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Letters for July 6, 2022

July 5, 2022 Updated Wed., July 6, 2022 at 8:17 a.m.

Alternatives or hypocrisy to Roe v. Wade?

People who oppose availability of abortion services have prevailed in prohibiting the availability of abortion services for women. In many states, legislation has also been enacted that criminalizes the safe provision of treatment to women and their unborn fetuses.

If the conservative and religious movements truly care about the outcomes of those lives that have been altered, they should pursue federal and state legislation designed to create a support net of pre- and postnatal treatment, adoptive placement services, long-term aid for disabled children and adults, nutritional support, day care, child care and educational programs, job placement and long-term counseling for mothers and children who will face, at the least, challenging lives that can have lifelong consequences.

Will we be honest about putting our support behind the next generation who because of the actions of a minority of Americans have taken away a major alternative facing poor, young and fearful mothers or simply continue the hypocrisy of ignoring the needs of our fellow countrymen? Look forward to your responses.

Frank Neeri


Homeless camps should be placed elsewhere

All I know for sure is if I wanted to get a group to camp out in one of the most visible places in the city (Division Street between Sprague and Riverside avenues) we would get run off. This new camp forming there is giving every taxpaying resident the middle finger. This city has a ton of places to camp for the summer, the gateway to our city absolutely should not be that place. Trying to play nice to these people is a foolish endeavor that’s going to blow up in our faces.

Rob Breidenbach


What’s next for Thomas?

The recent vote by the honorable Clarence Thomas shows his prejudices against women’s rights. He also named other human rights that should be looked at for possible changes. Birth control, same-sex marriage. What’s next on his agenda? A ban on vasectomies? Outlawing interracial marriage?

Norman Coffman


Shades of Vietnam

The situation in Ukraine looks like the new Soviet Union will prevail. Why?

They are not a part of the chosen few “allowed” into NATO. It is nothing to be proud of when all of NATO with their air force could have stopped this total destruction of Ukraine within a few short weeks.

We give the Ukraine the military fire power it needs and just recently move longer range rockets with the “stipulation” of not shooting on the soil of Putin’s country.

When you do not allow a country such as Ukraine to fully implement the acts of war, there is only one solution: You lose. Shades of Vietnam.

NATO members, hang your heads in shame. You have nothing, absolutely nothing to be proud of. You all have allowed hundreds of thousands to die, millions to become refugees and torture to those captured in the military.

Marylin Calkins


Not a solution

“Mommy, it’s so cold and snowy outside.”

“That’s OK, the school board says you can walk to school if you are less than 1½ miles from the school.”

“Mommy, the cars scare me. They go so fast and I don’t know if the drivers see me.”

“Too bad, school board says you can walk.”

“Mommy, there are some really scary and creepy people on the sidewalks where I walk to school.”

“Just walk faster. School board say that’s OK.”

I know that the schools are having a hard time getting bus drivers, but making kids walk over a mile to class is not the solution. The only way to get people interested in these very demanding jobs is to offer higher wages and bonuses. Where is that money going to come from? I don’t know but figuring that out is why we have school boards.

Do nothing and for sure there will be lawsuits in the future and worse yet.

David Clark


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