisk (Col) p. Monchack (Darrington) 2:45; Jackson (WC) md. Armstrong (LakeR) 9-0; Staup (Kalama) p. Winn (Kettle Falls) 0:53; Sedenius (Dar) p. Davis (LR) 0:33;Hess (Spr) p. Baker (Chief Leschi) 0:45.

120: First Round- Baker (Pomeroy) d. Jackson (Rain) 8-7. Second Round- Wagner (WC) p. McHargue (Kittitas) 3:43; Baker (Pom) p. McMillan (LB) 2:27; Burill (Col) p. Craig (Concrete) 1:10; Acosta (Chewelah) p. Gomez (Ton) 2:45; Phillips (Col) p. Barnum (Willapa Valley) 1:24. Consolations- McMillan (LB) p. Yarbrough (Napavine) 1:44.

126: First Round- DePaz (Ton) p. Waterbly (Northwest Christian) 0:46; Small (Spr) p. Merritt (Life Christian) 1:22; Circle (LakeR) p. Agney (Davenport) 4:43 Rogers (Kal) d. Kenney (KF) 10-3. Second Round- Crocket (Chew) p. Kelly (LC) 1:07; Bertz (Ton) p. Small (Spr) 1:50; Hull (Rear) p. Rogers (Kal) 1:58. Consolations- Kenney (KF) d. Small (Spr) 10-5; Agney (Davenport) d. Kelley (LC) 4-2.

132: First Round- Snyder (KF) md. Garcia (Ton) 17-6; Garrish (Rain) md. Bjornberg (Rear) 14-0 Haas (Liberty) d. Lake (Ilwaco) 7-1. Second Round- Weidmen (Dar) p. Snyder (KF) 1:35; Lagergren (Pom) d. Mozingo (Onalaska) 9-5; Bretz (Ton) p. Haas (Liberty) 3:46; Quinby (Ocosta) p. Rain (Chew) 1:56; Riley (Adna) p. Doyen (RC) 1:41. Consolations- Doyen (RC) p. Bjornberg (Rear) 4:39; Lake (Ilwa) d. Rainer (Chew) 4-2.

138: First Round- Reynolds (Rain) p. Schmidt (KF) 1:04; Slate (Col) p. Kuntz (Ton) 3:45; Simonson (Ilw) p. Hill (WC) 1:16; Forbes (Kit) p. Gould (Pom) 4:00 Sievers (Liberty); Walker (RC) p. Dimaano (Wahkiakum) 4:41. Second Round- Clark (KF) p. Vandenberg (Kal) 1:23; Adams (La Conner) d. Slate (Col) 6-2; Rocha (NWC) p. Reynolds (Rain) 3:13; Sababria (Ton) tf. Wlaker (RC) 3:17. Consolations- Walker (RC) p. Gould (Pom) 4:46; Reynolds (Rain) p. Hill (WC) 2:39; Simonson (Ilwaco) p. Schmidt (KF) 2:45.

145: First Round- Lopez (Mabton) md. Justice (Chew) 16-7; Tesch (WC) d. Holston (Liberty Bell); Brown (Lib) p. Johns (Wahkiakum) 0:48; Figueroa (Ocosta) p. Sievers (Lib) 1:10; Anderson (Rear) p. Morrison (Ilw) 0:18; Walton (Ton) p. Strozyk (WC) 2:30. Second Round- Hilderbran (RC) p. Figueroa (Ocosta) 0:36; Plasencia (Davenport) p. Walker (Adna) 1:34; Tesch (WC) d. Sanchex (Con) 4-1; Anderson (Rear) p. Range (Oroville) 4:23. Consolations- Range (Oro) p. Justice (Chew) 1:54; Brown (Lib) p. Sievers (Lib) 2:11.

152: First Round- Boblet (NWC) p. Dieringer (Columbia) 0:21; Ahmann (Col) p. Smith (Pat) 2:27; Angelovich (Raymond) p. Avery-Atkins (WC) 0:26; Cwik (Liberty) p. Palmer (LakeR) 2:52. Second Round- Smith (Chew) d. Weeks (Toledo) 7-4; Foreman (Kal) p. Bblet (NWC) 0:23; Adams (La Conner) p. Ahmann (Col) 1:20; Perryman (Rear) p. Angelovich (Ray) 3:05; Ashley (Adna) p. Cwik (Lib) 4:33. Consolations- Cwik (Lib) p. Brasher (Columbia-Burbank) 2:02; Zelinski (Columbia) p. Avery-Atki (WC) 2:29; Auttlet (Ilw) p. Boblet (NWC) 2:37.

