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Achievements: University of Idaho Spring 2019 Graduates

The following students graduated from the University of Idaho at the end of the spring 2019 semester.



Katherine G. Woodhouse, B.S., landscape architecture.


Kylee L. Watkins, B.S., agricultural economics.

Deer Park

Benjamin C. Spray, B.S., information systems; Carissa A. Hambidge, B.S., biological engineering.


Jesus A. Garcia, B.S., forest resources.

Liberty Lake

Bryce R. Logerwell, B.S., civil engineering; Jake C. Cowell, B.S., marketing; Matthew R. Hilbert, B.S., accounting.


Daniel J. Sicilia, B.A., Spanish and history; Krysta R. O’Brien, B.S., animal and veterinarian sciences.

Newman Lake

Megan E. Schleich, B.S., virtual technology and design.


Jenna Shafer, B.S., architecture.


Julio C. Galvan-Zamora, B.S., crop science; Sarah M. Pentzer, M.Ed., educational leadership.

Otis Orchards

Kyle A. Duckett, M.S., geology.


Amber C. Korvales, M.L.A., landscape architecture.


Conner Ormond, B.S., forestry; David L. Ungerer, B.S., organization sciences; Deanna Vining, M.S., mathematics; Hilary J. Livingston, J.D., law; Jeremy Davidson, B.S., exercise science and health; Jonathan S. Matteson, M.F.A., art; Melisa D. Creek, B.G.S., general studies; Ryan C. Burnstead, B.S., agricultural economics.


Layton C. Lange, B.S., agricultural systems management.


Sierra A. McQuay, B.S., wildlife resources.


Aaron D. Law, B.S., molecular biology and biotechnology; Adam A. Todd, B.S., operations management and marketing; Ahmed M. Al Badri, B.S., operations management; Alexander M. Marano, B.S., operations management; Ashley Vaughn, M.F.A., art; Clay R. Leland, J.D., law; Cori A. Duncan, B.S., psychology; Courtney M. Wanke, B.S., mechanical engineering; Douglas K. Kouffie, J.D., law; Hailey J. Herrington, B.S., secondary education; Hannah R. Gropp, B.S., organizational sciences; Isabella A. Weiand, B.F.A., theatre arts; Jamie C. Tatko, B.S., chemical engineering; Jonathan A. Masingale, B.S., fishery resources; Joshua L. Shaw, B.S., psychology; Kelly L. Puryear, B.S., psychology; McCall W. Skay, B.S., elementary education; Quinne M. Evans, B.S., child and youth development; Samuel D. Howell, B.S., biochemistry; Savannah G. Ward, J.D., law; Susanna M. Winger, B.S., microbiology and medical sciences; Taylor N. Bowles, B.S., business economics and actuarial sciences and finances.

Spokane Valley

Joel R. Fromm, J.D., law; Jordan D. Willson, B.A., journalism; Shannon Hurley, M.S., computer science.


Joshua C. McCain, B.S., civil engineering.



Caitlyn E. Ward, M.S., athletic training; Courtney E. Fudala, B.S., psychology; Kayla J. Trantham, B.S., sociology-criminology; Rowan K. Murdock, J.D., law.


Jesse D. Strange, B.S., electrical engineering.

Bonners Ferry

Belle Wages, B.F.A., studio art and design; Chase W. Dinning, B.S., mechanical engineering; Collin P. Stone, B.S., agricultural economics; Elizabeth Tanner, B.S., horticulture and urban agriculture; Irina A. Riverman, B.S., psychology; McKenzie M. Moore, M.P.A., public administration; Oscar E. Lopez, B.S., mechanical engineering.


Katelyn E. Pearson, B.S., anthropology; Kelly A. Johnson, M.Ed., special education.

Clark Fork

Sarajane Bumpass, B.S., psychology.


Anthony P. Walker, B.S., marketing-entrepreneurship and finance; Karlee A. Peterson, B.S., architecture.

