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Letters for Nov. 2, 2022

Nov. 2, 2022 Updated Wed., Nov. 2, 2022 at 8:32 a.m.

Honor veterans by voting

Voters in Stevens County will select leaders to serve us.

My father fought in World War II as an Army intelligence officer.

As I grew up he explained how voters freely elected Hitler. Germans voted for war. Fortunately, none of our county candidates are likely to lead us to war but those who win will have a significant impact on our county.

My father shared how important it is to exercise our right to choose our leaders by being an informed voter and voting.

When not sure who to vote for, I do not vote for a party but contact people who know more about the candidates. This month I have reached out to such people.

I ask you to vote for Ramona Colvin supporting her effort to improve the services offered by the coroner’s office and for Geoff Kristianson for prosecuting attorney.

For commissioner I recommend Mark Burrows. As a police officer, Mark had an excellent reputation among those he arrested as being fair and professional and as commissioner he is easy to contact and very responsive.

I hope you will join me in supporting these dedicated candidates. The fine people in the elections department are ready to count your ballot.

Please make the effort to become informed, arrive at you own conclusion and honor those that fought for our freedom by voting

John Axtell


Idaho Senate election

Quite a few years ago my son took a college literature class while still in high school, where they had to read “Ceremony” by Lesly Marmon Silko. Though the book portrayed documented abuse of Native Americans by white males, I took offense because it was quite explicit about sexual abuse and voyeurisms.

As my discussion with my son and his friends had not convinced me that besides the literature value of the book, the potential impact of the sexual abuse had been covered sufficiently in class, I approached the teacher. He maintained that if somebody is taking a college level class, they should be able to critically read any kind of book. Well, these young boys’ hormones were stronger than their frontal cortex and all they could remember from the book was the sex scenes. Not surprisingly, we engaged in a very interesting conversation about healthy sex and impacts of sexual abuse, which I am sure would not have taken place, had this book not been on the reading list.

Scott Herndon is an ardent proponent of banning books in schools and libraries that don’t fit into his personal worldview. I would like to be assured that my grandchildren will be exposed to a wide variety of books of their choice, while learning to critically evaluate on their own what they read. That is empowering our future generations! Steve Johnson will guarantee that freedom of choice. Please consider voting for him by using the write-in option.

Gabrielle Duebendorfer



Vote for Republicans, we will still have inflation.

Vote for Democrats and we will still have democracy.

Bob Curry

Deer Park

Support of farmers

The Spokesman-Review printed a letter to the editor on Oct. 25 from Debra Estey titled, “Democrats don’t support farmers.” On Sept. 7, 2020, a fire destroyed Malden, Washington, a local farm community. The Republicans, including Donald Trump, failed to approve financial assistance from FEMA.

President Biden approved the support for Malden when he became president. Will the farmers remember that in November at the ballot box?

Donald Orlando


Biased photo

The front pages of the Oct. 23-25 editions of The Spokesman-Review bore photos of the two candidates for senator, Patty Murray and Tiffany Smiley. The first two were even handed, Sunday’s with similar head shots of the two and Monday’s with a photo of them on the debate stage.

However, Tuesday’s photo showed the full and illuminated face of one candidate (Smiley) standing over the other, of whom readers could only see the back of her head (Murray). Any Renaissance prince used a similar configuration to show himself condescending to a vanquished rival, as I know from my years of research in this area.

If the Spokesman is to maintain the journalistic ethic of impartial presentation of candidates, it will need to publish on an immediately upcoming front page a photo that is equally biased toward Sen. Murray.

Linda Carroll


Art in Riverfront Park

There’s been great coverage regarding the new sculpture by Sarah Thompson in Riverfront Park. While it is great Spokane is supporting the arts, I have to ask, why are my tax dollars going to an Idaho resident? Surely there is a Spokane County or Washington sculptor worthy of Spokane Park Department funds. The art is for everybody to enjoy regardless of where they live, but we need to support our (Washington) citizens not only with our dollars but with our recognition of their talents.

Linda McIntosh


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