160: First Round- Klein (Rain) md. Noha (Col) 13-3; Wiles (LakeR) d. Dreiszus (Chew) 6-2; White (Pom) p. Kiser (Adna) 1:08; Paul (LB) md. Henery (Dav) 11-0. Second Round- Strozyk (WC) tf. Fruh (North Beach) 6:00; Turner (Lib) tf. Judson-Elk (Muckleshoot Tribal ) 6:00; Peasley (WC) p. Wood (Ilw) 1:02. Consolations- Noha (Col) d. Wood (Ilw) 7-4; Brock (Ton) p. Dreiszus (Chew) 3:33; Henery (Dav) d. Judson-Elk (MT) 6-2.

170: First Round- Haynes (Kal) p. Hall (Col); Rogers (Col) p. Hanzawa (Toledo) 2:59; Garcia (Brewster) p. Winona (Pom) 2:52. Second Round- Harden (Rear) p. Galicia (LakeR) 3:40; Burnell (Oro) p. Crossley (Spr) 2:39; Ottow (Con) p. Rogers (Col) 0:38; Krouse (Chew) p. Moe (Rain) 5:03. Consolations- Moe (Rain) p. Hall (Col) 0:56; Rogers (Col) p. Niles (Ray) 4:21; Crossley (Spr) p. Hanzawa (Tol) 3:31; Galicia (LakeR) p. Winona (Pom) 3:53.

182: First Round- Brown (Col) p. Malott (Ona) 1:16; Alatorrre (Ton) p. Piepgras (Chew) 0:46. Second Round- Nelson (Lib) p. Hutson (Ilwa) 1:49; Jeanneret (Chew) p. Martin (Rain) 2:28; Brown (Col) p. Luevano (LakeR) 5:59. Consolations- Hutson (Ilw) tf. Piepgras (Chew) 2:56.

195: First Round- Morris (LR) p. Smith (Tol) 3:12; Flowers (LakeR) p. Aeschliman (Col) 0:29; Klinenberg (LakeR) p. Schurger (Spr) 1:56. Second Round- Bradford (Riverside Christian) p. Bonner (RC) 1:24; Gomez (Ton) p. Morris (LR) 0:48; Merriott (Rear) p. Luna-Salga (MT) 3:59; Miller (KF) p. Perez (Ilw) 1:56; Franke (Dar) p. Pritchett (Lib) 0:58; Davis (Chew) p. Estavillo (NB) 5:43. Consolations- Bonner (RC) p. Schurger (Spr) 2:38.

220: First Round- Shepard (Ilw) p. Corrigan (WC) 1:19; Olinger (Kal) p. Schermerhorn (LR) 2:30; Moon (Kal) p. Petit (Spr) 0:28. Second Round- Moon (Kal) p. Petit (Spr) 0:28; Allenbach (Col) md. Echtle (Tol) 9-1; Rosman (WC) p. Najara (Ton) 4:55; Deranleau (Ocosta) d. Cwik (Lib) 4-1. Consolations- Cwik (Lib) p. Corrigan (WC) 1:47; Schermerho (LR) p. Petit (Spr) 2:18.

285: Second Round- Schurger (Spr) p. Hwang (LC) 0:55; Szolga (Rear) p. Swirtz (Friday Harbor) 2:59; Darrington (Lib) p. Sparks (Ilw) 1:21; Cervantes (Oro) p. Baker (Chew) 2:09.

State girls

TEAM SCORING—1, Sunnyside 46.5. T2, Union 46. T2, White River 46. 4, Aberdeen 45. 5, Hanford 42.5. 6, Everett 37. T7, Burlington-Edison 36. T7, Federal Way 36. T7, Stanwood 36. T7, Yelm 36. Also: 14, Rogers 29. 42, West Valley 14. 60, Deer Park 10. 60, Shadle Park 10. 69, Liberty 8. 88, Chewelah 7. 115, Springdale 4. 122, Clarkston 3. 140, Mead 1.