Coeur d’Alene

Annalisa C. Gorringe, B.S., advertising; Clayton M. Carter, B.S., business economics; Colton C. Artis, B.S., mechanical engineering; Jessie R. Macomber, B.I.D., interior design; Krista A. Story, B.S., food/nutrition; Mitchell A. Williams, B.S., mechanical engineering; Preston P. Stephens, B.S., computer engineering; Robert A. Oakley, B.S., operations management; Thomas W. Everson, J.D., law; Bogan G. Frahm, B.S., exercise science and health; Brianna M. Slothower, B.S., fire ecology and management; Christopher T. Baker, B.S., finance and business economics; Colby P. Acuff, B.S., business economics; Haleigh N. Smith, M.Ed., curriculum and instruction; Kara D. Story, B.S., food/nutrition and psychology; Kevin J. Dorscher, B.S., computer science; Noaln P. Freeman, B.S., psychology; Payton R. Glover, B.F.A., studio art and design; Alexandria A. Schlotterbeck, B.S., chemical engineering and chemistry; Andrew D. Gorringe, B.S., management and human resources and operations management; Andrew J. Rinaldi, B.G.S., general studies; Beatrice M. Kenny, B.S., interdisciplinary studies; Briana J. Crotinger, B.S., psychology; Brie L. Slavens, B.S., public relations; Caila C. Zimmerman, B.A., history; Caitlin C. Rielly, B.S., management and human resources; Christina C. Perez, B.S., organizational sciences; Clyde R. McCaw, B.S., public relations; DaNeil A. Sasser, B.S., organizational sciences; David R. Buford, B.A., English-professional writing; Dillon J. Knight, B.S. and M.Arch., architecture; D’Laney C. Nimnicht, B.S., environmental sciences; Dustin Gross, B.S., mechanical engineering; Emily A. Lorbecki, B.S., marketing-market analytics; Eve E. Buck, B.A., Spanish and psychology; Gunnar E. Mullins, B.A., English-teaching; Jackson F. Miller, B.S., architecture; Jacob D. Cunnington, B.S., civil engineering; Jade C. Rawlins, B.A., sociology-criminology; Jadrian M. Hammon, B.S., elementary education; Jared Lambert, B.S., biology; Jarrid Cantway, B.S., psychology; Jason E. Svedberg, B.S., animal and veterinary sciences; Jennifer Locke, B.S., environmental sciences; Jessica R. Lyman, B.S., advertising; Kate E. Behrmann, B.A., economics and international studies; Kathleen M. Bagan, Ed.S., educational leadership; Katie R. Carter, B.S., psychology and organizational sciences; Kelly R. Boland, B.S., marketing; Kobin C. Nuss, B.S., business economics; Larissa S. Branscome, B.S., elementary education; Mariann B. Kinkle, B.S., psychology; Marshall J. Palmer, B.A., English-professional writing; Megan K. Schlussler, B.S., medical sciences; Michaela E. Amon, B.A., English-creative writing; Nathan P. Hurlocker, B.S., virtual technology and design; Nicklaus W. Hancock, B.S., management and human resources; Rebecca J. Miller, Ed.S., educational leadership; Rebecca L. Grigg, B.S., operations management; Ricky P. St. Martin, B.G.S., general studies; Scott A. Widener, B.S., psychology; Sienna R. Templeman, B.S., environmental sciences; Sofia Cardoso, M.Arch., architecture; Travis M. Parker, B.A., English-literature; Walker D. Noe, B.S., civil engineering; Ezra A. Dolezal, B.S., psychology.

Dalton Gardens

Bailey H. Lind-Trefts, B.S., mechanical engineering; Davis R. Hill, B.S., mechanical engineering; Emily T. Runge, B.S., broadcasting and digital media; Jadyn K. Behm, B.S., chemical engineering; McKenna Sell, B.S., forestry; Nathan D. Kofmehl, B.A., international studies; Savannah C. Johnson, B.S., clothing, textiles and design; Zion Dixon, B.S., exercise science and health.


Abigail G. Spence, B.F.A., studio art and design; Julia Reese, B.S., civil engineering; Kiana I. Pitman, B.S., electrical engineering; Steven W. Gram, M.Ed., physical education.


Carter L. West, B.S., chemical engineering; Chad W. Clawson, M.Engr., engineering management; Mary K. Myers, B.S., agricultural science, communication and leadership.


Alyson C. Lenon, B.S., public relations; Casey M. Beard, B.S., physics; Reese A. Beard, B.S., biochemistry.


Alanna M. Yeend, B.F.A., theatre arts; Ashley C. Meline, B.S., elementary education; Brennan D. Barber, B.S., operations management and information systems; Calvin T. Graham, B.S., organizational sciences; Camden B. Clark, B.S., mathematics; Cassandra A. Dehlbom, B.S., psychology; Dakota M. Wilson, B.S., civil engineering; Danielle L. Erickson, Ph.D., education; Devyn J. Deleon, B.S., finance; Elli R. Goldman Hilbert, B.A., English-literature and English-professional writing; Jacob J. Ramey, B.S., marketing; JaeCie R. Wilson, B.S., mathematics; Jessica Shehan, B.S., theatre arts; Josh J. Krause, B.S., civil engineering; Lucas K. Rencher, B.S., organizational sciences; Maxwell J. Johnson, B.S., mechanical engineering; Paige E. Erbele, B.F.A., theatre arts; Sarah M. St. John, J.D., law; Sean Collins, B.S., history.

