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Don’t fight nature, adapt

The global warming crowd refers to normal climate change and then makes the leap saying we must do something about anthropomorphic climate change or die.

The biggest driver of Earth’s climate is the sun. Its warming of Earth varies over the 11-year sunspot cycle. There are additional longer cycles not as well defined. The Earth precesses, wobbles and tilts in its changing elliptical orbit around the sun. These movements affect the climate and have different cycles. Sometimes these changes reinforce each other and sometimes they oppose.

Greenhouse gases have a minor role in our climate. The strongest greenhouse gas is water vapor, or H2O. Much less significant is carbon dioxide, CO2. (Why isn’t H2O labeled a pollutant like CO2?) It is this gas of minor significance that gets the attention of those forecasting global warming catastrophe. Atmospheric CO2 was 10 times what it is now during a period colder than it is today.

The alarmists claim Earth is warming but only use the recent past to make their claim. Naturally temperatures have risen as we recover from the Little Ice Age 400 years ago. From 900 AD to 1300 AD the Medieval Warm Period was warmer than it is now. From 600 AD to 900 AD, the Dark Ages were colder than now but warmer than the later Little Ice Age. Earth was warmer from 100 AD to 500 AD than it is today.

Rather than trying to oppose nature shouldn’t we use our technology to better accommodate any future changes?

David Wordinger

Medical Lake


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