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Letters for July 27, 2022

LGBTQ issues

Megan McArdle’s op-ed on the response of progressive academics to questions regarding LGBTQ+ issues (“Berkeley professor’s Senate testimony didn’t go how the left thinks it did,” July 17) and the story on Whitworth University’s not taking an official stand on these issues, could not have been more enlightening.

McArdle pointed out how our progressive institutions deflect any sexual or gender question, (What is a woman?) with eye rolling, snickering and other behavior which clearly shows this topic is “not up for discussion.” If the questioning persists, the social progressive will finally term the question some form of “phobic” and will point out emotional damage the very questioning itself causes.

Whitworth, on the other hand, makes a carefully worded statement that it is an institution representing various Christian traditions that hold “diverse perspectives.” As a result, the university takes no official institutional stance. Those interviewed in the story, however, called for the university to unequivocally declare the LGBTQ+ affirmation they believe in.

In a more rational time, it would be hard to question the university’s reasoning. The only other position one could hold is that those who question progressive sexual and gender ideas are so wrong they must be excluded from the institution.

Since views on these issues are a matter of personal, social and spiritual world views, this response seems arrogant, intolerant and unworthy of any academic institution that supposedly discusses all ideas.

I commend Whitworth for standing firm on its policy. I also would ask those who oppose Whitworth’s position, why other viewpoints must be abolished? Why does “inclusiveness” only cut one way?

James Becker


Inclusive religion

I appreciated the statement in a recent letter, “wisdom comes from God and is reflected in the person of Jesus Christ” (“Christian patriots,” July 15). Christians may have plenty of doctrinal differences as to what that means exactly, but we unite in aspiring to better understand and follow Jesus’ teachings and example.

This is certainly true in the Christian Science church I attend. The word and works of Christ Jesus are at the heart of its practice, and we turn to the sufficiency of the Bible for our spiritual needs. Christian Scientists take seriously Jesus’ teachings on healing sickness and sin through the grace of divine Spirit. And we pray to more fully exemplify the empowering “spiritual understanding” that Paul urged in his letter to the Colossians. See Colossians 1:9.

The Golden Rule, Jesus’ injunction to treat others the way we would want to be treated, is an example of divine wisdom that not only unites Christians, but people of faith all over the world. Humbly striving to practice this unselfish, neighborly, all embracing love, gives us plenty to do. And surely the effort blesses a needy humanity.

Lance Matteson

Redmond, Washington

Government of the people by the people, not by the courts

It is time to call on all our elected officials to begin the impeachment process for all justices on the Supreme Court who outright lied under oath at their confirmations hearings. If Clinton can be impeached for this, so can they. Going against the will of the majority is not majority rule and minority rights, it is tyranny and how we lose our country.

If our members of Congress fail to act, we will indeed lose our country. More rights are already in the crosshairs of Justice Clarence Thomas, who has his own issues that he should be impeached for, including not excusing himself from cases where his wife established a conflict of interest.

Get rid of all the crooks who refuse to listen to the majority of America and give the American people their power back. Impeach the liars now!

Paul Ramey

Newman Lake

Court grabs at privacy

Donald Trump was caught boasting on tape that he could grab women by the their most private part because “when your a star they let you do anything.”

Now he’s literally done it to all women with the ruling by the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade. Aided and abetted by Mitch McConnell who paved the way to seat more conservatives on the Supreme and other courts, Republican state legislatures passing restrictive laws and like minded congressional representatives like CMR, Trump and his posse collectively clamped their hands around the most private part and decision of a women to take away a 50-year personal freedom set in law even in the case of rape, incest or underage children.

What to do? If you’re even mildly upset at this undoing of personal privacy and freedom, particularly if you are a women, the only way to get their hands out of your privacy is to kick ’em where it hurts: in the ballot box. If you’re a man, vote to support all the women in your life. If you don’t, Republicans and the conservatives on the Supreme Court won’t stop grabbing at your privacy and personal freedoms until there are none left.

Sterling Leibenguth


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