Hayden Lake

Elliott R. Sparks, B.S., marketing; Eric Smead, B.S., mechanical engineering; Roscoe N. Alley, B.S., fire ecology and management.


John P. Regalia, B.S., history; Megan J. Frazier, B.S., architecture; Nathaniel B. Owen, B.Mus., music-vocal performance.


Alison R. Tompkins, M.L.A., landscape architecture; Kaleb A. Halen, B.S., mechanical engineering; Kendra L. Cannon, B.S., accounting.


Dillon R. Stovern, B.G.S., general studies.


Damion L. Forell, B.F.A., studio art and design.


Jeremiah P. Rodgers, B.S., electrical engineering.


Abdulmuhsen A. Alhajeri, B.S., mechanical engineering; Ada N. Davenport, B.G.S., general studies; Ahmer Iqbal, B.S., chemistry; Allison J. Gray, M.Arch., architecture; Ameena El-Mansouri, B.S., information systems; Anna C. Campbell, B.S., advertising and psychology; Annarose C. Qualls, B.A., Latin-American studies, international studies and Spanish; Audrey J. Harris, M.S., environmental science; Ayomipo Kayode-Popoola, B.A., international studies and sociology; Bethany R. Kersten, B.S., chemical engineering; Bradley D. Bruce, B.S., philosophy; Braxton A. Klas, B.S., civil engineering; Britney J. Strey, B.S., psychology and sociology; Cheyenna L. McCurry, B.S., broadcasting and digital media; Cindy G. Pitkin, B.S., organizational sciences; Conal S. Thie, B.S., mechanical engineering; Cooper A. Wright, J.D., law; Cynthia C. Williams, Ph.D., education; Danica J. Davis, B.S., accounting and information systems; David Baird, M.P.A., public administration; Deven M. Chandler, B.S., psychology; Dillon Shults, M.S., water resources; Edmund B. Brown, B.Mus., music-vocal performance; Emily White, M.Ed., curriculum and instruction; Eric S. Anderson, M.N.R., natural resources; Gabrielle M. Browne, B.S., food/nutrition; Helena A. Kirkland, B.S., accounting and B.A., interdisciplinary studies; Holly Carter, B.S., sustainable food systems and food/nutrition; Ian Riley, M.S., natural resources; Iris A. Mayes, Ph.D., education; Jasper D. Wallen, B.A., English; Jennifer S. James, B.F.A., studio art and design; Jillian K. Felgenhauer, M.Ed., curriculum and instruction; Joelle M. Stephens, B.S., exercise science and health; John P. MacPhereson, M.A., English; Jonathan E. Moon, M.A., anthropology; Jonathan M. Tapp, J.D., law-business law; KeatLyn Price, J.D., law; Kathryn M. Meyer, B.S., food/nutrition; Kelli C. Foutch, B.G.S., general studies; Kennedy B. Caisley, B.S., electrical engineering; Kisha L. Bayly, B.S., management and human resources; Larry M. McCune, M.A., history; Laurel A. Meyer, M.S., adult organizational learning and leadership; Levi M. Wintz, B.S., finance; Lyndsi T. Odenborg, B.S., psychology; Marcia J. Edwards, B.S., ecology and conservation biology; Matthew A. Sturzen, J.D., law; Matthew J. Barber, M.S., adult organizational learning and leadership; Maxwell C. Thornburg, B.S., computer science; Michael D. Rosgen, B.A., English-creative writing; Nickolai P. Martonick, M.S., athletic training; Paul O. Merrill, J.D., law; Phoebe M. Unger, B.S., food science; Rosalyn L. Gray, B.F.A., studio art and design; Ryan L. Morrison, B.S., public relations;

Moyie Springs

LaKota L. McLean, B.S., crop science; Matthew A. Shryock, B.S., electrical engineering.


Robert A. Litz, B.S., exercise health and science.


Christopher A. Standley, B.S., mechanical engineering; John Campbell, B.S., wildlife resources; Kellee Knopp, B.S., animal and veterinary sciences.


Jason M. Waters, B.S., management and human resources; Jillian R. Waters, M.S., adult organizational learning and leadership; Julia A. Bennett, B.S., journalism.


Ashlee E. Traughber, B.S., secondary education; Brianna K. Koepke-Peyer, M.A., English.


Joseph J. Mitchell, B.S., secondary education and biochemistry.

