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Letters for Sept. 11, 2022

Sept. 11, 2022 Updated Mon., Sept. 12, 2022 at 8:34 a.m.

GU Holocaust exhibit informative

Gonzaga University is to be commended. Currently it is hosting an exhibit “Americans and the Holocaust,” which continues through the end of this month. Recently my wife and I toured the exhibit. We found it informative, historically accurate, moving and thought-provoking. Through this historical lens, a visitor will gain many insights into American history and wisdom about current events.

A good portion of my graduate work in history related to the exhibit’s themes. I studied closely the original sources the exhibit is based on. Additionally, I have a close family relationship which overlaps with portions of the exhibit. Based on my graduate schoolwork, family connection and general understanding of the period, I can attest to the exhibit’s balanced and historically accurate content. Several noted historians collaborated in developing the exhibit over the course of a decade.

We encourage our fellow citizens to take time to view the exhibit which is free to the public. Many people might wish to take a high school-age child with them. GU has done our community a service by hosting this exhibit. GU deserves our thanks.

Bob Loomis


Competent commissioner needed

Amelia Clark walks away from breaking the law by firing Dr. Bob Lutz during a global pandemic. Absolutely no accountability. She has another job and can freely put another community at unnecessary risk and sabotage a health district as she did here.

Al French supported her actions.

“I’ve been on this board for 19 years. I’ve seen administrative officers, I’ve seen health officers, I’ve seen this board and the organization have a variety of challenges under past leadership, and that the current leadership is doing a youngin’s job,” French said. “I’ve never, during that period of time, had more confidence in the administrative officer than I do with Amelia Clark.”

Seriously, Al? The voters haven’t forgotten.

It’s time for a change.

Vote for Maggie Yates, District 5.

Eileen Dittman


Vote for Yates and Waldref

As a lifelong socially progressive and fiscally conservative Republican, I never vote by party block. I vote for the best candidate who represents all their constituents. American voters have watched middle-of-the-road Republicans and Democrats marginalized from the political process. Spokane County has fallen prey to this marginalization. That is why I urge you to support Maggie Yates and Amber Waldref, more than qualified moderate candidates, for Spokane County Commissioners.

Although we do not share a political party, we share a driven commitment to the community of our childhoods in which we still choose to serve. It has been a privilege to follow Maggie’s lead as Spokane Regional Law and Justice Administrator. As well as serving within Amber’s professional path from Spokane City Council member to director of the ZoNE initiative at the Northeast Community Center. I have firsthand experience with their boots on the ground investment strategies initiated by their exemplary leadership skills.

You will not find two candidates more dedicated to gathering data, listening to constituents, creating partnerships and sustaining regionally collaborative relationships. Their actions have moved the needle of economic and social progress for all Spokane County residents within their spheres of influence.

I invite you to take the time to see how they are currently serving Spokane. No matter how you label yourself politically, you will be proud of how they will represent us as your county commissioners. Please vote Yates and Waldref for Spokane County Districts 5 and 2.

Betty Craipo


Five Mile highway?

Just a quick observation of the drivers coming and going up Five Mile Road.

A majority of you have to be the most reckless, inconsiderate and probably the most dangerous drivers I’ve ever seen in any part of Spokane. That stretch of road should be a designated highway considering how fast drivers tear up and down that road. Certainly some of you are parents with kids, yet it doesn’t stop you exceeding the speed limit by some 15 mph. Are you really in that big of a hurry to possibly kill somebody? Take one minute to reflect that could possibly be your child crossing the street and get killed. For God’s sake, slow down!

Pat Soderquist


Quality Inn a quality project

There’ve been a few articles in The Spokesman-Review about the Quality Inn on Sunset Highway being turned into transitional housing. And it reminds of a similar transitional housing project that transformed yet another Quality Inn. I am referring to the Thrive Center on Fourth Avenue. The comparisons between the two projects are numerous: Both are on the city bus line, are located not in the city center but close enough to services, are big enough to provide housing for 90 or more residents, are partnered with reputable nonprofits, are projects largely funded by the Department of Commerce and are constructed on a truncated schedule to meet the dire needs of the community. In the case of Thrive, it is housing Ukrainian refugees and immigrant families. In the case of the Catalyst Project (on Sunset Highway), it will provide housing for homeless singles, couples and families.

The definition of refugee is “people who have fled war, violence, conflict or persecution and have crossed an international border to find safety in another country.” A majority of the people that will be served by the Catalyst Project have also fled violence, conflict and persecution. Half of all homeless women and children are fleeing abuse. The Catalyst Project, like the Thrive Center, has the potential to provide safety and rebuild lives. I’m ecstatic that Catholic Charities will take an underused building in an underdeveloped part of town and build something useful that will transform our community for the better.

Elizabeth Mattana


Fulfilling the duties of office

This November, we have the opportunity to cast votes for good government when we elect Julie Anderson as Washington’s next Secretary of State and re-elect Vicky Dalton as Spokane County’s auditor. Unfortunately, both Julie’s and Vicky’s opponents in the general election are former state legislators with no prior experience in elections administration nor public record keeping and both come from partisan political backgrounds. The offices of Secretary, State and County Auditor need to be conducted in a nonpartisan manner and Julie, who has served as Pierce County Auditor, Vicky, who has served as Spokane County Auditor, have demonstrated their commitment to fairness, integrity, transparency and nonpartisanship in carrying out the duties of their respective offices. Let’s ensure that these offices continue to be conducted in a nonpartisan manner by electing Julie Anderson as secretary of state and Vicky Dalton as Spokane County auditor.

We’ll be glad we did!

Mark Newbold


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