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100 years ago in Spokane: Plans were underway for a new ‘regulation athletic field’ in Peaceful Valley

 (Spokane Daily Chronicle archives)

Spokane’s parks and school officials were collaborating on a big project: Upgrading Glover Field into a “regulation athletic field” for the city’s high schools.

Glover Field, on the riverbank in Peaceful Valley, was already being used as a baseball field and for other athletic events. With this agreement, it would be enlarged to hold a standard football grid.

“The field is to be completed in time for the playing of football games there next fall and, if possible, in time for the high school teams to do practicing there in preparation for the grid season,” the Spokane Daily Chronicle wrote. “It is planned to have stands to seat 10,000 spectators around the field.”

Glover Field’s name was changed to Redband Park in 2018.

From the streetcar beat: The Spokane Daily Chronicle editorial page warned readers about what would happen if they voted no on the city’s streetcar merger.

A long list of disasters would ensue, including the following:

  • Eight-cent fares instead of six-cent fares.
  • No streetcar service in Lidgerwood.
  • Abandonment of other lines throughout the city.
  • Building of new homes checked.
  • Dwindling values of suburban property.
  • Outside capital scared away.
  • Two to five years of wrangling, faction fights, petty politics and chaotic conditions.

But the Chronicle’s editors were confident that Spokane voters were smart enough to avoid this “charming” outlook.

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