Post Falls

Alexander P. Gibson, B.S., political science, philosophy, and psychology; Benjamin N. Rasmussen, B.S., management and human resources; Benjamin P. Schriger, B.S., marketing-entrepreneurship; Bill A. Bridges, B.S., physics; Brandon R. Morrison, B.S., psychology; Brianna T. Revis, J.D., law-Native American law; Brittany N. Deitz, B.S., psychology; Cameron A. Milbrath, B.S., finance and operations management; Cody S. Hodgson, B.S., civil engineering; Colin J. Burkhalter, B.S., mechanical engineering; Courtney Colyer, B.S., exercise science and health; Emily I. Danforth, B.S., child and youth development; Emily Son, M.Ed., curriculum and instruction; Jesse D. McIntosh, B.S., environmental science; Joseph D. Pfennigs, M.Acct., accountancy; Kasey R. Peach, B.S., chemical engineering; Kenneth R. Hamley, M.Arch., architecture; Lexi Niles, B.S., business economics and finance; Mandi M. Russell, M.Ed., special education; Matthew P. Bauman, B.S., civil engineering; Maxwell Rothenberg, B.S., journalism; Michael R. Emmons, B.S., virtual technology and design; Nathan Reynolds, B.S., microbiology; Samantha J. Heck, B.S., computer science; Sarah A. Triphahn, M.Ed., educational leadership; Tara L. Jenkins, B.S., food/nutrition; Thomas J. White, B.S., mechanical engineering; Trevin S. Kretz, B.S., mechanical engineering; Zoe J. Reed, B.S., child and youth development.


Heidi J. Rasmussen, B.S., management and human resources; Isaac I. Curtis, M.S., materials science and engineering; Kaylee S. Jones, B.S., child and youth development; Lacey R. Watkins, M.Ed., curriculum and instruction; Ryan Minden, B.S., secondary education.

Priest River

Alexandria R. Low, M.S., adult organizational learning and leadership; Hannah R. Keinert, B.S., management and human resources; Jakob E. Hemphill, B.S., mechanical engineering; Joseph T. Day, B.S., psychology; Kole K. Akre, B.S., forestry.


Cassandra J. Carpenter, B.S., agricultural economics; Marissa A. Priest, B.S., management and human resources.


Alyra M. Schoen, B.S., biology; Amanda B. Gravelle, B.S., management and human resources; Andrew J. Coyle, B.S., food/nutrition; Anne Onstott, B.S., accounting; Anthony L. Walls, M.S., athletic training; Brooke R. Morrison, B.S., secondary education; Colin P. Whitaker, M.S., family and consumer sciences; Dustan Paul, B.S., mechanical engineering; Geoffrey W. Wood, B.S., mechanical engineering; Hailey K. Frank, B.S., forestry; Jessica Freitas, B.S., accounting; Kade L. Hern, B.S., architecture; Kyle J. Goodyear, B.S., architecture; Megean A. Myers, B.S., wildlife resources; Meghann C. Kolb, B.S., civil engineering; Neal S. Baker, B.S., virtual technology and design; Phillip A. Hagen, B.S., electrical engineering; Robert H. Nosworthy, B.S., marketing; Ronald L. Mason, B.S., secondary education; Russell P. Stein, B.S., mechanical engineering; Samuel J. Price, M.S., natural resources; Stephanie N. Martin, B.S., elementary education.


Colin W. Hislop, B.S., marketing; Megan E. Rich, M.Mus., music; Saskia M. Gillenwater, B.S., psychology and anthropology.


Thomas E. Albertson, Ed.S., educational leadership.


Austin D. Maas, B.A., English-creative writing; Chandler A. Brewington, B.S., finance and operations management; Cody A. Lewis, B.S., finance and management information systems; Corrin M. Bond, M.A., English; Dustin M. Pierce, B.S., computer science; Jacob A. Avina, B.S., virtual technology and design; Jaquelyn A. Westfall, B.S., psychology; Joshua A. Suto, B.S., management and human resources and operations management; Sage J. Martin, B.S., food/nutrition; Reagan H. Rockholm, B.S., psychology.


Duncan Brain, B.S., political science and philosophy; Haley K. Brackebusch, B.S., secondary education.

Spirit Lake

Steven L. Trantham, B.S., secondary education and chemistry.

St. Maries

Brooke A. Overacker, B.S., operations management; Isaac S. Walters, B.S., operations management; Kary G. Maddox, M.S., environmental science; Makayla L. Presgrave, B.S., operations management; Paytyn R. Wemhoff, B.S., business economics and finance; Ryan L. Clark, B.G.S., general studies.


Christen M. Bailey, B.A., English-creative writing; James A. Styer, B.S., microbiology; Leah M. Bafus, B.S., architecture; Whitney E. Fredrickson, B.S., agricultural economics; Zach Blum, B.S., finance.


Jordan W. Howard, B.S., food/nutrition; Joseph T. Marsh, B.S., biology; Laurel A. Gieszelmann, B.F.A., studio art and design.


Dominic M. Branz, B.S., biochemistry; Morgan E. Hill, B.S., chemistry.


Kristopher E. Sneve, B.S., wildlife resources.

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