100: First Round- Wilbur (Castle Rock) p. Franich (Rogers) 1:29. Consolations-Pineda (Othello) p. Franich (Rog) 0:39.

110: First Round- Blankenship (Sunnyside) tf. Rice (Clarkston) 4:52; Rodriguez (Sun) d. Threadgill (Medical Lake) 7-0; Shotwell (Rog) p. Portmann (Aberdeen) 0:24. Second Round- Shotwell (Rog) p. Petersen (Stanwood) 1:24. Consolations- Rice (Clar) p. McKee (CK) 1:50Bonsi (Newport) md. Treadgill (ML) 15-3; Curtis (Eatonville) p. Rice (Clar) 4:33

115: First Round-Feltwell (Liberty) p. Dalan (Walla Walla) 0:32; Loeun (Granger) p. Loeun (Mead) 0:36. Second Round- Feltwell (Lib) p. Brosius (Union) 1:43. Consolations- Loeun (Mea) d. Heaston (Olympia) 8-2, Manlapaz (NT) p. Loeun (Mea) 3:55.

120: First Round- Stayrook (Southridge) p. Clark (Wilbur-Creston) 1:33. Consolations- Ajifu (Clover Park) d. Clark (WC) 9-2

125: First Round- Dixon (Deer Park) d. Farias (Sunnyside) 4-0. Second Round- Bowhay (Mount Baker) p. Dixon (DP) 5:37. Consolations- Dogeagle (Franklin Pierce) d. Dixon (DP) 4-0.

130: First Round- Whitaker (WW) p. Koolstra (Lakeside) 1:51; Stewart (Shadle Park) p. Cambi (Kennewick) 2:38. Second Round- Stewart (SP) md. Holestine (Lynden) 16-4. Consolations- Graves (CS) p. Koolstra (Lak) 2:29; Souza (Rog) p. Bush (Bainbridge) 0:55.

135: First Round- Goforth (Springdale) inj. Rojas (Grandview) 2:00; Rider (Mountain View) p. Rainer (Rog) 2:40. Second Round- Blaine (Hudson’s Bay) p. Goforth (Spr) 0:49. Consolations- Rainer (Rog) p. Miller (Eastmont) 0:49; Packer (Auburn) p. Rainer (Rog) 2:01; Cornwall (Tim) d. Goforth (Spr) 7-5.

140: First Round-Rendon (Sun) p. Scott (West Valley) 2:28; Fifield (Rog) p. Velasco (Ocosta) 1:27. Second Round- Roggow (Kelso) d. Fifield (Rog) 6-0. Consolations- Scott (WV) inj. Hinds (Arlington); Scott (WV) inj. Fifield (Rog).

145: First Round- Boday (Rog) p. Cook (Aberdeen) 2:40; Asselin (Ken) p. Todhunter (East Valley) 3:43; Gonzalez (Toppenish) d. Johnson (Liberty) 6-0. Second Round- O’Connell (Shorecrest) p. Boday (Rog) 3:31. Consolations- Bibb (Evergreen) p. Todhunter (EV) 2:55; Jeffery-Artis (Bethel) d. Johnson (Lib) 5-2; Boday (Rog p. Caster-Rasor (CK) 4:53.

155: First Round- Torres (Sun) p. Menga (Central Valley) 0:59; Rodriguez (Wapato) md. Jenkins (Chewelah) 10-2. Consolations- Wolbrecht (White River) p. Menga (CV) 3:35; Glover (Chew) d. Kang (Curtis) 701; Glover (Chew) p. Ureste (CS) 4:32.

190: First Round- Nelson (Hanford) p. Todhunter (EV) 2:53; Ackerman (DP) p. Jauregui (Chiawana) 1:00. Second Round- Ackerman (DP) p. Roberts (Kent Meridian) 3:00. Consolations- Moden (Olympic) p. Todhunter (EV) 4:33

235: First Round- Fryer (WV) p. Grade (Richland) 0:32; Luna (Top) d. Chastain (SP) 6-0. Second Round-Fryer (WV) p. Keyes (Ed-Wo) 4:47. Consolations- Chastain (SP) p. Rocha (Federal Way) 1:29; Keyes (EW) d. Chastin (SP) 8-3.

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