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Strain of the Month: Galactic Glue makes it easy to take flight

By Rick Misterly EVERCANNABIS Correspondent

Appearance: This nicely put-together gram packet consisted of four perfectly cured buds, which were pale green in color accented by a reddish hue from the pistils. Upon closer inspection, a dense microscape of trichomes took in a range of fantastical shapes while colors ranged from clear to translucent on the swollen calyxes, and a deep amber on the pistil tips. It was obviously handled with care in the trimming process.

Aroma/Taste: A good seal on the package held for eight months. When opened, my nose met with fresh, sweet aromas, including complex spices merged with sweet floral in gentle wafts of rose and lavender. There was nothing volatile to burn the eyes or bring on a sneeze, more of an earthy deepness to tame the scents presenting from beneath.

Prior to lighting up, I held a bud close to my nose and mouth and breathed in deeply – a nice mix of sage and menthol were obvious, plus a fruity taste of grape and berry.

Once lit, there was no harshness and a smooth freshness on the palate. The smoke was mild with a warm spice that lacked the strong oiliness of some strains. I do appreciate a tar-like, hashish character in some of the powerful Indica strains out there, but the mellowness of Galactic Glue made for a bright, pleasant feeling in the mouth.

Effects: The high seemed to creep up and became apparent once focus formed. Whether being alone outdoors on a sunny autumn afternoon or engaged in conversation with others, this strain enhances the moment and relieves anxiety.

It’s not too slow of a creeper, because within five minutes the results of three hits had you in its grip. It’s not only mental perception that is affected but a wave washed over the whole body relaxing everything from head to toe. Even though it’s possible to get up and move around, at least for awhile, it might suit you to stay put, get comfortable and let the Gobstopper parent take over.

The GG No. 4 co-parent also contributes to the laid-back feeling but the extra sativa here adds an extra spark of alertness, making it possible to be both relaxed and aware of what’s before your eyes.

At this point there is no cottonmouth where in other strains, it can get very extreme. For me, this feeling can be a strong source of laughter when you are in conversation with someone and your mouth gets so dry you can barely talk but you don’t want to interrupt the dialogue. You are also certain that no one else is experiencing the same thing even though you have all just smoked together.

Sure, it’s kind of funny, but cottonmouth is really no laughing matter since chronic dry mouth can actually affect your oral health. It Maybe it’s one of the only unhealthy side effects of cannabis, and something that can be easily remedied by drinking something.

For the first two hours or so you with Galactic Glue, you can expect to remain in an upbeat zone of satisfaction, where your thoughts are sharp and easily focused. After that point, while going about routine activities I found myself thinking about the hereafter. As in what am I here after?

This could be considered a case of emptying the mind or just being spaced out on autopilot. By the four-hour mark the high should be winding down and the lingering effects should make for a good restful sleep.