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Dear Kiantha: The possibilities of the world exceed our ability to understand

Dear Kiantha,

I am a Christian and my faith is very important to me. I never want to do anything to offend Christ. I’m not comfortable asking anyone in my faith community this question due to a fear of being seen as questioning what we have always been taught about homosexuality, but I do wonder is it possible to be born gay?

Dear Endless Possibilities,

There is no condemnation in seeking to understand and your question is one that I too pondered in my own faith journey. Here in short is the context behind my answer to your question.

I’ve always been a plant lover while I admittedly don’t have the greenest thumb. My house is sprinkled with plants and flowers throughout. In my living room lives a humungous monstera plant. The leaves on my beautiful plant are shiny and resemble the color of a deep jade stone.

One day while walking through my living room I passed by my beloved monstera plant. My hand gently brushed against one of its massive green leaves. I looked down at my hand because I felt something wet and wondered what it was.

I took a closer look at my monstera leaf and saw that at the tip of every point on the leaf was a small drop of water. I became fascinated by the fact that when I water my plant at its base, the water travels through a complex system of veins that allows each leaf tip to be watered hence allowing the plant to live and grow.

That to me is an example of God’s ability to create complex things and systems beyond what my mind comprehends.

The fact that our human bodies can give birth at all, is another example of the masterful complexity of God’s work. With this knowing, there is no way any of us should ever be comfortable enough to say what is or isn’t possible. How would any of us truly know? I believe it would be in our best interest to spend less time wondering if it is possible to be born gay and more time loving all living things just the way they are.

As for the God that I do business with nothing is impossible. Even when I don’t understand how it is possible.

Soul to Soul,


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