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Letters for Aug. 13, 2022

Sept. 12, 2022 Updated Tue., Sept. 13, 2022 at 9:16 a.m.

Equity in transport

Spokane Public Schools is showing disregard for equity in students’ ability to attend school based on the transportation practices of the past year and plans for high school students to ride STA buses rather than school buses in the coming year.

Pandemic-related school closures brought out a distinction among classes of students. Those with parents working “white collar” jobs were inconvenienced and students with one parent or parents in hourly or “essential” positions were devastated.

Bus-dependent students fall into the same demographic as those most affected by pandemic closures. These inequities are being amplified by the school district’s inability to negotiate effective transportation. Last year the “best” the district could come up with for Lewis and Clark High School was two-hour delays in service. One day each week, students who rode the bus missed two class periods. This year, SPS has routed students onto STA buses. Now they are asked to wait at bus shelters and take transfers at the crime-ridden downtown STA plaza.

To catch the city bus, my child will walk a half-mile while carrying a tenor saxophone, backpack full of books and a computer. He will walk past transient encampments, wait at a stop within 200 yards of where two bodies were found in the past year and transfer buses in the dark at the downtown plaza.

Our children have a right to expect and SPS has an obligation to provide safe transport to its schools. Who will advocate for these marginalized students?

Marilyn Nielson


A disastrous two years

The last two years with Biden and the Democrats in control have been disastrous. Most of Biden’s decisions have been irresponsible and ill-advised.

During the Democrats’ six-year persecution of President Trump, the Democrats proved they will stop at nothing in their persecution of President Trump. It’s their all-out effort to prevent President Trump’s re-election. The legislation the Democrats are passing just before the elections are to buy votes.

The enormous increase in illegal border crossings resulted from the Democrat’s “Open Border Policy.” Allowing illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. encourages increased illegal border crossings. The illegal aliens are criminals and must be deported ASAP.

The high inflation rate resulted from high fuel prices. Raising interest rates will add to inflation. The high fuel prices are the Democrats’ way of encouraging the purchase of electric vehicles. The Democrats’ mandates on electric vehicles are reprehensible. The battery technology is seriously flawed and a proven fire hazard. Increased use of electric vehicles will further overload an already seriously overloaded electrical grid.

The Idaho Legislature should remove the sales tax on food and nonalcoholic beverages, it would help combat inflation.

Arlie Kellogg


Just forget about it

Just forget about it. It was almost two years ago. Don’t worry about words like treason, coup, insurrection, murder and death threats. You don’t want egg on your face if you supported the “former guy.” Stand firm! Don’t let facts and reason get in your way. Especially if you are in agribusiness.

Believe the BIG LIE; there were so many, really just take your pick. Really folks, just forget about it. As Cathy McMorris Rodgers put it; there were “irregularities” in the voting system, as if the need was more fiber or Metamucil for the particular problems of the right.

But just forget about it. So what that the security of our nation was found in the hands of a thief. How dare we search Mar-a-Lago! Just like every other wicked action profligate by greed and hunger for power. CMR “Stands by her Man.” They count on you forgetting about it. Especially when election time rolls around and we are inundated with propaganda.

Don’t look carefully at CMR and her in-step following of the “former guy.” Don’t notice the myopic detritus she offers. CMR is not going to stand with dignity and courage. No, just look at Liz Cheney who voted with the former guy 90% of the time, look what happened to her. Even though it wasn’t till the 11th hour CMR reversed direction and agreed to uphold the election by the people.

Elizabeth Cobbs


Bernard Street madness

It is WAY past the time for the police department to start citing drivers on Bernard Street for speeding. It’s common to see 40 to 45 mph speeds through the 20 mph zone at Manito Park, and it appears violators are using Bernard instead of Grand Boulevard to avoid the more strict policing on that street. Drivers disregard the posted signs (which are partially hidden by overgrown trees) and tailgate anyone daring to go the speed limit. Trying to cross the street as a pedestrian is difficult.

Recently, my cat was killed on Bernard by someone speeding up the hill and did not stop. An amazing good Samaritan stopped traffic and cradled him until he died.

I implore everyone to call the traffic hotline, (509) 625-4150 and demand enforcement through the zone. Better signage, speed indicators (like Grand) and street markings would eliminate 90% of the problem. Ideally, we should have photo enforced citations issued on Grand and Bernard. Get a few of those expensive tickets in the mail and behaviors will change. Unfortunately, there are too many selfish, inconsiderate drivers to eliminate it completely.

Call the number. Demand safety on our streets before a human is killed there.

Robert Heath


Don’t be duped

Recently I went to Costco in the Spokane Valley and a young women was imitating playing the electric violin. She has a sign that she needs help paying her mother’s rent. She appears underage.

Many people coming out of the Dollar Store were dropping money in her violin case.

Since my niece has played the violin and the electric violin for many years, I watched her hand position and technique. People are being duped.

Police are warning people that all over the United States, scam artists are posing as violinists to pre-recorded tracks. The miming musicians will move the bow of a violin along to a pre-recorded track usually stolen from another artist. These con artists will usually have someone with them, sometimes with small children pleading for money to help with rent, bills or medical care. I find this behavior abhorrent. Mostly because I played a musical instrument and I have watched my niece, a true violinist, practice for hours. Both our parents often worked extra hours to pay for our music lessons, adjudications, music and travel. I enjoy listening to “real” musicians. And I have on several occasions dropped money in their hat. They usually don’t use signage. They are out there truly demonstrating their craft. These are not your neighbors in need. Many are coming through from other states on a route.

We are a compassionate community but please don’t get scammed. If you see them call Crime Check, (509) 456-2233. Do not reward them with a donation.

Debbie Markin


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